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Chapter 466. Three Attacks and Lost!

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“Young Master, you… you…” a sobbing voice rose.

At the same time, dozens of hundreds of li away, a man in black clothes laid down on the ground in front of Yan Chang and kowtowed. His body was covered with wounds. Some bones even stuck out. He looked miserable.

Out of the three, only one of his assistants had come back, and was covered with wounds and looking miserable. Yan Chang shouted, “What’s going on? Where are the other two?”

The man kept kowtowing and crying. When he heard Yan Chang, he wiped off his tears and said, “Young Master, Yan Di and Lin Feng attacked us by surprise; they killed the beasts to prevent us from scoring.

“On top of that, they wanted to kill us; my two friends died to save me!”

After that, the man burst into tears again. He sounded desperate. However, an evil light gleamed in his eyes.

When Yan Chang heard that, his eyes went wide. He couldn’t believe it.

“Young Master, Lin Feng said that if you were brave enough, you should go to the desert. He’ll wait for you there, and he’ll kill you.”

The man in black clothes pretended to be furious. Yan Chang’s expression hardened. They had killed his two assistants, and now they were provoking him?

Yan Chang was completely furious. He clenched his fists and shouted, “I’ll see how strong he is!”

“Yes!” The man in black clothes was extremely happy, but he continued pretending he was furious and desperate. He stood up and headed in the direction of the desert.

The first part of the military adviser’s plot was a success. The next part was to bring Lin Feng there…


Lin Feng and Yan Di were at the gate of the royal palace. The Tortoise, the Azure Dragon, and a few young people were at the top of the flight of stairs behind the gate. They all stared at the two humans.

“Yan Zun’s grandson, he’s not weak. He will soon break through to the third Godly Emperor Layer,”  said the Tortoise, scratching his beard and smiling.

“Yan Zun has only one grandchild, right?” asked the Azure Dragon leisurely.

The old man nodded and smiled, “Indeed, Yan Zun’s only grandchild; he’s quite strong.”

“So, he’s Yan Zun’s grandson; what about the little boy next to him?” asked the Azure Dragon, glancing at Lin Feng. When Lin Feng met the eyes of the man, he had the impression he was being stabbed, and his clothes were about to be torn apart. The Azure Dragon had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer!

Some people said that apart from the strong cultivators of the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties, there were mysterious cultivators around. Were the four godly beasts examples of those mysterious cultivators?

The Tortoise looked at Lin Feng, but he didn’t know where he was from or who he was, so he shook his head.

At that moment, a man in white clothes behind the Azure Dragon took a few steps forwards and walked over to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you extended the flight of stairs at the Long Yun Peak!” proclaimed the man with a smile.

The godly beasts were startled when they heard him. They even looked excited. Lin Feng… they had heard that that young man had broken the Celestial Emperor’s record. They hadn’t thought they’d meet him here. He had become legendary!

“Indeed,” replied Lin Feng honestly, nodding, remaining calm and composed.

“My name is Li Chuan, I am the Azure Dragon’s great disciple. I am his only disciple. Nice to meet you,” said Li Chuan, smiling and stretching out his hand.

Li Chuan looked at him and slowly stretched out his hand as well. They shook hands, but when they did, Li Chuan pressed on Lin Feng’s hand with a painful amount of force.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and studied Li Chuan. He looked extraordinary and celestial in his white clothes.

“I’d like to understand what’s so different about you,” said Li Chuan, smiling and staring at Lin Feng.

“As you wish,” answered Lin Feng, condensing brightness strength in his hand, and relieving the pain. Li Chuan understood, his smile disappeared, and he condensed even more strength in his hand to block Lin Feng’s brightness strength.

Everybody saw what they were doing. The Azure Dragon and the Tortoise released their godly awareness to see who had the advantage.

Lin Feng remained focused, but he was struggling. With the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor, how could he compete with someone who had the strength of a Godly Emperor?

Lin Feng used brightness strength for the first attack, demon strength for the second, and forbidden strength the third time, but then he lost.

Lin Feng couldn’t win against Li Chuan due to all the restrictions in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, his strength was restricted and he was only a soul. It was already incredible that he had been able to resist three attacks.

Li Chuan took his hand back and looked at Lin Feng in admiration, bowing hand over fist, “Thank you for this small exchange, Brother Lin.”

“Thank you,” said Lin Feng. His hand still hurt, but he bowed back and smiled. Yan Di was worried, and looked at Lin Feng questioningly. Lin Feng shook his head, and Yan Di was relieved.

“Brother Lin, I am also going to leave the Celestial Evolution Battlefield soon, I want to explore the world. I hope that we can have a real exchange soon,” said Li Chuan, walking back to the Azure Dragon and smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. Even if Li Chuan hadn’t said that, Lin Feng already hoped he’d have the opportunity to fight against Li Chuan. He had just lost those three little attacks while they were shaking hands, but it didn’t matter.

“Fourth Uncle, we’re off,” said the Azure Dragon, smiling cheerfully. His godly aura flickered, and he disappeared.

The Tortoise looked at Lin Feng and Yan Di, especially at Lin Feng.

“Little boy, come with me.”

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