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Chapter 482: An Old Man and a Young Man!

Edited by RED

Mister Time and the man in black clothes stood up and looked after their teacher respectfully. Then, they slowly turned around and set their eyes on Lin Feng, who was floating above the lake. Mister Time looked at the living Lin Feng; he was astonished on the inside, but didn’t show it.

The man in black clothes also studied Lin Feng. He was extremely happy on the inside, but still looked expressionless.

Lin Feng naturally saw Mister Time and the man in black clothes. When he saw Mister Time, he wasn’t surprised, because he had seen everything that had happened before, but he was surprised to see the man in black clothes.

He knew the man in black clothes, because it was someone whom he respected a lot: Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor!

Lin Feng didn’t understand how the Demon Emperor could be there. Hadn’t he died a long time before? But at the same time, Lin Feng was relieved to see him.

Lin Feng’s primordial spirit had exploded and dispersed, but then Ancestor Kong had used his supernatural powers of the great Tao to resurrect him. Lin Feng had died once, now he had come back to life.

However, Lin Feng now had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer, and it felt like he had just broken through to it. Lin Feng felt like back when he had just arrived in the Gods Government.

Even though he was disappointed, it was better to be alive than dead. He would be able to practice and become stronger again!

Lin Feng flew across the lake and landed in front of Mister Time and the Demon Emperor. He kowtowed before the two men. Mister Time had taken him there, and the Demon Emperor had transmitted his second batch of knowledge to him; they had both contributed to Lin Feng’s grandeur.

“Lin Feng, you died once, do you feel different?” asked Mister Time, smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng did feel different. Before dying, even though he knew the world was dangerous, he used to take lots of risks because he was overconfident. He realized how wrong he was now. He wouldn’t be lucky every time. Someday, he’d die for real if he continued taking useless risks.

If he hadn’t had the opportunity to see Ancestor Kong, he would be completely dead already.

He knew he had to be cautious, and had to think carefully before doing things. Di Shu hadn’t given up, and the situation had become more and more dangerous for him, but he had ignored it. In the end, he had ended up being killed by over twenty Godly Emperors.

Lin Feng didn’t tell Mister Time what he was thinking, it wasn’t something he could say.

“Lin Feng, what do you intend to do when you go out again?” Xuan Yuan asked sharply.

Lin Feng looked at Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, there in front of him in the flesh. He wasn’t a statue, a broken soul, or a picture. He was real. Lin Feng was astonished; he had heard so many things about Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Now the man was standing in front of him, and just looked ordinary.

The Demon Emperor was wearing a big black cloak and a jade belt, standing there with his hands hidden in his large sleeves. Apart from that, he just looked like an ordinary middle-aged man.

But this man was Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s sworn enemy.

Lin Feng replied to the Demon Emperor’s question, “When I go out, I need to get my revenge. No matter what, they have to suffer a thousand times more than they made me suffer!” said Lin Feng firmly. He sounded calm, as if he just said something normal.

Xuan Yuan looked satisfied and nodded. Lin Feng was a strong man.

“Actually, Master Demon Emperor, may I ask you a question?” asked Lin Feng. He had wanted to ask this for a long time.

The Demon Emperor nodded and smiled patiently, “Go ahead.”

“Master, when Godly Emperor Tian wanted to dismember and kill me, a face appeared and saved me, then took me to the Criminals’ Village. Was it you?” asked Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. Lin Feng had always thought it was him, but he had excluded the idea because he was dead. But now that he could see him in the flesh, he was convinced it was the Demon Emperor.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor nodded and smiled, “Indeed, I saved you, and I also took you to the mountain in the Criminals’ Village. I wanted you to help my descendants. You didn’t disappoint me and did a great job.”

The Demon Emperor slapped Lin Feng’s shoulder to cheer him up.

Lin Feng smiled and scratched his nose. Mister Time and the Demon Emperor both laughed loudly.

“Stinky little boy! I saved you. How come you’re not thanking me?!” a voice coughed hoarsely. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He raised his head and looked at a thatched hut not far from the pavilion, surrounded by a white fog.

Lin Feng glanced at Mister Time and the Demon Emperor, and they both burst into laughter again. The old man didn’t have a good temper. Lin Feng understood that it was Ancestor Kong.

Lin Feng would never forget that this old man, the teacher of the Demon Emperor and Mister Time, had already reached a legendary cultivation level and had saved him.

Lin Feng bowed and said to the Demon Emperor and Mister Time, “Masters, I need to go and greet Ancestor Kong. Excuse me,” said Lin Feng. He turned around and ran to the thatched hut.

Mister Time and the Demon Emperor stopped laughing and looked at Lin Feng angrily. “Stinky little boy, come back! He didn’t call you; you can’t go and see him without authorization, you want to die?!”

However, Lin Feng acted as if he hadn’t heard them and continued running to the pavilion quickly. Mister Time and the Demon Emperor looked alarmed.

“It’s over. Our teacher has such a bad temper. That little boy is doomed,” Mister Time looked both furious and panic-stricken.

The Demon Emperor didn’t say anything, but he was really worried. He remembered back when he had made a mistake, Ancestor Kong had prevented him from leaving for half a year.

However, half an hour later, they still hadn’t heard Lin Feng scream. They were both surprised. They wanted to go and see, but they didn’t dare, as they didn’t want Ancestor Kong to burst out angrily.

And then they heard Ancestor Kong laugh wholeheartedly. Mister Time and the Demon Emperor were astonished. They glanced at each other and smiled wryly, because they also heard…

“You little boy, you’re not stupid, let’s play some chess.”

“Hehe, no problem, Master. I’m a child in comparison with you, so I’ll start.”

“Haha, what a joke. You should be respectful and let me start.”

“You’re so old, you’re used to being aggressive. Now, let me start.”

“Hey, stinky boy, let me start!”

“No! I start!”

“You don’t respect elders!”

“You don’t love children!”…

The Demon Emperor and Mister Time looked at each other for a long time. They were astonished. They remembered back in the days when their teacher used to scold them. They didn’t dare joke around with their teacher. They would be scared to death if they were Lin Feng.

“Brother, I understand why our teacher made me give up half of my strength back then to bring Lin Feng to the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” Mister Time spoke up after a long time.

The Demon Emperor didn’t understand.

Mister Time smiled wryly and stroked his beard, “Because Lin Feng looks like our teacher, and our teacher has lived for millions of years already. He must be bored. So he wanted to find someone who looked like him, and he found Lin Feng.”


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