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Chapter 480: Meng Qing Is Back!

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Everybody was confused, but they all went back to the real world, gathering in the courthouse. Yan Zun and Yan Duan were on the main seats. Yan Hui, Yan Zhan, and Yan Leng were seated just under them. Yan Di and Yan Chang were on the lowest seats.

On the other side was Mister Time, Ruo Xie, and Lin Feng’s other fellow disciples. Lin Feng’s primordial spirit was on Qing Feng and Tang You You’s laps. His real body was in Huang Nü’s arms.

Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others were there too. They had stopped meditating after being informed that Lin Feng was in danger. Han Da Li wanted to avenge Lin Feng as well.

Lin Zhe Tian, the few elders of Sword Mountain, Godly Emperor Du Hu, and Ye Lü Qi were there as well.

“Brother, you said you could save Lin Feng, how and where?” Yan Zun asked Mister Time, breaking the silence.

Mister Time smiled naturally, as if he had had a well-thought-out plan since the beginning. He smiled and said, “I and Lin Feng are old friends. I will not harm him. Besides, you’re here, so you’ll see for yourselves.”

“I don’t trust you. Lin Feng saved my grandson. In the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, we’re ready to use all our resources to save him,” said Yan Duan interrupting Mister Time. He looked glum. He didn’t trust Mister Time.

Yan Duan was strange, but he was grateful. He wanted to protect Lin Feng and avenge him because he had saved his grandson, Yan Chang. Now, Lin Feng was as good as dead, he couldn’t let anyone damage his remains.

Yan Zun nodded approvingly when he heard Yan Duan. Neither trusted Mister Time.

The atmosphere became oppressive again. Mister Time smiled wryly. If nobody agreed, he would just go and see the one who had made him bring Lin Feng to the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days.

“Master, what are his chances for recovery?” asked Tang You You suddenly.

Mister Time looked relieved. He raised his head and met Tang You You’s wet eyes and pale face, he replied, “One hundred percent.”

“Alright, I agree. You can take my husband,” said Tang You You when she heard Mister Time.

“Stepmother, you…” Lin Zhe Tian said to Tang You You. He wanted to say something, but Tang You You interrupted him.

“Zhe Tian, your father is as good as dead. Nobody can help him except Mister Time.” Tang You You stared at Lin Zhe Tian. She glanced around, and everybody lowered their head. They had no solution…

“He can’t do anything worse to our husband, anyway. Leaving him to Mister Time is the best,” said Tang You You. Everybody had to think about it.

Very quickly, Qing Feng raised her hand and looked at Tang You You. “I agree.”

“I agree too,” Huang Nü nodded. As Lin Feng’s wife, she had to accept this chance.

Qing Feng looked at Huang Nü. She had thought Huang Nü would refuse, but she surprisingly agreed. She suddenly had more esteem for her.

“I agree as well,” said Huo Wu in a weak voice. She didn’t know whether she had a say or not, but she spoke anyway. She already considered herself Lin Feng’s wife anyway, and she would forever.

Everybody looked at Lin Zhe Tian. He was Lin Feng’s son, he definitely had a say.

Lin Zhe Tian saw that everybody agreed, he hesitated. What was the best solution?

“Accept, Little Tian,” said a voice which came from outside of the palace. It was a woman’s voice, sounding ice-cold. When Lin Zhe Tian heard that familiar voice, he was astonished and tears instantly appeared in his eyes.


“Little Tian.” said Meng Qing. Her eyes were wet. Lin Zhe Tian threw himself in his mother’s arms. He was a grown-up, but he would always be her baby.

Meng Qing was back, safe and sound. Among Lin Feng’s wives, if only one had to be considered a queen, it would be Meng Qing and no one else.

Meng Qing was a symbol. She was Lin Feng’s first wife, his favorite one.

There was another important reason: she was the mother of Lin Feng’s legitimate heir.

When Meng Qing had heard that Lin Feng’s life was threatened, she had come back despite her teacher’s objection. However, she had come back because she didn’t believe it was possible; how could her husband be defeated so easily?

When Huang Nü saw Meng Qing, who looked like a celestial being, she finally understood what kind of woman Meng Qing she was. Huang Nü had thought a lot about Meng Qing and had always wondered what she looked like.

Huang Nü was very happy as the Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty, but when she saw Meng Qing, she felt ugly and sad. She understood that Meng Qing would always be Lin Feng’s first wife.

Meng Qing tapped Lin Zhe Tian’s shoulders to cheer him up. She came into the main hall and looked at Yan Duan and Yan Zun. She curtsied and smiled, “My teacher, Miss Snow, told me to greet you.”

“Miss Snow?”

The two men were astonished.

Wasn’t Miss Snow dead? How was that possible?

Meng Qing didn’t explain anything. She turned around and looked at Huang Nü. She didn’t know her, but she smiled in a friendly manner. Huang Nü just nodded.

Meng Qing walked over to Qing Feng and Tang You You. The two women lowered their heads sadly. Meng Qing sighed and said, “He wouldn’t like to see you like this.”

“Sister, what should we do?” Tang You You cried.

Meng Qing looked at Mister Time, “Master, are you sure you can save him?”

“Indeed, in three months, he’ll be fine again,” Mister Time nodded. Everybody looked at Meng Qing.

They all agreed to hand over Lin Feng’s body and primordial spirit to Mister Time. Mister Time said there was one condition: nobody could follow him. Lin Feng would come back in three months.

Meng Qing accepted.


A little bit later, everybody was at the top of the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range. Mister Time was holding Lin Feng’s primordial spirit and corporeal body, and he disappeared.

“Go, let’s go and see where he is.” said Yan Zun. Yan Duan and Yan Zun immediately started chasing him.

Mister Time only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, so he wasn’t that fast. He quickly sensed terrifying energies behind him. His expression changed drastically when he saw a man in black clothes on a mountain in front of him.

The man glanced at Mister Time and said, “Hurry up; our teacher is waiting for you.”

“Thank you, brother,” said Mister Time happily. He quickly disappeared with Lin Feng.

Yan Duan and Yan Zun arrived, but immediately stopped moving when they saw the familiar silhouette of the man in black.

“You again!” shouted Yan Zun. He had seen that man back then when he was observing Lin Feng with Yan Duan. He had suddenly appeared behind him on that day and he hadn’t sensed his presence.

“You again, you’re still alive. If people, and especially Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, knew about that, you know what would happen?” said Yan Duan icily.

“Stop chasing him. Lin Feng is my hope. I will not hurt him. Go back now,” said the man in black clothes hoarsely.

“Who is Mister Time for you?” asked Yan Zun.

The man in black clothes shook his head, but didn’t reply slowly disappearing from the valley. Not a single thread of Qi was left behind.

The two cultivators of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer couldn’t sense any Qi at all, and were both astonished.

After a long time, they sighed and went back to the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.


At the same time, in the great palace of the Celestial Emperor’s Dynasty, someone suddenly opened their eyes, looking west.

“How is this possible? That Qi? It’s him?”

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    “There was another important reason: she was the mother of Lin Feng’s legitimate heir.”
    – So what? Tang You You isnt?

    “You again, you’re still alive. If people, and especially Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, knew about that, you know what would happen?” said Yan Duan icily.
    – Who? Xuan Yuan?

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