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Chapter 467: Deal?

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The Tortoise walked away. The gate was wide open.

Lin Feng was surprised, and looked at Yan Di in puzzlement.

Yan Di frowned and said slowly, “Go. I don’t think he means you any harm.”

“Alright, I’ll go and see,” said Lin Feng nodded. What did the Tortoise want from him?

Lin Feng crossed the gate and entered the royal palace. The gate closed itself violently. Yan Di’s expression suddenly changed. He ran to the gate and tried to push it in vain.

When Lin Feng heard the gate, he didn’t turn around, and entered the building, arriving in a big hall. There were gigantic calligraphy works here. The old man seemed to love calligraphy.

The Tortoise was holding tea. He sat down and poured some tea in a cup, ignoring Lin Feng. Lin Feng stood there and didn’t say anything.

The old man drank tea. Lin Feng didn’t like this kind of atmosphere. He could even hear himself breathe. He decided not to adhere to formalities and walked over to a chair, and sat down opposite the old man.

Lin Feng also grabbed a teacup and poured some tea for himself. Then he took a sip; it was very tasty, but surprisingly it tasted like meat. It was meat tea.

“What do you think, little boy? Do you like that tea?” the Tortoise smiled. When Lin Feng was just standing there silently, the Tortoise wasn’t satisfied, but seeing Lin Feng sit down and pour himself some tea instantly lifted his esteem for Lin Feng.

“It’s the first time I’ve had meat tea,” admitted Lin Feng. He didn’t say whether it was tasty or not.

The old man had lived for a hundred thousand years, he knew what Lin Feng meant, so he smiled indifferently.

The old man put his cup on the table and suddenly stopped smiling. His eyes looked ice-cold, as if he were trying to read Lin Feng.

“Little boy, let’s make a deal. What do you think?” said the old man, smiling after having stared at Lin Feng for a few minutes.

Lin Feng was surprised. What deal?

When the old man saw Lin Feng’s expression, he laughed wholeheartedly. He scratched his beard and smiled, “You have the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, I want some blood pills.”

Lin Feng shot to his feet and his chair exploded. Lin Feng jumped a hundred meters backwards and stared at the old man cautiously, unconsciously touching his ring.

“Hehe, little boy, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I could have told the Azure Dragon otherwise, but I didn’t. If he knew you had blood pills, you would be dead already,” said the Tortoise, smiling gently.

When Lin Feng heard him, he only smiled coldly. The reason why he hadn’t told the Azure Dragon about it was that he wanted to get blood pills for himself and not share them. He didn’t want to share blood pills with anyone.

Lin Feng didn’t believe the Tortoise. He still kept his distance.

The old man sighed and waved, seeming annoyed, “Alright, alright. Too bad for me. You can go, child,” said the Tortoise, standing up. He raised his hand and the gate opened itself. Yan Di rushed in and came into the hall. He saw Lin Feng staring at the Tortoise icily.

The Tortoise looked like a dying old man.

Lin Feng and Yan Di were stupefied. Death Qi suddenly emerged from his body. It didn’t match his cultivation level, he had the strength of the top of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer.

“What’s the matter?” asked Yan Di. He didn’t understand what was going on. Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t understand either. The man seemed like he was going to die, was it the reason he needed blood pills?

If the old man was sick and needed a blood pill, Lin Feng didn’t mind making a deal with him, but he needed something good in exchange. The Tortoise was a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, so Lin Feng hoped he’d obtain something interesting from him.

The Tortoise looked sad, and said hoarsely, “Are you going to leave now? Or do you want me to kill you?”

“Master, we can make a deal on one condition,” said Lin Feng. He hoped the old man would agree to a deal with him.

The old man looked at him and frowned, which made him look even more wrinkled. He could see that Lin Feng wasn’t lying.

“Alright, good, haha,” said the Tortoise laughing suddenly. He looked like an ordinary old man again.

“What deal?” Yan Di looked at them strangely. Lin Feng told him everything. Yan Di nodded. The blood pills were Lin Feng’s, so he could decide what he wanted to do with them.

“On what condition, little boy?” asked the Tortoise smiling.

He needed blood pills. After Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s death, nobody had ever made pills again. He was a Godly Emperor, but he was injured, and had been injured for a long time.

Otherwise, how could he have gotten stuck at the fifth Godly Emperor Layer? He had lived for a hundred thousand years. If he weren’t injured, he would have the strength of the sixth or seventh Godly Emperor Layer, at least!

“Master, I can give you a blood pill, but you have to protect me for three years,” offered Lin Feng without hesitation.

With a cultivator at the top of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, he wouldn’t need to be worried, even if the Celestial Emperors Dynasty sent strong cultivators to kill him!

The Tortoise frowned. Even though he really wanted a blood pill, protecting someone wasn’t something which would make him feel dignified. He cared about honor and dignity a lot.

“I can’t accept,” said the Tortoise, pulling a long face, and then had a painful contraction. But no matter the pain, he couldn’t accept.

Lin Feng didn’t mind, he had already thought of something else in case the old man refused.

“I admire you for your principles, Master. Alright, no matter whether you accept or not, here are ten pills for you. It’s a gift,” Lin Feng smiled. He took out ten blood pills and gave them to the Tortoise. Lin Feng felt like taking one pill when he sensed the beneficial energy emerging from them, but he knew they were useful for serious injuries and diseases, and some people needed them more than him, like the old man.

“Lin Feng, you…” Yan Di’s was astounded.

He wanted to stop Lin Feng from giving blood pills to the old man but Lin Feng said, “I insist. I think he will remember me as a friend and if I’m in danger someday, he’ll do his best to save me,” said Lin Feng, smiling widely. When Yan Di understood, he smiled.

The Tortoise shook from head to foot. Ten blood pills?! Lin Feng put them in the old man’s hands and said, “Master, I’d like you to think of me as a friend. I don’t care about the deal. I just want to help you. I didn’t come here to obtain something in the first place.”

“Yan Di, let’s go.”

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