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Chapter 475: Two Women’s Request!

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When the Vermilion Bird saw the two women’s reactions, she realized something.

Huo Wu bit her lips and nodded, not saying anything. The Vermilion Bird sighed. She initially intended to tell Yan Di and Yan Chang it was hopeless, but now she was in a delicate situation because of her two disciples.

The Vermilion Bird looked at the woman in cyan clothes and asked coolly, “Qing Feng, don’t tell me that you betrayed and escaped from the Gods Government because of Lin Feng?”

Huo Wu looked at her fellow disciple, puzzled now.

Qing Feng and she had only known each other for two months. They didn’t know much about one another. Did Qing Feng know Lin Feng?

Qing Feng nodded honestly. She was so worried, she wasn’t in the mood to think about those things. She just wanted to know how Lin Feng was doing and what had happened. Twenty Godly Emperors had attacked Lin Feng when he was alone? They had destroyed his soul? He only had a thread of soul left?

Qing Feng clenched her fists hard enough to pop them. Deadly energies appeared around her. The Vermilion Bird’s eyes were wide open. Qing Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. She could see Qing Feng was extremely angry.

“Since you both know Lin Feng, tell me what you want; should I save him or not?” the Vermilion Bird sighed.

She hadn’t even finished her sentence when both women shouted in unison, “Save him!”

“Alright, since you want me to save him, I’ll do my best. Just wait for me. I’ll gather his soul,” said the Vermilion Bird, shaking her head, puzzled by their reactions.

The Vermilion Bird disappeared. Huo Wu and Qing Feng glanced at each other without animosity, they just had compassion for one another.

“Lin Feng knows you, that’s great,” Huo Wu smiled. She was still puzzled, however.

Qing Feng shook her head and sighed, “We’ve known each other for over a hundred years.”

“Sister?!” Huo Wu was amazed; she couldn’t believe it.

“We came from the small world together. When we arrived in the Continent of the Gods, we were separated. We haven’t met since we came here. I can’t imagine… He…” said Qing Feng, bursting into tears.

His soul was badly injured, it had been destroyed. Bringing him back to life was almost impossible, it was a fact. Therefore, Qing Feng didn’t want to think about it, and just cried.

Huo Wu had been following the Vermilion Bird for a year, so she knew a lot about the phoenix Nirvana reincarnation. Even if the Vermilion Bird could help, she’d be completely exhausted. Since Lin Feng’s soul had been destroyed, he was as good as dead right now.

Thinking about her trips with Lin Feng, Huo Wu sat down and also started crying. She might never see Lin Feng again!

When Qing Feng saw how sad Huo Wu looked, she tried to control herself and stopped crying. She was convinced that a miracle could happen; it was Lin Feng, after all!

Apart from the softly crying Huo Wu, there was no other sound in the secret room.


Outside of the palace, Yan Chang and Yan Di were waiting. They were both extremely worried. Four days had passed already.

“We can’t just wait here, we’re wasting time and the more we wait, the less chance Lin Feng has to recover. I must go inside!” said Yan Di, clenching his fists. He had no choice anymore, he couldn’t keep calm anymore, he had to act.

“Brother!” shouted Yan Chang. But what else could they do?

Yan Di grabbed Lin Feng’s broken soul and got ready to go inside.

“If you come inside, I’ll kick you out with him,” stated the Vermilion Bird icily just as Yan Di got ready to go inside.

Yan Di stopped moving, he looked furious and shouted, “Vermilion Bird, if you can’t save him, just tell us! Why make us wait here?”

“Who said I couldn’t save him? If I couldn’t, do you think you would be here?” challenged the Vermilion Bird, appearing ten meters away from Yan Di.

Even though Lin Feng’s soul had been severely injured, his body looked calm and serene. He even had a smile on his face, proud and dignified. The Vermilion Bird was curious about what kind of man he was. Surprisingly, the Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty had married him, and he was also with her two disciples?

“Leave him to me. You can wait outside,” the Vermilion Bird ordered Yan Di. She raised her left hand, and a fiery godly aura surrounded Lin Feng. His body disappeared.

Yan Chang took a few steps forwards, but the Vermilion Bird disappeared too. They no choice but to wait there. He said to Yan Di, “Brother, don’t worry. The Vermilion Bird will definitely help. She will keep her promise.”

“Where did you go when you escaped that day, Yan Chang?” asked Yan Di, nodding slowly.

Yan Chang said, “Lin Feng told me to escape. He told me to go to the northern sea, that’s how I survived. But the Black Tortoise was gone, he went to the real world.”

“Indeed. He went to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty to see the Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty.” said Yan Di nodding. There was still hope.

“Brother, what do you mean?” Yan Chang frowned.

Yan Di glanced around and whispered something to Yan Chang. Yan Chang looked even grimmer, but then nodded, “Alright, brother. I’m going to the northern sea then. I will leave from there before the battlefield opens again. I will tell my grandfather and yours everything about what happened here.”

“Yan Chang, don’t forget one thing; the Celestial Emperors Dynasty has to pay for what they did. They used the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and humiliated us. Tell our grandfathers that I am willing to give up the inheritance of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

“I am willing to sacrifice myself for the harmony of the Dynasty. Brother, remember, no matter how hard we fought, we’re family. We can’t let anyone use us again. You know what I mean?” Yan Di said to Yan Chang.


Yan Chang nodded and left the Fire Palace, flying in the direction of the northern sea. He had to leave the plane through the physical corridor of the northern sea palace, and expose the evil scheme of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Yan Di clenched his fists. Everything was hanging by a single thread. Lin Feng’s chances of recovery were almost nonexistent, so Yan Di was extremely worried. He had aged overnight. His hair, which was initially black, became completely white.

The Vermilion Bird put Lin Feng’s wrecked soul on a bed, Huo Wu and Qing Feng were on both sides. They crouched down and looked at Lin Feng. When they saw him like that, Huo Wu cried and Qing Feng paled.

“Lin Feng, come on, wake up, it’s me, Sister Qing, you were worried about me, right? I’m here now, I’m safe and sound, come on, open your eyes and look at me,” said Qing Feng, firmly holding Lin Feng’s cold head. Her voice was trembling, and her eyes were wet. Before seeing him, she could control herself and not cry. But when she saw him and how dead he looked, she couldn’t control herself anymore, she had the impression her world was collapsing.

“Lin Feng, why didn’t you talk to me on that day? If you had said one thing, you would have instantly known it was me. You wouldn’t be like this now.

“Lin Feng, we left the Continent of the Nine Clouds together. You’re the ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You’re in charge of all those people’s safety.

“They consider you their god, their ruler. You’re the protector of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If you die, those people will be devastated. Think of your teacher, and your family members and friends in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“And your wives, Meng Qing, and You You, and Liu Fei… Come on, say something.”

Qing Feng kept crying and hugging Lin Feng’s arm. But Lin Feng didn’t respond, which made her even sadder.

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  1. Iqqy chan June 5, 2019 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    I thought Qing Feng is One of lin feng wives. So confuse with many wives he has.

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      she is. in PMG 1.

      but in PMG 2 , the new Author claimed that She and Lin Feng is not officially wife and husband.

      • Regnaroc June 25, 2019 at 2:24 am - Reply

        Actually in PMG the author kind of forgot about Qing Feng and didn’t include her in the last chapter, even though she almost sacrificed her life to help Lin Feng awaken after he was pursued by the temple’s saints.

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