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Chapter 473: Yan Di Kneels Down and Begs!

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“Brother, I…” said Yan Chang lowering his head. He didn’t dare look at Yan Di straight in the eyes. Yan Di and he were related by blood, their grandfathers were brothers. They had no closer relatives.

But in Yan Di’s heart, neither Yan Chang nor Yan Duan nor Yan Zun had such a high position as Lin Feng. They had lived together for such a long time. They had gone through hardships together. They had always been there for each other. Lin Feng was the person he trusted the most.

Nobody could understand how deep Lin Feng and Yan Di’s friendship was. Even Yan Zun didn’t know how close Lin Feng and Yan Di were. Yan Di and Lin Feng were ready to die for one another. Yan Di didn’t mind dying for his friend.

“Go now. I guess that Lin Feng gave you blood pills to help you escape, you know why he did that. If your grandfather kills Lin Feng’s family members and friends, I will not forgive you,” said Yan Di icily.

Yan Chang nodded. Without the blood pills, he wouldn’t have managed to escape and he would have died as well. He couldn’t let the Celestial Emperors Dynasty use his grandfather to carry out their evil plot.

“Alright, go now,” said Yan Di waving impatiently. Yan Di wanted to stay with Lin Feng, he’d carry him out of the battlefield. He couldn’t abandon his body in this intangible and incorporeal world.

“Brother, I have an idea… Maybe… Maybe that we can save Lin Feng…” said Yan Chang hesitantly. No matter what Yan Di thought, he needed to do something for Lin Feng, he needed to try. Otherwise, he’d feel guilty forever.

As expected, when Yan Chang said that, Yan Di’s eyes twinkled. He looked at Yan Chang and said, “What? Say again?”

“I’m saying I may have an idea to save Lin Feng!” said Yan Chang loudly. He didn’t fear Yan Di and he wanted to do something for Lin Feng. He owed him.

He had promised Lin Feng that if they survived, he’d consider Lin Feng a friend forever.

“What solution? His soul has been destroyed. What could you do to make his soul condense again?” demanded Yan Di impatiently. He didn’t believe there was a solution, but hope cost nothing.

If Lin Feng died for real, many people would be extremely sad. Everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds would be devastated, they would cry for days and days. Lin Feng was their ruler, their god, their protector, their religion.

Meng Qing would cry, Tang You You would cry, Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, Huang Nü, they would all cry…

Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian, Emperor Yu, all his fellow disciples, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, everybody would cry…

Thinking about that, Yan Di looked at Yan Chang and clenched his fists so hard that his nails pierced through his palms and he bled.

Yan Chang took a deep breath, nervous now. He had read a book long ago and wondered whether it would be useful to help Lin Feng.

But they were still in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, they weren’t in the outside world. In the outside world, there would be no solution at all.

“Brother, I read an ancient book. Apparently, when phoenixes and Vermilion Birds die, they reincarnate, so they’re almost immortal. We’re now in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield, we have a Vermilion Bird godly beast here.

“Therefore, if we find the Vermilion Bird, maybe that he’ll know how to bring Lin Feng back to life,” said Yan Chang.

Yan Di shivered. Maybe that it could work! Vermilion Birds and phoenixes were the same species, and they all went through the Nirvana before reincarnating…

Thinking about that, Yan Di thought of something Yan Chang didn’t know. Lin Feng was now the Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty, and the Vermilion Bird was one of the four Dhammapalas of the Great Huang Dynasty! Therefore, it would be easier to get help from the Vermilion Bird.

“Let’s hurry and take Lin Feng to the southern fire sea then! We only have one week left before the battlefield is open again. We have no time to lose!” said Yan Di, worried now. He picked up Lin Feng’s body and flew in the direction of the southern sea. Yan Chang followed him closely.


Half an hour later, the twenty Godly Emperors gathered where Lin Feng had died. When they saw that Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore, they sighed. “He died, but Yan Di took him away; he wants to resuscitate him!”

“What should we do? If we don’t finish our mission, the military adviser…” said a Godly Emperor behind the leader. He was really nervous and pulled a long face. He wanted to say something, but the cultivator of the second Godly Emperor interrupted him.

