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Chapter 469: Perfect Scheme!

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Lin Feng didn’t believe it at all. Yan Chang was looking for him? They didn’t know each other. Why was he looking for him? At most, he would look for Yan Di!

Yan Di didn’t understand either; why would Yan Chang look for Lin Feng?

“Lin Feng, I’ll come with you,” whispered Yan Di. Lin Feng nodded.

“No, Young Master said you can’t come. Lin Feng must go alone,” said the man in black clothes immediately.

Lin Feng was curious. What did Yan Chang want from him? Why did he want to see him? Lin Feng glanced at the two men. They had tried to kill him before. Was it part of some evil scheme?

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng, you’re afraid?” sneered the two men in black clothes. They looked at him mockingly.

When Lin Feng heard them, he smiled coldly. “Alright, I’ll go now.”

“Lin Feng, you…” Yan Di’s expression suddenly changed. He pulled on Lin Feng’s sleeve.

Lin Feng said to him telepathically, “You follow us discreetly. Don’t let them see you.”

“Alright,” Yan Di nodded. The two men watched Yan Di vigilantly. However, when they saw that Yan Di didn’t insist on following, they were relieved.

“Let’s go now, then,” said Lin Feng to the two men.

The two men grunted icily and then they flashed away. Lin Feng glanced at Yan Di, and followed the two men. They flew in the direction of the desert.

Yan Di followed from afar and thought, They’re flying in the direction of the desert? If anything wrong happens, it will be impossible to escape. He followed them, keeping a distance of ten li.


Lin Feng and the two men flew for half a day and finally arrived in a desert. There were strong winds and clouds of sand, barren and hot.

Lin Feng followed them and eventually saw Yan Chang. He was standing there alone.

“Our Young Master is there. Go,” the two men told Lin Feng coldly.

Lin Feng ignored their tone and landed a hundred meters away from Yan Chang. With the wind blowing, their clothes were quickly covered with sand.

“What do you want me for?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly.

Yan Chang frowned and pulled a long face. “You wanted me to come here. You want to challenge me?”

“What? I didn’t ask you to come here,” replied Lin Feng, confused.

Yan Chang scoffed and then shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, don’t lie! You killed my two assistants and stole my beasts! What’s that supposed to mean?” Yan Chang clenched his fists angrily.

Lin Feng understood what was going on. “They plotted against you and me,” said Lin Feng, smiling thinly.

Yan Chang frowned, “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t kill your two assistants, look over there,” said Lin Feng, pointing at the two assistants in the distance.

Yan Chang looked at them darkly. He quickly understood what was going on, he was no fool.

“Someone had us come here on purpose, but why?” asked Yan Chang.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Chang and said, “It’s all because of the three people you brought here. I warned you because when we were fighting, they tried to kill me. Why would they do that if they’re members of the Evolution Branch?”

“What do you mean?” Yan Chang asked when he heard Lin Feng. He seemed shocked.

“What I mean is that they’re probably working for someone else. They’re spies,” said Lin Feng.

“Impossible. They’ve been with the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty for hundreds of years. How could they be traitors?” Yan Chang didn’t believe they could be traitors.

“Hehe, I didn’t say they were traitors, I said they’re undercover agents. Maybe they were assigned the task hundreds of years ago, before they joined the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty,” said Lin Feng smiling icily.

Yan Chang looked stupefied and confused. Indeed, those three people didn’t want to stay with him in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, and they had been acting strangely.

Yan Chang thought it was because he couldn’t protect them.

“Zhao Lin, Zhao Yu, Zhao Tong, come here!” Yan Chang looked glum.

“Hehe, Young Master,” replied someone laughing loudly. The three men appeared next to Yan Chang, but at that moment, there were a dozen more middle-aged men with them.

Lin Feng glanced at them and understood the gravity of the situation. The men behind the three assistants were all Godly Emperors, and their strength wasn’t restricted by the Celestial Evolution Battlefield.

Yan Chang looked at them; the strongest ones had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

“Why?” said Yan Chang icily.

“Hehe, because we’re undercover agents, under the orders the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. We joined the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty long ago because we thought it could be useful to use our masters someday. We didn’t think it would happen so quickly.”

“Yan Chang, you’re smart but you didn’t notice our ten fellow disciples, they were hiding in our rings. They’re heroic cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Of course, their goal is to kill you and Lin Feng,” said Zhao Lin, the leader of the group of three, smiling mockingly. Then he looked at Lin Feng.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you didn’t think such a thing would happen, eh? The military adviser took a long time to plan everything. The plan is perfect. Nobody can save you. I already sent three cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty to stop your friend, Yan Di.”

“Lin Feng, you offended the Celestial Emperor, the Young Emperor, and the military adviser, you’re doomed. You’re going to die here!”

“Haha, poor guy, a bright future awaited you, but now it’s all over.”

“And you, Young Master, you won’t die for nothing either. When you die, we’ll tell your grandfather that Lin Feng killed you, then he will be so furious that he will kill Lin Feng’s friends and family members. Haha!” said Zhao Lin, smiling ferociously. His disgusting yellow teeth were visible as he smiled.

Lin Feng was furious. If he died, how would he be able to protect his friends and family members?

Lin Feng remained silent. Di Shu was definitely the one who had planned all this.

Lin Feng remembered what Tian Fan had told him about Di Shu; Di Shu would never forget Lin Feng!

This time, he had seemingly found the perfect plan. Di Shu was ready to do anything to kill Lin Feng.

A dozen Godly Emperors were there to kill Yan Chang and Lin Feng, what would happen?

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  1. VAC June 4, 2019 at 1:16 am - Reply

    You beautiful person who works hard translating this so we can read it. Thank you

  2. Gray June 14, 2019 at 1:09 am - Reply

    you guys know Di Shu?

    yes he is the most ridiculous Character, who is hard to level up and even stuck for thousands years without progress, and living in the East region that was considered as trash region.

    but now amazingly, DI SHU become a MILITARY ADVISERS IN CELESTIAL DYNASTY!!!

    now you all realize what kind of nonsense it is? ahhahaha

    • MAV3R1CK December 23, 2019 at 3:03 am - Reply

      Based on what was said about Tian Fan reclaiming his original body it is likely the Di Shu from the Supranatural region at the beginning was a clone body of the existing military advisor, possibly undercover. More likely based on the difference in qi the clone was studying a different cultivation path from the main body to strengthen himself when reabsorbed like pretty much all the top cultivators were revealed to have done in PMG1 (three lives emperor, demon emperor xi, Lin Feng)

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