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Chapter 474: Difficulty of Resuscitation!

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“Master, he…” said Yan Di when he saw the Vermilion Bird was about to leave. The Vermilion Bird looked at Lin Feng who had just a thread of soul, and took out a blue pearl. The ocean of fire seemed like it was going to freeze.

“It’s an ice soul pearl, put it his mouth!” ordered the Vermilion Bird coldly. She jumped into the ocean of fire and disappeared.

Yan Di was extremely happy as he put the pearl in Lin Feng’s mouth. Lin Feng’s body was instantly covered with a layer of pale ice. Even if they went into the ocean of fire, he’d be safe.

“Let’s go,” Yan Di said to Yan Chang. He lifted Lin Feng’s body and jumped in. Yan Chang looked at Yan Di, puzzled. That image of Yan Di on his knees was still in his memory. He would never forget that moment. That was what true friendship looked like.

Yan Chang sighed and jumped into the ocean of fire as well. It was extremely painful. He quickly caught up with Yan Di and Lin Feng, and felt much cooler thanks to the ice pearl.


The ocean of fire was boundless. After half an hour, they finally crossed the it and arrived in front a palace made of blazing stones. The temperature was around a thousand degrees there. In front of the palace was a stream of lava. There were hundreds of baby Vermilion Birds floating on it.

Yan Di entered the Fire Palace with Lin Feng in his arms. Once inside, the temperature finally returned to normal.

“Wait here. I’ll come when I have time,” stated the Vermilion Bird coldly. Yan Di and Yan Chang didn’t know where the voice came.

Yan Di said hastily, “Master, we don’t have time. Please help us as soon as you can.”

“I said I would help, so I will keep my promise. If you’re in a rush, you can leave, but don’t hold me responsible for his death!” retorted the Vermilion Bird.

Yan Di didn’t dare say anything more. He didn’t want to get kicked out for nothing.


Time passed slowly. Two days passed and the Vermilion Bird didn’t show up. Yan Di was extremely worried, his heart was racing. Unfortunately, he had no other solution.

At the same time, two women were seated in a secret room of the palace. One looked proud and cold, her skin snowy-white and shiny, her godly aura cyan like her dress. She looked elegant and free from mortal affairs.

The woman opposite her had a faint, sad smile. Her dress was fire-red. She had small feet and her skin was also snowy-white. She looked extremely beautiful and bewitching.

“What’s wrong with our teacher? He’s not doing too good,” said the cyan-clothed woman coolly.

The eyes of the woman in red were filled with flames. The temperature increased around them. She shook her head and said stridently, “I don’t know, either.”

“Sister, how long have you been following our teacher?” asked the woman in the cyan dress.

The woman smiled indifferently, “Around half a year. At the beginning, I was in danger, and luckily our teacher saved me. I control fire Dao, and when our teacher saw how talented I was, she recruited me,” the woman smiled. She had beautiful white teeth. Even though she smiled, she also looked a bit sad.

“Sister, you’ve been following our teacher for only two months, and you already have the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. You have a powerful and extraordinary background?” the woman in red asked casually.

“Yes, I temporarily lived in the Gods Government. The leader of the government helped me a lot, I had access to lots of resources. That’s why I broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer so quickly, but I know that the reason why they were so kind to me was that they hoped I’d become their daughter-in-law. He has a kid called Bai Qi.”

“Bai Qi? I’ve heard of him. Our teacher said he was quite talented. In four months, he’ll participate in the Three Party Competition, many people say he has the potential to be the winner!” said the woman in red off-handedly.

The woman in cyan clothes smiled in reply, but still seemed sad. She didn’t know why, but she had a bad premonition, as if her lover was in danger…

Boom boom boom!…

The door of the secret room opened itself and the Vermilion Bird entered. The two women instantly stood up and cupped their fists in their other hands before their chests respectfully, “Teacher!”

“It’s alright. No need to curtsey,” smiled the Vermilion Bird. The Vermilion Bird looked much kinder than when she was with Yan Di and Yan Chang.

“Teacher, we heard some shouts from the entrance of the palace. What’s wrong?” asked the woman in cyan clothes. She was curious.

The woman in red clothes nodded, she was also curious.

The Vermilion Bird smiled indifferently, “A poor boy. He was attacked by over twenty Godly Emperors and his soul is destroyed. His friends brought him here and they want me to save him,” the Vermilion Bird sighed. She was sad when she thought about it. If Yan Di had not said it was the Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty, she wouldn’t have agreed to help him. The problem was that saving a broken soul wasn’t easy.

When the two women saw the Vermilion Bird’s expression, the woman in cyan clothes suggested, “Teacher, since you can’t save him, you should tell them straightforwardly.”

“Right teacher, since you can’t save him, just make them leave,” said the woman in red clothes nodding and smiling.

The Vermilion Bird slowly nodded and sighed, “You’re right, I can’t save Lin Feng. It’s impossible. I’ll just tell them to leave.”

Then the Vermilion Bird turned around and got ready to leave. However, she didn’t notice that when she said Lin Feng’s name, the two women started shaking violently, their faces extremely pale.

“Teacher!” “No! Teacher!” shouted the two women stretching out their hands. The Vermilion Bird didn’t understand why the they reacted like that.

The woman in red clothes ran to the Vermilion Bird, looking extremely nervous, “Teacher, who did you say?”

“Lin Feng, a young man who became famous in the Continent of the Gods recently,” replied the Vermilion Bird. She didn’t understand why the two women were reacting like that.

The woman in red clothes looked happy and nervous at the same time, “Teacher, you really can’t help him?”

“Huo Wu, do you… know him?”

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