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Chapter 464: Sudden Danger!

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“Lin Feng, another unfruitful day,” sighed Yan Di. He was lying down on the ground, out of breath. They had flown for thousands and thousands of li, but they hadn’t found a single beast. No matter how hard they tried to provoke them, it didn’t work anymore.

“I knew it would happen,” Lin Feng sighed. He was annoyed too. He regretted that he hadn’t planned a little bit better. He could have obtained another hundred pills this month if he had planned better.

“What should we do? What’s the plan? If we don’t find more beasts, maybe Yan Chang will catch up with us,” wondered Yan Di.

However, when Lin Feng heard that, he smiled mockingly. “You think Yan Chang can catch up with us? We terrified the beasts, they don’t dare come out anymore. If we can’t find any more beasts, they won’t either,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Yan Di nodded agreement after thinking. Lin Feng was right. If they couldn’t find beasts anymore, how could Yan Chang find some?

Of course, Lin Feng had done most of the work. Without Lin Feng and his Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, Yan Di wouldn’t have done as well.

“Where should we go this month?” asked Yan Di.

“We can’t leave yet, right?” said Lin Feng.

“Indeed. We have to wait one more month,” said Yan Di nodding.

“Since it’s that way, let’s continue looking for godly beasts? Even though we don’t have the Mount Sumeru’s talisman, godly beasts are different from demonic beasts. They probably won’t fear us?” Lin Feng smiled.

Yan Di was surprised and asked, “Brother, you… you want to find godly beasts?”

“How could I? You really think I am that kind of guy?” said Lin Feng, firmly holding his Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation. If he could really find a godly beast, it’d be great. If he could refine a few godly beasts, his pills would be much more powerful!

Lin Feng smiled sinisterly when he thought about that. When Yan Di saw Lin Feng’s grin, he knew Lin Feng really wanted to find some.

“So, tell me, where are there godly beasts?” asked Lin Feng.

Yan Di sighed, “Poor godly beasts… The Vermillion Bird is in charge of guarding the southern fire sea, the Tortoise is in charge of the northern blue ocean, the Azure Dragon is in charge of the eastern cloud sea, and the White Tiger is in charge of the western forest ocean.

“But you can’t attack them, they’re sacred beasts, not ordinary beasts. The restriction of the Celestial Evolution Battlefield doesn’t affect them, they have the strength of the Godly Emperor Layers,” said Yan Di, sighing sorrowfully.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Di, he just smiled wryly. The reason why the godly beasts could oppress ordinary ferocious beasts was that their cultivation level wasn’t restricted?

“Well, I want to go and see the four beasts anyway. Let’s go to the northern sea first,” said Lin Feng after thinking about it for half a day. However, he gave up on the idea of refining them. He needed the strength of the Godly Emperor Layer to fight against them, otherwise it’d be impossible.

“Let’s go,” said Yan Di. What else could he do? They had killed over a hundred beasts already anyway, so they had already won. So now why not just explore?

Lin Feng didn’t know where the northern sea was, so Yan Di led the way. They flew extremely quickly.


Shortly after they left, Yan Chang’s three assistants appeared at the top of the mountain where they had been.

The leader of the group watched Lin Feng and Yan Di leave, his face hostile and clenching his fists hard enough to crackle them. “The military adviser said this time was the best opportunity to get rid of Lin Feng. We can’t fail!”

“Brother, we’ve been members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty for hundreds of years, our goal is to help the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. We have to obey orders,” said a man behind him, nodding respectfully. He was extremely proud when he talked about being part of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

“The military adviser and Lin Feng are sworn enemies. He said he wouldn’t stop plotting until Lin Feng was dead. Hmph! Let’s see what Lin Feng intends to do!” said the man icily. His face was distorted with ferocity and hatred, and he ground his teeth. They were yellow and looked disgusting.

“Just tell us what you want us to do, brother.”

“You go back to Yan Chang, pretend to be alarmed. You tell him Lin Feng and I were killed. Then you take him to the meeting point.

“The meeting point is the middle of the desert. There are a dozen strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty there, we took them there using our rings. All of them are Godly Emperors, so no matter what, they’ll kill Yan Chang.”

“Why would we kill Yan Chang…?”

“Hehe, idiots! You’re morons. We can blame Lin Feng for it! How will Yan Chang’s grandfather, Yan Duan, react if he thinks Lin Feng killed Yan Chang? He’ll kill Lin Feng!

“Besides, the military adviser wants to be sure the plan will work, so he also wants Lin Feng to come to the desert. When he sees Yan Chang being crushed, he’ll intervene, and then we can kill him along with Yan Chang.

“If Lin Feng and Yan Chang die, we can let Yan Di go. Yan Duan will be so furious that he will kill Lin Feng’s friends and family members. Hehe!” said the man ferociously. He looked hideous. All he thought about were the orders he had received. He listened to everything the Celestial Emperors Dynasty told him without thinking.

They had spent hundreds of years in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and they were finally getting to work on some great projects!

Ice-cold Qi whistled at the top of the mountain when the three of them left.

Lin Feng and Yan Di were flying in the direction of the northern sea. They had no idea of what was going on.

Who was the military adviser of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty? It was obvious…

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    It was Di Shu!! Wkwkwkeke

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    again di shu, he is more influencial than we thought.

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    .. That Di Shu has given a new meaning to Infernally annoying cockroach .. In fact he’s the definition ._.

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    Oh godly emperors sneaked in? Materials to be refined!!!

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    The man in black must be Xuan Yuan

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    Di Shu.

    -Stuck at peerless spirit emperor for thousands years.
    -Suddenly became ninth layer Holy spirit emperor just few months after fighting with Lin Feng
    -And now its look like he was a military advisers in Celestial Emperor Dynasty.

    WHAT the hell is that?
    Seriously i know this new Author is a crappy story writer , but this kind of plot background is totally NONSENSE.

    what next? we found out Di Shu now in fifth layer Godly Emperor????????
    totally bullshit.

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      Completely agree that was a complete asspull. I thought they were working together cause tian di had the same body type that opposed forbidden bodies but Di Shu being a military advisor is just whack.

      It was obvious that Di Shu was nothing but a small character but since he had the body type that opposed forbidden bodies the author feels the need to use every deus ex machine in the book to make him the ultimate antagonist.

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    Alur cerita terlalu terburu-buru dengan tokoh-tokoh cerita yang mati terlalu cepat, jadi membuat mc superhero tidak terkalahkan.
    Kenapa tidak langsung buat kultivasi mc menjadi sage kalau seperti itu ???

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