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Chapter 481: Ancestor Kong!

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The Continent of the Gods returned to normal again, as if the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had forgotten about the tensions. It was like back in the days when the Great Huang Dynasty had been destroyed.

Time passed. All the groups started planning for the Three Party Competition.

Yan Di meditated in seclusion. He was trying to break through to the third Godly Emperor Layer. Yan Chang was also meditating in seclusion. He wanted to reach the top of the third Godly Emperor Layer.

Meng Qing left the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Back then, she had left Gods City to go and find Miss Snow. She had found her, and had accepted becoming her student. She was also meditating in seclusion. She would come out three months later, when Lin Feng would come out.

Tang You You didn’t go back to the East. She investigated the whereabouts of her son, Lin Qiong Sheng. She was really depressed. If Lin Feng died, she would only have her son, but she didn’t know where he was.

Huang Nü was with the Black Tortoise and the Vermilion Bird. She wanted to become strong for the Three Party Competition, and with the help of the Black Tortoise and the Vermilion Bird, she could only succeed, especially since the two godly beasts had taken her to the White Tiger. She would definitely rise, and it would be easier to raise the Great Huang Dynasty again.

Lin Zhe Tian went back to Sword Mountain to finish the ceremony he had interrupted. He also practiced, trying to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer. The elders of Sword Mountain did their best to help him. Lin Zhe Tian had resolutely decided to rely on his own self to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer. He was going to turn his own body into a godly emperor seed.

Everybody was making great efforts to progress and become stronger. Nobody had news from Lin Feng.


Far away from the Gods Government, there was a heavenly lake only a few thousand meters across, surrounded by mountains. The water was so clear that one could see the bottom. One could see their reflection on it like a mirror. If people saw the creatures inside, they would have been astonished, because baby dragons were swimming in it.

The biggest mountains around were tens of thousands of meters. Even though they were not as high as the Long Yun Peak, they were still incredibly high. The sun never illuminated the lake because the mountains blotted out the sky.

There was a pavilion there, with three people. They were Mister Time, a man in black clothes, and a man with a long beard and cyan clothing. They were all seated inside the pavilion. The old man’s Qi was as light as a feather in the wind.

The Qi of the man in black clothes was scarily dense and thick. If anyone had been there, they would have been astonished, because that man had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. He was even stronger than Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

Mister Time looked like an ordinary man next to him. He was only a Half-Godly Emperor. In Gods City, he could be considered a relatively strong cultivator, but in the Gods Government or in Godsland, Half-Godly Emperors could, at most, be guards and servants.

But Mister Time was that old man’s disciple. That old man looked happy, relaxed, and light-hearted.

“Teacher, here are Lin Feng’s primordial spirit and corporeal body. What do you think?” asked Mister Time to the old man in a low voice. He didn’t dare speak loudly.

The man in black clothes was drinking tea. Even though he didn’t say anything, he seemed worried. He hoped Lin Feng could be brought to life. If he didn’t, their plan would fail.

The old man in cyan clothes smiled and said, “Back in the days, I made you sacrifice fifty percent of your forbidden strength and bring Lin Feng to the Continent of the Nine Clouds; you are deeply connected to this boy.

“But I wouldn’t have thought your fellow disciple would also bump into him after going through a disaster. It intensified the connections we have to this young man.

“However, now, that little boy’s primordial spirit is completely broken and the nirvanic reincarnation failed, he’s useless now,” said the old man in cyan clothes. He rolled up his sleeves and destroyed Lin Feng’s primordial spirit, which was floating above the lake. A light beam appeared, and it dispersed.

Mister Time’s expression changed drastically, cold sweat appearing all over his body. He had promised Lin Feng’s friends and family members that he’d bring him back three months later, and his teacher surprisingly…

That primordial spirit was his only hope, but now his teacher had completely destroyed it!

“Teacher, you…?” The man in black clothes looked astonished as well.

The old man smiled indifferently and drank a sip of tea. He said slowly, “There’s no construction without destruction, and construction comes after destruction. That is the path of enlightenment.

“You don’t understand much, fixing things is not the only way. It’s the small Tao. To break through the legendary cultivation layer, you need to be really enlightened; you need to understand the great Tao. You still need to make great efforts and good luck.

“I, Ancestor Kong, have lived for millions of years, I don’t even know the difference between life and death anymore.

“Back then, when Tian Di’s father killed you, I resurrected you in less than a second with the power of my mind. That is the power of the great Tao,” said the man in cyan clothes, slowly putting his cup of tea down.

Then he narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Feng’s corporeal body. He smiled, “Time, back!”

Mister Time and the man in black clothes stared at Ancestor Kong.

Lin Feng’s body started changing, space and time strength appearing around him. He became distorted, lights rotated around him. Mister Time was staring at the energies; space and time were changing around Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s primordial spirit had dispersed already, but Lin Feng suddenly had the impression he was in a boundless desert. Everything was darkness around him, and he didn’t feel any pain.

Now, he saw some cyan lights. He could feel his friends and family members’ sadness, and could also feel the hatred his enemies felt for him.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and clenched his fists. He could sense some strength in his body.

He saw many images, including images of what had happened after his primordial spirit had been broken. He could see Qing Feng, who was ready to sacrifice herself for him.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was stupefied. What if the reincarnation process had worked? She would have sacrificed herself? How could he forget Qing Feng?

And there was Huo Wu, who regretted and cried over his dead body. Lin Feng felt pressured, responsible for so many people. He had accepted Huang Nü in his life, why couldn’t he accept Huo Wu?

Had he accepted her only because she had given him something precious? Did he feel guilty because of that? Was it the reason why he had accepted her in his life?

Lin Feng felt like slapping himself.

Lin Feng also saw Meng Qing. He was very happy, but he didn’t see his son Lin Qiong Sheng. He didn’t seen Emperor Yu, either.

Lin Feng also heard Tang You You talk about the fact that Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye were pregnant. They had probably given birth already. Lin Feng was stunned. He had to go back to the East to pick his wives up and bring them to Gods City.

After that, Lin Feng realized he was floating in the air above a lake, and there were dragons in the water.

“Hehe, the little boy is awake. You go and see him. I’m going to take a rest,” said the old man in cyan clothes, stroking his beard with a smile. He grabbed his tea cup and left the pavilion, like an ordinary old man.

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  1. Gray June 14, 2019 at 3:06 am - Reply

    in the end the one who turn back time is not mister time, but his teacher. Kong.
    Sun Go Kong? hahahaha

    • suicai99 June 26, 2019 at 6:16 am - Reply

      No, Kong Fu Zi aka Master Kong aka Confucius LOL

  2. suicai99 June 26, 2019 at 6:16 am - Reply

    “Tang You You didn’t go back to the East. She investigated the whereabouts of her son, Lin Qiong Sheng. She was really depressed. If Lin Feng died, she would only have her son, but she didn’t know where he was.”

    Well she can always go back to Continent of 9 Clouds, back to her parent’s home and sell liquor. it’s her family business after all.

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