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Chapter 476: Rebuilding His Soul, Recovering Memories!

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When Huo Wu heard Qing Feng, she understood that Lin Feng had lots of responsibilities. She had never understood that in the past. Lin Feng had gone through a great deal in life. It was hard to imagine someone could have gone through so much!

But Huo Wu was as sad as Qing Feng. She liked Lin Feng, and actually loved him. Lin Feng knew that but each time he faced her, he pretended he didn’t understand. He had made her very sad.

“Bastard! You’re a bastard! You didn’t even say goodbye to me when you left the Supranatural Region. You just left me a letter, but I wasn’t brave enough to open it. You bastard!” swore Huo Wu, shaking Lin Feng’s right hand. She was also crying and hugging Lin Feng’s hand.

“Lin Feng, do you remember the jade hairpin you gave to me? I still have it,” said Huo Wu forcing herself to smile, but tears still flowed down her cheeks. Even if Lin Feng didn’t like her, she wanted to wear the jade hairpin he had given to her all the time.

It was the only gift Lin Feng had given her, so she would wear it all the time. To her, it was a priceless gift.

“And your letter, I’ve never opened it, if I opened it now and read aloud, what would you reply?” said Huo Wu proudly.

After that, she opened the envelope and looked at the words. When she saw how short it was, she burst into tears again.

Qing Feng could imagine how Huo Wu felt.

Lin Feng had written, I will wait for you outside of the Holy Shrine for an hour. If you come out, I’ll take you with me!

Lin Feng wasn’t a heartless man. In the end, he had thought he could take Huo Wu with him. But Huo Wu hadn’t opened the letter because she wasn’t brave enough. She had missed her opportunity!

Huo Wu felt extremely sad, and so did Qing Feng. They both felt like cowards. Huo Wu had missed an opportunity to be with the man she loved.

But it was too late. Now they were with him, but…

“Teacher, how can we save Lin Feng?” asked Qing Feng, standing up and staring at the Vermilion Bird.

The atmosphere was oppressive in the secret room. The Vermilion Bird’s two disciples were extremely sad and depressed. They seemed devastated.

“There’s only one solution. Whether Lin Feng can come back to life or not depends on him,” said the Vermilion Bird. It was Lin Feng’s last chance.

“What solution, teacher?” asked Qing Feng. Huo Wu raised her head and looked at the Vermilion Bird, her eyes filled with hope.

“Primordial spirit reconstruction, memories revival,” stated the Vermilion Bird. However, she looked quite glum. It didn’t look good at all.

“Teacher, how high are the chances of success?” asked Qing Feng when she saw the Vermilion Bird pulling a long face. She forced herself to smile and think positive. As long as there was hope, nothing was over.

“One in a thousand,” said the Vermilion Bird, smiling grimly. The two disciples looked extremely sad, but it was a fact.

“Only one in a thousand?” asked Qing Feng. It was almost impossible.

“Teacher, is there no way to improve the chances?” said Huo Wu, grabbing the Vermilion Bird’s hand and shaking it.

The Vermilion Bird looked hesitant, she wanted to say something but she didn’t dare, she had to though, for her two disciples…

“There’s a solution to increase the chances indeed. With that solution, he would have one chance in a hundred to recover, but to the detriment of someone,” said the Vermilion Bird. She seemed worried. She didn’t want her disciples to take risks for Lin Feng and die.

Unfortunately, when she explained that solution, Qing Feng and Huo Wu’s eyes twinkled thoughtfully.

“Teacher, I am willing to sacrifice myself!” said Qing Feng, taking a deep breath. Lin Feng had saved her back then; she was willing to save him now!

The Vermilion Bird’s expression changed. She looked furious. However, Qing Feng seemed determined.

“Teacher, choose me. If Lin Feng can come back to life, I am willing to die!” said Huo Wu stretching out her hands. She was willing to die for the man she loved.

“You… You…!!!” The Vermilion Bird was furious when she saw both her disciples were willing to die for Lin Feng, she couldn’t control herself anymore. A terrifying Qi filled the chamber.

Huo Wu and Qing Feng had the impression they were going to suffocate, but they didn’t step back.

“Please forgive us, Teacher.” “Please accept, Teacher,” said Qing Feng and Huo Wu. No matter the pressure, they wanted to save Lin Feng.

The Vermilion Bird looked at the two women. Was Lin Feng such a good man? How come these two women were willing to die for him?

“Don’t worry about that for now. There is an important condition too, otherwise, you would die for nothing.” The Vermilion Bird recalled her Qi of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer with a sigh.

The two women stared at the Vermilion Bird.

“That person must understand Lin Feng’s past to help him recover his memories. That person must know all his memories. If some memories are lacking, then he will never become Lin Feng again.

“At the same time, after the primordial spirit reconstruction, he will have to forget about the person who sacrificed themselves for him. If he doesn’t, he’ll turn into that person’s puppet.”

“These two conditions are really important. The one who understands Lin Feng the best can do it,” said the Vermilion Bird. She grabbed Lin Feng’s body and left the mysterious room, walking to a hill behind the Fire Palace.

Qing Feng followed the Vermilion Bird without hesitation. She understood Lin Feng the best. Qing Feng was convinced that apart from Meng Qing, nobody else understood Lin Feng as well as she!

Meng Qing wasn’t there, so she couldn’t sacrifice herself for him. Qing Feng was willing to sacrifice herself to save Lin Feng. After saving Lin Feng, Lin Feng would have to forget about her, but it didn’t matter.

Qing Feng could imagine what life would be like after saving Lin Feng. Lin Feng would completely forget about her and she knew she would be extremely depressed, but she didn’t mind. As long as Lin Feng lived, she’d be happy.

In the past, Meng Qing had done so much for Lin Feng, and Liu Fei understood him really well; now it was her turn to do something incredible for him. She wanted to do something even more exceptional than any other woman could do for Lin Feng. She would be proud of that.

Huo Wu didn’t understand Lin Feng as well as Qing Feng but she still followed them. She was worried about Lin Feng, she wanted to be there when Lin Feng would come back to his senses.

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    Maybe Yan Di is the one who understand LF the best …

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      Very nice thought.. let’s see if writer thinks the same.

  7. Hero June 5, 2019 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    GG, what about his memories on Earth? I don’t think even Qing Feng knows Lin Feng’s time on Earth.

    • suicai99 June 26, 2019 at 5:11 am - Reply

      There’s nothing of his memories from earth was of any help to him in this life. all that he has now is gained in this new world.
      so no issue with forgetting about them

  8. Alex111black June 5, 2019 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Nobody knows about his earth life how they will be helpfull

    • suicai99 June 26, 2019 at 5:11 am - Reply

      There’s nothing of his memories from earth was of any help to him in this life. all that he has now is gained in this new world.
      so no issue with forgetting about them

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    can you explain his Earth memory then? who can give him those memory?.

    oi New Author!! can you remember that Lin Feng has reached

    “DEAD and LIFE” Dao to max?

    use that as a base for him, you might forget about it, but Lin Feng already dead Twice and come back to Life again.

    and now you want to sacrifice someone? Fvck you!!

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