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Chapter 470: Last Thread of Qi!

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“Brothers, kill Lin Feng and the Young Master,” said Zhao Lin, smiling evilly at the dozen Godly Emperors.

The dozen Godly Emperors jumped to the front at the same time. Lin Feng and Yan Chang had the impression they were going to die, but they didn’t remain still.

Lin Feng and Yan Chang moved closer to each other and remained focused. The dozen Godly Emperors looked at them greedily.

“Yan Chang, can you contact your grandfather?” Lin Feng asked Yan Chang.

“No, not from the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. It’s isolated from the outside world, they can only see how many beasts we’ve killed,” said Yan Chang glumly. He hadn’t thought his three assistants were capable of doing something like this. He was furious.

“If you die here, they’ll cause trouble outside, and they will try and kill my family members…” sighed Lin Feng, his face grim. He was extremely worried.

Yan Chang felt guilty. His father wouldn’t be merciful if his son was killed!

“Therefore, we have to get rid of them and fight,” said Lin Feng icily. Deadly energies slowly emerged from his body.

“Hmph! You think you can do anything! You’re as good as dead. Kill them now!!” shouted Zhao Lin ferociously.

Instantly, all the Godly Emperors released Qi around Lin Feng and Yan Chang. Even if their strength was restricted, it wasn’t possible to kill them in one attack.

Lin Feng and Yan Chang counterattacked at the same time. Lin Feng clenched his fists and released brightness strength. They both threw explosive punches. Lin Feng attacked one of the strong cultivators.

Yan Chang threw two punches at the two Godly Emperors in front of him. Then he retreated, but more Godly Emperors blocked him.

Lin Feng continued punching the Godly Emperors around him. The two of them were having a hard time.

Zhao Lin couldn’t help but think of what the military adviser had told him; Lin Feng and Yan Chang were quite strong. Killing them in one attack was impossible, especially Lin Feng. They couldn’t let them off.

Thinking about that, Zhao Lin watched them ferociously as he shouted, “Let’s help them and kill Lin Feng!” before charging Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew it was extremely dangerous; he had to be extremely vigilant, as one moment of distraction and he could die. He turned around and threw punches. The three people behind him instantly coughed blood.

“You thought you had the power and controlled everything these days, I will show you who has control here.” Lin Feng looked at Zhao Lin icily and attacked without any hesitation, no matter what the other Godly Emperors around were doing. He had to kill the three traitors first!

Zhao Lin saw that Lin Feng was extremely angry, and it scared him. “Hurry up and stop him!” shouted Zhao Lin furiously. He was afraid that Lin Feng would kill him. Lin Feng really posed a threat to him. He had made fun of Lin Feng, but not anymore. What would happen if Lin Feng used his full strength?

Four more Godly Emperors appeared in front of Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was fearless. He released the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao and threw punches one after another. He flashed towards a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer, but then suddenly changed his trajectory and moved closer to the three men.

Zhao Lin was panic-stricken. He started moving backwards and at the same time, he shouted, “Hurry up! Stop him!”

“Haha! Even if I die here, you’ll all die here with me as well!” shouted Lin Feng ferociously. Demon Qi rolled in waves all around him. He used the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill and threw punches aiming at Zhao Lin’s chest.

Zhao Lin coughed blood. Lin Feng didn’t stop though, punching him unceasingly. Zhao Lin had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer like Lin Feng in here, so he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

Zhao Lin shouted with pain, closed his eyes, and his soul was crushed. He would never get out of the battlefield.

After killing Zhao Lin, Lin Feng glared at the two other men. The two men were scared, and they shouted, “Brother, if we die, everything will have been a failure, we have to survive! Go and inform Yan Duan that Lin Feng killed Yan Chang, protect us! If you fail, the military adviser will not forgive you!”

“Indeed, the military adviser said we had to live!”

The two men looked at Lin Feng, terrified, and tried to fly behind the Godly Emperors. The Godly Emperors stared at Lin Feng.

After using the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill, he felt like he had very little Qi left.

The same applied to Yan Chang, he didn’t have much Qi left. What very bad luck!…

“Let’s join hands and attack!” Yan Chang shouted to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He jumped and landed next to Yan Chang. They both released their energies which fused together, but how powerful could the strength of the two Half-Godly Emperors be? Yan Chang and Lin Feng were trying to buy time.

“Let’s go to the northern sea.” shouted Lin Feng without hesitation. If they managed to reach the north sea, they’d be saved.

Even though Yan Chang had doubts, he didn’t ask anything. He released as much Qi as he could to fly in the direction of the north.

Lin Feng had used too much Qi, and Lin Feng didn’t know how much Qi Yan Chang still had left, so he couldn’t take any risk.

Lin Feng and Yan Chang flew away. Sixteen Godly Emperors chased them. Only a thousand meters separated them.

Lin Feng and Yan Chang used their last threads of Qi to escape. They managed to maintain a distance of a thousand meters between them and the enemies, but for their foes, it was nothing at all…

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