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Chapter 463: Insane Team, Poor Beasts!

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“Yan Di, you already told me what the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation could do. Can you tell me more about the Xuan Yuan Throne and the Demon Staff?” asked Lin Feng as they flew into the depths of the valley. Lin Feng was curious. Even though he was Xuan Yuan’s second heir, the Demon Emperor hadn’t told Lin Feng everything about the three items.

“According to legends, the Xuan Yuan Throne can be used to control people from a distance of up to a hundred li.

“The Demon Staff is a perfect fighting item, a supreme godly imperial weapon, and can turn into a deadly weapon in battles,” explained Yan Di impatiently, and sped up. He wasn’t a good teacher, he had no patience.

Very quickly, Yan Di found three caves with Shan Wen Beasts. With the Blood Cauldron, they didn’t need to be worried, and on the contrary, were excited. To them, Shan Wen Beasts were now blood pills on legs.

Lin Feng took out the Blood Cauldron and put it at the entrance of the cave, then Yan Di attracted the Shan Wen Beasts.

Dong, dong…

When the Shan Wen Beasts came out, they immediately ended up in the Blood Cauldron. They struggled and hammered the walls of the cauldron in vain.

Lin Feng captured all of them in less than a minute. Yan Di grabbed Lin Feng’s shoulders and transmitted pure Qi to him to help.

Ten minutes later, three blood pills appeared in the cauldron. With the two pills he had already made before, he now had five.

“Can I make them in different colors? Like this, people can detect them too easily,” whispered Lin Feng.

“Try a different beast and see what it does,” said Yan Di. They had turned into an amazing beast killing team in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield and were both in a killing frenzy. No beast could escape from the cauldron.

Lin Feng refined Shan Wen Beasts, spiders, Taoties, and many more ancient beasts. They only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer there, so Lin Feng and Yan Di didn’t need to fear them since they had the cauldron.

Of course, they didn’t have unlimited reserves of pure Qi either. Lin Feng and Yan Di were completely exhausted after making forty blood pills. They laid down on the ground, out of breath.

They felt asleep snoring. The cauldron in front of Lin Feng was shining with dazzling and terrifying demon lights, and no beast dared approach them.

For the next few days, Lin Feng and Yan Di were in a killing frenzy, they killed beasts unceasingly. They became so scary that many beasts didn’t dare come out anymore.

That was after only a week. After two weeks, the beasts started going crazy and losing their mind.


Lin Feng and Yan Di did great, but Yan Chang and the three others didn’t have such a great time. They had killed only fifteen beasts, whereas Lin Feng and Yan Di had killed over forty already. They didn’t have the advantage anymore.

“Young Master, we should split up and meet at the Mount Sumeru’s Tablet again. What do you think?” asked the man in black clothes respectfully. He was exhausted.

Yan Chang glanced at them and said, “You all agree?”

“Young Master, let’s split up, we’ll manage to kill more beasts that way,” said the two others.

Yan Chang looked at them; he had noticed something wrong was going on when they were fighting against Lin Feng, but he had ignored it because they were geniuses of the Evolution Branch. He noticed they were acting strangely, but he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s meet at the Mount Sumeru’s Tablet in one month.”

“Yes!” said the three cultivators happily. They bowed hand over fist and flew away. Yan Chang watched them disappear in the distance, having a bad premonition.

Anyway, I should continue hunting, thought Yan Chang, sighing. He continued looking for beasts.


People outside couldn’t see what was going on in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, but they could see the teams’ scores, because all the beasts’ souls were branded so when one died, they could see it. They could also know who had killed it thanks to the Qi imprint.

Two men were seated at the top of a palace in the main branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Yan Zun smiled resplendently, while Yan Duan pulled a long face.

In the last few days, Yan Chang’s score rose to thirty, his personal record already. Even a dozen beasts was a pretty good score normally.

However, Yan Di and Lin Feng had already killed over a hundred. It was a terrifying number.

Yan Duan couldn’t believe it. Yan Zun was astonished, but he knew Lin Feng was amazing, so he just smiled.

“Brother, you’re not cheating, right?” Yan Duan asked Yan Zun after a long time, after seeing Lin Feng and Yan Di’s score.

Yan Zun frowned and smiled, “How could I cheat? You, the other elders, and I sent them off together, how could we be cheating?”

“Hmph! We’ll see in two months!” said Yan Duan icily. He stood up, his silhouette flickered, and he disappeared. His Qi only dispersed after a long time.

Yan Zun smiled indifferently, “You don’t change.”

“Nor you,” a voice answered, laughing indifferently. Yan Zun’s expression sank. He had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, and he still hadn’t sensed someone was behind him. He turned around and when he saw who it was, he looked completely astonished, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Yan Zun was the leader of the Celestial Branch, who could make him react like that?

“You haven’t come back for such a long time,” Yan Zun smiled after a long time. The man in black clothes looked puzzled.

“It was time for me to come back,” he said calmly.

“You nearly got killed back in the days and you dared come back?” Yan Zun sighed. He was puzzled.

“Someone will help me get my revenge.”

“But people talk about you, things can’t be the same as they used to be anymore.”

“Don’t worry. I just know that there is hope. I will make those people pay,” said the black-clothed man icily. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared.

Yan Zun sighed, “It’s a catastrophe. He surprisingly came back. Not having killed him was a mistake!” he whispered. He seemed confused. He looked at the sky and noticed a celestial path. “I hope that he will not use people of the younger generations! His cultivation level is more and more unfathomable. He must be stronger than Tian Di the Celestial Emperor now…?”

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