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Chapter 472: Destruction of Lin Feng’s Primordial Spirit! Lin Feng Is Dead!

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The twenty Godly Emperors started laughing and talking about which one they should kill first. Everybody looked at Lin Feng. The military adviser also looked at Lin Feng. As long as Lin Feng died, the mission would be a success.

“Alright, let’s kill Lin Feng first.” said the leader of the group of Godly Emperors. Everybody stretched out their hand and released energies to oppress Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was lying on the ground. He closed his eyes and waited.

When Yan Chang saw that everybody looked at Lin Feng, he took all ten of the blood pills. Instantly, he sensed his strength was being refilled. No wonder Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had killed so many people back in the days to refine blood pills, they were so powerful…

“Lin Feng, die!”

A cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer shouted furiously and threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. All the other Godly Emperors also attacked.

But at that moment, Yan Chang decided to escape, and as he escaped, he laughed loudly. “Haha! Morons! Your scheme will fail when I escape!” shouted Yan Chang. He tried to draw their attention away and distract them from Lin Feng. He turned into a light beam and flew in the direction of the northern sea. After using the blood pills, he was so fast that even the Godly Emperors struggled to chase him.

The twenty Godly Emperors glared after Yan Chang. Everybody’s expression suddenly changed, the leader of the group who had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer shouted furiously, “Hurry up! Chase him! We must kill Yan Chang! We must complete the mission!”

“Yes!” A dozen Godly Emperor Layers used their full strength to chase after Yan Chang.

The others stayed with the cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer and made ready to take Lin Feng’s life.

“You can’t escape from death,” the cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer sighed. He admired Lin Feng for his courage. Poor guy, if Di Shu hadn’t plotted against Lin Feng, he would have had a bright future.

“Attack now!” shouted the man, throwing out an explosive punch. The other Godly Emperors also threw punches at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng shook from head to toe. The world around him became dark and grey. He felt no pain, no fear, he was just a bit shaken. He was still relieved that Yan Chang was escaping. If Yan Chang didn’t die, he’d be able to expose the truth in the outside world.


It was over. The dozen strong cultivators went back into the ring. Now, all they could wait do was wait for the opening of the Celestial Evolution Battlefield in two weeks.

Lin Feng was lying on the ground with a faint smile. His godly aura had disappeared. He had turned grey and was motionless.

One day, two days, three days… On the fourth day, someone appeared next to Lin Feng, Yan Di.

When Yan Di saw Lin Feng lying on the ground motionless, he was speechless.

“Little bastard, are you dead? Why do you look so happy?” said Yan Di, scratching his beard. He had a big smile. He raised his head and looked at the grey sky.

“Little bastard, you used to bully me all the time when we were in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You used to treat me as a horse when I was Qiong Qi, we were the best team back then,” said Yan Di. Remembering those things made him happy.

“Then, you helped bring me back to life and recover my strength. We became best friends. Even though there is a big age difference between you and me, our friendship became indestructible.

“Hey, Little bastard, you remember? You remember the time when I killed eight emperors to save you? You were really happy. I was happy too, but…” Yan Di trailed off, shaking. He suddenly looked much older, and his face paled. His eyes became wet and a tear fell on Lin Feng’s hand.

Lin Feng couldn’t sense that tear. He couldn’t feel Yan Di’s pain.

“Lin Feng, how could you do this to me? Aren’t we best friends? How could you die before me?

“You little bastard, stand up! Hurry up! All your wives are waiting for you, they need you to protect them. You still have so many things to do. How could you die?” shouted Yan Di furiously. His tears kept falling on Lin Feng’s body. Yan Di burst into tears. The last time he had felt so sad was when his strength had been sealed back then. He was devastated.

Even then, he hadn’t cried.

But now he cried, he felt extremely sad. His only friend was dead!

“You irresponsible bastard! Aren’t you the new Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty?! You just promised the Black Tortoise you’d help the Great Huang Dynasty come back to life! You liar! It doesn’t look like you!

“What about Meng Qing? And you haven’t even found your other son, and Qing Feng, and Emperor Yu… So many people are waiting for you. How could you let them down?

“You came to the Gods Government to help me. I’m not sure I’ve won yet, how could you die?”

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng’s corpse, he couldn’t believe it. Life was so cruel…

“The Celestial Emperors Dynasty? Di Shu? Alright, I, Yan Di, will do my best to crush them, even if I have to die!

“This time, my ultimate mission will be to destroy the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, and especially Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, no matter what!” said Yan Di, opening his arms and looking at the sky. Avenging Lin Feng’s death was now his top priority!

Boom boom boom…

Yan Di’s thunderous voice echoed far away. Even if he had to die, he’d do all he could to avenge Lin Feng!

It was a promise from Yan Di to Lin Feng…


Time passed. One week… Yan Di was seated next to Lin Feng, staring blankly at the boundless desert.

Yan Di felt hopeless. He hadn’t saved Lin Feng, there was no hope anymore. Lin Feng had been lucky many times in the past, but not this time.

On the eighth day, Yan Di saw someone he didn’t want to see, Yan Chang.

Yan Chang wasn’t dead, and had managed to escape. Now, he came back for Lin Feng and saw his body on the ground, motionless. Yan Chang suddenly felt extremely sad.

“Is he dead?” Yan Chang paled. He didn’t dare get close when Yan Di looked at him icily.

“You dared come back?”

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  1. Gray June 14, 2019 at 1:31 am - Reply

    and yet they didn’t steal LIN FENG RING??

    are you kidding me?
    they all know Lin Feng is Awsome cultivator, and yet they didn’t inspect Lin Feng ring after that?

    if it was PMG 1 , no matter who? if they die, they will take the victim ring. there is no waste in resources even it just small.

    as always, this new Author is a let down.
    and didn’t even reflect.

    • Icaro August 14, 2019 at 3:02 pm - Reply

      hey stupid, so shit you read this novel, if you don’t like it, stop reading it

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