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Chapter 479: Failure!

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The Vermilion Bird was in charge of bringing Tang You You and Mister Time to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. The Black Tortoise was in charge of Lin Zhe Tian and Ruo Xie. In less than a half a day, they were all assembled again in the Fire Palace.

When Tang You You saw Qing Feng, she felt a bit sad and bitter. None of Lin Feng’s wives could protect Lin Feng; on the contrary, they had all relied on Lin Feng for protection. The only independent wives Lin Feng had were Meng Qing and Qing Feng.

When Qing Feng saw Tang You You, she also felt sad. They knew each other quite well. They stared at each other for a long time.

The Vermilion Bird had already told Tang You You about the process to revive Lin Feng. Tang You You was also willing to sacrifice herself for Lin Feng. She wanted to help Qing Feng help Lin Feng regain his memories. If there were two of them, they’d be able to help Lin Feng even better with twice as many memories.

They were both ready to sacrifice themselves. Many men could be jealous of Lin Feng. He was extremely lucky with his wives, they loved him deeply.

Huang Nü wanted to sacrifice herself as well, but the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise refused completely. If anything happened to Huang Nü, the Great Huang Dynasty would be thoroughly annihilated. Huang Nü loved Lin Feng, but she also hoped the Great Huang Dynasty would be able to return to life someday.

Huo Wu stood aside and observed Lin Feng’s wives. They still felt sad because of the opportunity she had missed.

Mister Time was standing behind Tang You You. He looked at Lin Feng’s primordial spirit and sighed. He remembered how imposing and awe-inspiring Lin Feng looked back in the days. Now he looked… dead.

Mister Time wasn’t very strong, he only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. In the middle of these people, he seemed quite weak. However, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise had the impression Mister Time was enigmatic and unfathomable, even though they didn’t really understand why.

Lin Feng was supposed to be in Nirvana at that moment. One day… two days… it was a slow process… three days… four days… Lin Feng had already been in the fire ocean for half a month.

However, not only did Lin Feng’s primordial spirit not heal, but it continued crackling even more.

Everybody’s expressions had changed. The Vermilion Bird looked exhausted and disappointed.

Huo Wu, Qing Feng, Tang You You, Huang Nü, Ruo Xie, and Lin Zhe Tian all looked at her. They wanted to ask questions but they couldn’t disturb her.

But she had to tell them the truth…

“I failed. The nirvana reincarnation failed,” stated the Vermilion Bird, after hesitating for a while. She didn’t look good at all.

The Vermilion Bird’s sentence made everybody shudder with fear and sorrow. All the women burst into tears.

Lin Zhe Tian closed his eyes and fell down on his knees. He kowtowed three times before his father. His eyes looked sharp and ice-cold.

“I’m going to avenge my father’s death, who’s coming with me?” said Lin Zhe Tian, looking at his father’s friends and wives.

“I’m in!” said Ruo Xie, standing up and holding his weapon. His Qi started rolling in waves around him.

“I’m in!” said Huang Nü, wiping off her tears with her sleeves. Her armor appeared and clanged. Her Qi was so cold people around couldn’t get too close.

If the Princess wanted to go and avenge him, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise had to go, too. They couldn’t let the last hope of the Great Huang Dynasty fall.

Qing Feng and Tang You You were just staring at Lin Feng’s primordial spirit.

It was like time had stopped. They could barely breathe. Everybody was covered with cold sweat. The Vermilion Bird shouted furiously to bring them back to their senses, but in vain.

Qing Feng and Tang You You jumped into the fire ocean, grasping Lin Feng’s primordial spirit. They wanted Lin Feng to reply to them, it would make them so happy…

The two women looked at the others. Qing Feng smiled and said, “Husband, are you tired? Come, let’s go back home. Let’s go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Let’s leave this world.”

“Husband, let’s go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, to Tiantai, let’s have ordinary lives,” Tang You You cried. She was losing her mind as she smiled and talked to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng can’t go back with you, he’s staying here with me,” said Huang Nü icily. She looked scary at that moment. She seemed really determined. Since Lin Feng was dead, she wanted to keep his primordial spirit and body with her.

Qing Feng and Tang You You looked at Huang Nü icily. They didn’t know her, but they understood she was one of his wives now. However, they had the impression Huang Nü didn’t really understand Lin Feng.

Qing Feng said icily, “He must go back to his homeland. A falling leaf always returns to the roots. Nobody can go against nature.”

“Over my dead body!” said Huang Nü icily.

“You want to try?” said Qing Feng and Tang You You. The Vermilion Bird didn’t know what to say. One of them was her disciple, the other was a Princess, what could she do?

The atmosphere became eerily silent. Then Mister Time shouted, “Enough! I don’t think Lin Feng would be willing to see his wives fight next to his dead body,” and pushed Ruo Xie out to the front. Mister Time didn’t seem sad at all. He had just come to act as a witness. He knew what to do now.

Mister Time glanced at the two godly beasts, Huang Nü, and Qing Feng, he smiled indifferently and said, “Leave it to me. In three months, you’ll see, Lin Feng will be normal again.”

“What? Mister Time, what do you mean?”

“Master, you…?”

“Are you joking, old man?”

Mister Time wasn’t even done talking when the crowd burst into an uproar. Qing Feng, Tang You, You, Lin Zhe Tian, and all the others looked at Mister Time furiously, especially Lin Zhe Tian. He had the impression the old man didn’t respect his dead father.

Mister Time waved everybody calm down. He wasn’t joking. He really had a solution. “Leave it to me. Really. In three months, your husband, your father, your friend, will be back to normal. Okay?”

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  4. TomFeng June 6, 2019 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    Half of mister time power was become LF power.
    That’s why LF had forbidden body.
    So it is natural if mister time bring him back to life by giving him the rest of his forbidden power.

    I bet LF will breakthrough to at least fourth godly emperor layer after ressurection.

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