He shouted, “What military adviser! He’s a tiny little boy! How dare he give us orders! We’re just giving Young Emperor Tian Fan face, otherwise, why would we listen to that guy? Regarding the others, we couldn’t care less.”

“Lin Feng is dead. we accomplished our mission. That was the mission Tian Fan gave us; regarding the military adviser’s plot, we don’t care!” shouted the cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer. He turned away.

The two men in black couldn’t contradict him. They had no choice but to wait for the battlefield to open again.


During the next two days, Yan Chang and Yan Di flew nonstop. When they were too exhausted, they took blood pills from Lin Feng’s ring. Finally, they reached the legendary southern fire sea.

When they arrived on the shore, Yan Di and Yan Chang felt as if they were boiling, the temperature was scorching hot.

Yan Chang and Yan Di were fearless, and weren’t afraid of fire. The problem was Lin Feng, his soul was broken, he was extremely weak. If the remaining threads of soul he had dispersed, then everything would be over.

“What should we do? asked Yan Chang worried.

“We have no choice. We can only try and call for the Vermilion Bird to appear,” said Yan Di after thinking for a few seconds.

“But why would a Godly Emperor of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer pay attention to us?” Yan Chang smiled wryly. How could they entreat such a beast to appear for them?

Yan Di looked at Yan Chang and gazed into the distance.

The sea was an ocean of fire, lava rolled in waves. Yan Di shouted proudly, “Dhammapala Vermilion Bird, Prince Lin Feng of the Great Huang Dynasty is in danger, we need your help!”

“Dhammapala Vermilion Bird, Prince Lin Feng of the Great Huang Dynasty is in danger, we need your help!”

“Dhammapala Vermilion Bird, Prince Lin Feng of the Great Huang Dynasty is in danger, we need your help!”

His voice echoed far away into the distance. It was impossible that the godly beast didn’t hear him.

Yan Chang looked at Yan Di, astonished. Lin Feng was the Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty? That powerful group which had been destroyed by the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and some other influential groups?

What was the link between the Great Huang Dynasty and the four godly beasts?

Suddenly, a light beam appeared and the temperature soared. Initially, the temperature was a thousand degrees, now it was ten thousand degrees. Yan Chang and Yan Di couldn’t handle the heat but Yan Di didn’t care, he had to resist it for Lin Feng, and protect Lin Feng’s soul.

A fire-red silhouette appeared; it was the Vermilion Bird! She slowly came out of the ocean of fire and walked over to Yan Di. She looked at Lin Feng for a second and then at Yan Di icily, “I have nothing to do with the Great Huang Dynasty. Why would I save a little Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty? Go now,” said the Vermilion Bird. She turned around and got ready to leave.

“Master, he promised the Black Tortoise that he’d do all he could to make the Great Huang Dynasty revive. Therefore…” said Yan Di unhappily. He wanted to explain more, but the Vermilion Bird interrupted him.

“Well, I’m not Uncle Tortoise, why come to me? Why not go to him?


When Yan Di heard that, he let himself fall down to his knees. The future leader of the Celestial Branch, Yan Di, let himself fall down on his knees for Lin Feng.

Yan Di ground his teeth, he looked much older than usual. He looked at the Vermilion Bird and begged her, “Master, I beg you.”

“Brother, you…?” said Yan Chang. He was astonished.

Yan Di smiled indifferently, “I only have one friend in this world, Lin Feng. I am willing to do anything for him, kneel down, but even die.”

“You…?” Yan Chang was astonished. He had many different thoughts but he didn’t dare say anything.

Yan Di looked at the Vermilion Bird.

The Vermilion Bird was stupefied. She was a godly beast, and also friends with Yan Di’s grandfather. She knew about Yan Di’s social status. This nobleman said he was ready to die for Lin Feng and now he was on his knees begging her.

Yan Di was a proud and arrogant man usually, but for Lin Feng, he didn’t hesitate to beg.

Two people had knelt down to beg someone in their lives for Lin Feng, Emperor Yu and Yan Di.

The Vermilion Bird looked puzzled, but Yan Di looked determined.

After a long time, the Vermilion Bird sighed and said, “Let’s take him in.”

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