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Chapter 471: Primordial Spirit Severely Injured!

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“No, we can’t, we’re going to die if we continue like that.”

Yan Chang had the impression he was going to collapse. He couldn’t hold on much longer. He seemed embarrassed and glanced at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was also exhausted. He took out some blood pills; it didn’t matter if Yan Chang would remember his kindness or not, he needed Yan Chang alive; they both had to be fit to escape.

Lin Feng couldn’t let Di Shu succeed with his plot. He couldn’t let Yan Duan kill his family members and friends for no reason.

“Haha, the military adviser is incredibly smart, you think he’d let you escape?” said a voice suddenly as Lin Feng was about to take a blood pill. The man was laughing loudly. They were about a thousand meters away from them. Yan Chang and Lin Feng saw four Godly Emperors there.

“We’re going to die because of me, because I trusted those three people. I didn’t let my grandfather search them, otherwise, he would have found the cultivators hiding in their rings,” said Yan Chang. He was furious and felt guilty. Everything was because of him.

The four cultivators drew closer and closer. Lin Feng and Yan Chang continued running away, but it was too dangerous. In the end, Lin Feng and Yan Chang were stuck in a valley.

Lin Feng knew Di Shu was insane, how could he let him escape so easily? This time, Di Shu had done all he could to kill Lin Feng. He had sent more than twenty Godly Emperors after him.

However, if they were all killed, what would Di Shu do?

Lin Feng was desperate at that moment, but then he suddenly thought of the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation. If it could refine beasts, couldn’t it refine Godly Emperors? How would Di Shu react if Lin Feng made pills out of the strong cultivators he had sent to kill him?

However, it was too difficult. How could he capture twenty Godly Emperors? If they all attacked at the same time, Lin Feng and Yan Chang would die quickly.

“Lin Feng, don’t think you’ll be lucky. You don’t stand a single chance!”

A Godly Emperor charged Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t going to wait for death, though!

“Yan Chang, are you going to wait for death, or are you ready for the last battle?” said Lin Feng grimly.

“What do you think?” said Yan Chang icily. He clenched his fists and looked at the Godly Emperors. His grandfather had taught him, no matter what, he had to remain fearless. Even if he died, so what? Death wasn’t the worst thing ever.

“Attack!” Delays might bring more unexpected troubles, so the Godly Emperors all attacked at the same time. These two people had to die, that was their job!

Lin Feng and Yan Chang attacked too, using their most powerful godly skills. It only enabled them to buy some time

Their enemies were Godly Emperors from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty after all, and benefited from incredible resources. They also had incredible godly skills. However, Lin Feng and Yan Chang were different. Yan Chang was a descendant of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, he had access to all the godly skills and resources of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

Lin Feng had never relied on a powerful background, but he had so much experience, and he had obtained many things in life due to his luck and hard work, and so had also obtained incredible godly skills.

It was the difference between ordinary cultivators and extremely strong ones. However, no matter how strong Lin Feng and Yan Chang were, they were gradually exhausted. They were burning pure Qi too quickly.

Lin Feng was surrounded by two Godly Emperors. He felt oppressed, and had the impression mountains were crashing onto his shoulders unceasingly. Yan Chang was bombarded away by two Godly Emperors and crashed against a gigantic boulder, which exploded, pieces of stones flying all around. His soul was injured.

Lin Feng and Yan Chang didn’t intend to give up, standing up and facing the Godly Emperors again. They knew that the situation didn’t look good at all. If nobody came to save them, they were doomed.

Lin Feng was furious. If he didn’t find a solution quickly, Yan Chang’s grandfather would kill his family members and friends. Their only hope would be if Yan Chang’s grandfather arrived.

Yan Chang was desperate, too. He was furious because his grandfather and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had been used by those people.

Lin Feng was disappointed because his life and death Dao had already reached the maximum level, so he couldn’t rely on it to break through anymore.

“Cough, cough! We’re going to die together now…” said Lin Feng, coughing blood. He fell down on the ground and looked at Yan Chang, who looked even more miserable than him. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile.

Yan Chang smiled too. He also thought they were going to die now. He never thought he’d be the victim of such an evil scheme. He was like a pawn on a chessboard. He didn’t think he’d die with Lin Feng, who he didn’t know at all. They weren’t even friends.

“Lin Feng, I admire you. You’re a real man. If we don’t die today, I’ll always consider you as a friend,” said Yan Chang, smiling and slapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. His whole body felt sore, he was injured as well, but he was resigned.

Lin Feng was resigned, too. He had studied life and death Dao for such a long time, he didn’t fear death, but he didn’t want to die because of his friends and family members. Who would protect them if he died? That was the only problem…

However, even if he didn’t dare die, he had no choice anymore!

“Yan Chang, here, ten blood pills for you, take them and maybe you’ll be able to escape. If you manage to escape, my friends and family members won’t be killed by your grandfather. If you die, they’ll all die, that’s my biggest fear,” Lin Feng said to Yan Chang telepathically while coughing blood. He crawled over to Yan Chang and fell down on him. Lin Feng took out the ten blood pills.

Yan Chang sensed the incredible energies, and suddenly felt much better. When he heard Lin Feng, he remembered what his grandfather had told him about the pills. His eyes were wide, but the Godly Emperors didn’t notice the pills changing hands.

He nodded approvingly; he really hoped he’d be able to help Lin Feng. He would do his best to escape. Maybe if he absorbed the strength of the ten blood spills, he’d really manage to get away.

But thinking about that, Yan Chang looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng couldn’t take blood pills because the Godly Emperors were staring at him and if they realized he had blood pills, it’d be even worse. Lin Feng’s soul was also severely injured, and even if he took blood pills, he wouldn’t be able to recover easily.

“Which one should we kill first?”

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