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Chapter 477: Reincarnation, Forbidden Body!

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“Lin Feng has a forbidden body, that’s why he can come back to life, even if the chances are really low. Anyone else would have thoroughly died and wouldn’t have stood a single chance to reincarnate,” the Vermilion Bird said to Qing Feng.

They were standing in front of the ocean of fire, Huo Wu calmly at the side. She hugged Lin Feng’s soul, having the impression Lin Feng’s soul could be blown away like a feather at any time.

“Teacher, what should I do?” asked Qing Feng firmly. Since she was going to sacrifice herself, she was ready to do all she could. Even though she was sad, she was happy to help the man she loved return to life. It was all she wanted at that moment.

“Are you really sure?” the Vermilion Bird asked Qing Feng. She was a bit sad. The reason why she had had compassion for Qing Feng when she had escaped from the Gods Government was that Qing Feng was like her, from a beast clan. Qing Feng was a noble beast like her, a phoenix!

Now her silly disciple wanted to sacrifice herself because of a man. She didn’t even seem sad, thinking that she could help bring Lin Feng back to life made her happy…

The Vermilion Bird had no choice but to accept her decision, so she explained everything,

“Since Lin Feng has a forbidden body, we’ll have him reincarnate through the phoenix Nirvana using his forbidden body. I saw that he had the godly emperor seed of the Great Huang Dynasty in him; it’s the most precious thing of the Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty. It will improve his chances even more.

“Later, I will put Lin Feng’s primordial spirit in the fire ocean. There are three sorts of fire inside: Vermilion Bird fire, Phoenix fire, and the fire of the earth and the sky. It’s an extremely powerful flame!”

“The process is difficult, so we’ll see if Lin Feng’s primordial spirit can survive. If his primordial spirit doesn’t break apart for forty-nine days, then we won’t need you to sacrifice herself!” said the Vermilion Bird. She didn’t look worried anymore.

Qing Feng nodded and looked at the fire ocean. The temperature was scorching hot. Even stones burned inside it.

The Vermilion Bird turned around and looked at Huo Wu, who was holding Lin Feng’s primordial spirit. She took the ice pearl out of Lin Feng’s mouth; his primordial spirit looked ready to dissipate at any time.

“Teacher, don’t…” said Huo Wu, hugging Lin Feng and biting her lips as she paled.

The Vermilion Bird sighed but still grabbed Lin Feng’s primordial spirit. Huo Wu burst into tears again. She held Lin Feng’s primordial spirit firmly and jumped into the fire ocean with him. Snapping sounds arose, like wood burning in a fireplace.

Qing Feng stared after Lin Feng. Quickly, smoke appeared around her, her clothes were burning. She didn’t mind though. Huo Wu came back out, completely red. She was extremely worried about Lin Feng. Huo Wu also noticed that Qing Feng was completely red, nearly burning as well.

“Teacher, can you help me one last time?” asked Qing Feng.

The Vermilion Bird nodded. As a teacher, she was willing to help her disciple.

“Tell me, I’ll do my best to help.”

“When the battlefield opens, can you capture the people who hurt Lin Feng. I want all those Godly Emperors to be DEAD!!” said Qing Feng clenching her fists and grinding her teeth. An ice-cold Qi rolled in waves all around her in her fury.

The Vermilion Bird remained silent for a few minutes and slowly nodded. Back then, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had destroyed the Great Huang Dynasty and had nearly killed the four Dhammapalas. How could the Vermilion Bird forget that? Now, she had the opportunity to destroy twenty Godly Emperors from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty; how could she refuse?

But she needed help. The Black Tortoise was in the outside world already; the Azure Dragon was a loner, he wouldn’t be willing to help a greenhorn or a Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty. The kindest Dhammapalas back in the days were the Black Tortoise and the White Tiger.

The White Tiger was the second Dhammapala, but the reason he was still alive was because of the former great emperor of the Great Huang Dynasty, Huang Nü’s grandfather. Without the old man, the White Tiger would have been killed.

Therefore, the White Tiger felt infinitely grateful to the Great Huang Dynasty. He was also proud, even prouder than the Azure Dragon. The White Tiger also had great admiration for her, so if she asked for help, he’d accept.

Thinking about that, the Vermilion Bird left the fire ocean and rushed back to the Fire Palace. She saw Yan Di there, who had been waiting for ten minutes.


“I need to go to the Forest Ocean where the White Tiger godly beast is. We will join hands to avenge Lin Feng and kill the twenty Godly Emperors. What do you think?” the Vermilion Bird said icily.

Yan Di was overjoyed. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have refused, he would have insisted on doing it himself.

Yan Di bowed hand over fist respectfully. “Thank you, Master. But keep the Godly Emperors for Lin Feng, he will kill them himself.”

“But Lin Feng will not necessary recover,” the Vermilion Bird sniffed.

Yan Di ignored that and said, “I trust him, he will come back to life.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” said the Vermilion Bird, when she heard Yan Di sounded so confident.

Yan Di raised his head and looked at the Vermilion Bird fearlessly, He declared slowly, “Because he’s my sworn brother. He’s Lin Feng!”

Yan Di sounded proud and confident. The Bird didn’t understand much about Lin Feng’s past. She just knew that Tian Di the Celestial Emperor wanted him dead. She didn’t like arrogant young people, but what Yan Di said wasn’t groundless.

“So, what should I do?” asked the Vermilion Bird.

Yan Di said, “In case Lin Feng does recover, how long does he need?”

“Forty-nine days, and then one month for his memories to come back. Then he’ll need another month to rest and recover in general, that’s four months,” said the Vermilion Bird honestly.

Yan Di frowned. If Lin Feng really needed that much time to completely recover, he’d be able to go straight to the Three Party Competition and wouldn’t need to worry about getting killed in between.

“Master, can you bring me to the real world so that I can talk to my grandfather?” asked Yan Di. He looked grave and stern.

“Is it important?” asked the Vermilion Bird.

Yan Di nodding gravely, “Yes, the fate of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty depends on it.”

“Alright, you can go.”

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