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Chapter 465: Tortoise Godly Beast, Azure Dragon Godly Beast!

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“Lin Feng, the Tortoise is very old. My grandfather told me that he has been alive for a hundred thousand years already. He has the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, apparently. Back in the days, he had the strength of the sixth, but then he became old and tired, and his strength decreased back to the fifth.

“But he’s still one of the four godly beasts of the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. He’s the first and oldest godly beast here. The other godly beasts consider him an uncle.

“When you see him, you have to be extremely polite. Don’t make him angry. We’re just souls here, and we only have the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. If we make him angry, he can kill us easily,” said Yan Di. He was afraid that Lin Feng would do something reckless.

“I will be careful,” Lin Feng nodded. He obviously knew that offending a godly beast would be a mistake, especially one that had lived for a hundred thousand years. Lin Feng wasn’t stupid.


Lin Feng and Yan Di flew for three days and three nights. With the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, they were much slower than usual. The sea was hundreds of thousands of li in the north of the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. It seemed boundless.

Three days and three nights later, Lin Feng and Yan Di were exhausted. The waves of the northern sea were gigantic before them. Now and then, a fish jumped out of the water.

“How can we find the Tortoise?” said Lin Feng, glancing around. He had his feet in silt and sand. It felt good. The sand was blue here; Lin Feng found it so beautiful that he grabbed some and put it in his ring. He would give it to Huang Nü after coming out.

“The Tortoise lives in the sea palace under the water,” said Yan Di. He dove into the water and disappeared. Lin Feng followed him.


Lin Feng dove into the depths of the sea. Yan Di was just in front of him. They swam towards the palace.

They saw some strange aquatic creatures. Some of them were extraordinary and big, and they weren’t weak either, they had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

After a few hours, Lin Feng finally saw a magnificent sea palace. It was hundreds of li in size. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen something like that, the building was more magnificent than anything Lin Feng had seen in the outside world.

“The four godly beasts are rulers in this world. Even though the Celestial Evolution Battlefield is not a real world, there are some real creatures here. The four godly beasts are real creatures, and they’re good friends with my grandfather and Yan Chang’s grandfather.

“The four godly beasts can travel back and forth as they wish. They can also use clones to travel. They can even recruit disciples when they find someone outstanding.

“You don’t know about them yet, but when you go to Godsland, you’ll probably hear about the godly beasts’ disciples.

“The Tortoise’s disciple is not here anymore, he’s traveling. You may meet him someday,” Yan Di explained as they swam forwards. When they entered the palace, there was no water anymore and they could walk normally.

“If the Tortoise is not out, he should be in the palace resting. We can find some shrimp soldiers and crab generals {Translator’s note: it’s a pun because in Chinese, shrimp soldiers and crab generals is an expression which means ineffective troops or hopeless soldiers} and ask them where he is,” said Yan Di. He had spent almost a year with Yan Hui, and he understood a lot about this world. He was better than an encyclopedia.

Lin Feng and Yan Di went into the depths of the palace. They found a general, a lobster of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng grabbed him in his hand.

The lobster could speak, but his voice sounded horrible, like a duck.

“How dare you come into the Tortoise’s palace, humans?” said the lobster, waving his pincers.

“We’re not here to cause trouble, we came to greet Master Tortoise. We just can’t find him, so we wanted to ask you where he is,” said Yan Di, smiling gently.

When the lobster heard that, he said, “Release me then!”

“Go,” said Lin Feng, nodding and putting the lobster back on the ground. The lobster looked at them cautiously. They didn’t look like enemies, so he asked, “Are you really here to greet Master Tortoise?”

“Yes, where is he?” replied Yan Di, nodding and smiling.

“He’s with the Azure Dragon, they’re playing chess. You can go there. I’ve heard that the Azure Dragon brought his great disciple, he wanted to exchange views on cultivation with the Tortoise’s great disciple, but he already left,” said the lobster slowly. Lin Feng didn’t catch him again. Yan Di and Lin Feng were surprised that the Azure Dragon was here, though.

“Brother, it was the right decision to come here. If we had gone elsewhere, we may not have had the opportunity to meet two godly beasts,” said Yan Di. He was excited. Having the opportunity to meet two godly beasts was wonderful, and on top of that the Azure Dragon’s disciple was here, too!

“Let’s go to the royal palace,” said Yan Di. He flashed in the direction of the royal palace. Yan Di was older, but he was more excited, Lin Feng was more serious.


Lin Feng followed him closely. They quickly arrived in front of the royal palace. Yan Di seemed reluctant, and didn’t dare enter the palace.

Lin Feng remained cautious as well. They were afraid that the godly beasts would attack them if they entered. They were quite weak since their cultivation level was restricted. They only had the strength of Half-Godly Emperors, they couldn’t fight against Godly Emperors.

“Haha, Little Long, I know you’re satisfied with your disciple Li Chuan. My disciple Feng Ling Zi is also quite strong. Unfortunately, he’s not here. He’s out traveling already.”

“You sent him outside because you hope he can become famous.”

As Lin Feng and Yan Di were hesitating, they heard someone laugh loudly inside. Even though the voice were hoarse, they sounded nice.

Lin Feng and Yan Di glanced at each other. They had nowhere to hide. All those people looked Lin Feng and Yan Di over from head to foot.

After a long time, an old man in blue clothes with a white beard smiled and said slowly, “Yan Zun’s grandson is here. Hehe!”

“Yan Zun’s grandson? The two branches are competing, right? They’re here to kill ferocious beasts, right?” said the middle-aged man in azure clothes. He looked heroic and his expression was sharp. He had two dragon horns on his head, and looked naturally intimidating.

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Feng and Yan Di, then looked at the old man and asked, “They traveled thousands of li to come here?” wondered the old man with the white beard. He was the Tortoise. The middle-aged man in azure clothes was the Azure Dragon.

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