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Chapter 468: One Of the Four Dhammapalas, The Old Tortoise!

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Lin Feng started walking away. The Tortoise had lived for a hundred thousand years and naturally knew what Lin Feng was trying to do.

The Tortoise smiled wryly, looked at the ten godly pills and said, “Slowly.”

Lin Feng and Yan Di had their backs turned to the old man. They both smiled. Yan Di admired Lin Feng for his plan. The Tortoise was proud, but how could he accept a gift without giving anything in return? He wasn’t cheap.

Therefore, Lin Feng’s plan was a success. As expected, the Tortoise called out to them.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the old man indifferently, he asked, “How may I help you, Master?”

“Stop pretending, little boy,” said the old man.

Lin Feng smiled and scratched his nose. “Master, I have no other alternative. I have too many enemies.”

“How strong are your enemies that you need protection?” asked the Tortoise. He was curious.

“The Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Elixir Temple, the Spiritual Yin Temple, the Gods Government… that’s enough, isn’t it?” said Lin Feng, half-laughing.

When the Tortoise heard Lin Feng, he was astonished. “Are you joking?”

“Master, how could I joke about such things?” Lin Feng sighed. The Tortoise looked astonished and hesitant. If it were only the Elixir Temple and the Gods Government, it wouldn’t be such a big problem, but the Celestial Emperors Dynasty…?

The Celestial Emperors Dynasty was among Lin Feng’s enemies… The Tortoise knew perfectly well how strong Tian Di was.

“I’ll tell you the truth, Master. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty is my sworn enemy, especially since I am the second heir of Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor, so the Celestial Emperor will never let me off. I have the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation because I am Xuan Yuan’s second heir.

“Regarding the Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple, they’re my enemies because of my wife; she’s the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty,” Lin Feng sighed.

Since the Tortoise seemed hesitant, Lin Feng didn’t stop and told all the saddest parts of his story.

As expected, when Lin Feng mentioned the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty, the Tortoise gasped.

“What? Little boy, you’re married to the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty?” asked the old man. He seemed nostalgic.

Lin Feng just wanted to make him react, but hadn’t thought the old man would respond like that. Lin Feng nodded, “Yes, the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty is my wife and…”

“Haha! Nothing can destroy my Great Huang Dynasty! The little princess is still alive, that’s wonderful!”

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking, the old Tortoise opened his arms and laughed so loud that it made the ground shake. Some beasts in the distance collapsed.

Lin Feng understood that back in the days, even though the Great Huang Dynasty had been destroyed back in the days, many cultivators had escaped, injured but alive. A kind of diaspora from the Great Huang Dynasty still existed.

“Master, are you one of the members of the Great Huang Dynasty?” asked Lin Feng, incredulous.

“Haha! Of course, I am one of the four Dhammapalas of the Great Huang Dynasty. To tell you the truth, I even saw your wife grow up. Haha!” answered the Tortoise, laughing happily. He was extremely happy to know that the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty was still alive. It made him even more happy than having blood pills.

After a long time, the old Tortoise calmed down. He looked extremely happy now. Since Lin Feng had married the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty, they were kind of family members.

“Lin Feng, since we’re from the same family, there’s no deal. I will do my best to help you and support you, provided that you help the princess bring the Great Huang Dynasty come back to life.”

The Tortoise sounded determined to help Lin Feng as long as Lin Feng promised that he’d help Huang Nü.

Lin Feng naturally accepted. He had already promised Huang Nü he’d help her. That’s why the Spiritual Yin Temple and the Gods’ Government were his enemies, because he was on the side of the Great Huang Dynasty.

“Where’s the princess? I’d like to see her,” asked the Tortoise.

Yan Di quickly understood. Since the Tortoise used to be one of the four Dhammapalas of the Great Huang Dynasty, Lin Feng and he were from the same family. Huang Nü was back in the branch of Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

“Master, she’s in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Uncle Yan Hui will tell you where she is,” said Yan Di.

When the Tortoise heard that, he looked at Lin Feng and nodded, relieved.

“Alright, I’ll go immediately. Go and find the three other Dhammapalas and tell them to protect you.”

“Who are the three other Dhammapalas?”

“Haha, the three other godly beasts of course: the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, and the Vermillion Bird!”


Lin Feng was annoyed. After they left the royal palace, the old Tortoise had taken ten of his blood pills and now had left for the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty to go and see Huang Nü. In the end, Lin Feng hadn’t obtained anything!

Lin Feng and Yan Di flew for three days and three nights again. Since the three godly beasts were the Dhammapalas of the Great Huang Dynasty, Lin Feng had to go and see them.

But the Tortoise had told Lin Feng the Azure Dragon was proud and arrogant, and Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to convince the Azure Dragon of anything, even Huang Nü couldn’t convince him of anything. The only one who could might be Godly Emperor Huang.

However, Godly Emperor Huang or Huang Nü couldn’t come to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, so Lin Feng actually had some chances.

“Let’s go to the southern fire sea to talk to the Vermillion Bird,” said Lin Feng. He would first go see the Vermillion Bird. He had enough time anyway, they still had a month.

Yan Di nodded agreement.

However, at that moment, two people appeared in front of them; the two men in black clothes!

“Lin Feng, we’ve been looking for you for a few days, and finally you’re here,” said the man sinisterly.

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “What do you want?”

“Naturally, Young Master is looking for you; please come with me.”

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