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Chapter 484: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again!

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Ancestor Kong giggled and stroked his beard. He pointed at the cave with his finger and smiled.

Lin Feng was puzzled, but he was sure Ancestor Kong wouldn’t harm him, so he slowly walked inside. At the beginning, he couldn’t see much, but as he walked into the depths of the cave, he saw some lights in the distance.

The cave was gigantic, and grew wider as Lin Feng moved forwards. It was already a hundred meters wide. Very soon, he saw someone he knew. Lin Feng’s legs started shaking, and he almost fainted. There was an old man in yellow clothes laying on a stone bed.

The old man had wrinkles and some white hair, but still seemed full of vitality. Lin Feng immediately noticed that the old man had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer. Even though he seemed more ordinary than most people he knew, he also looked experienced. He had probably gone through a lot.

“Teacher, I am not worthy of being your student. I didn’t manage to find you and because of me, you probably suffered a lot,” said Lin Feng. He stood ten meters away from the old man.

Lin Feng let himself fall down on his knees. Only three people could make Lin Feng fall down on his knees: his father, his mother, and his teacher, Emperor Yu.

The old man in front of him was Emperor Yu.

The old man slowly opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes were wet and he was on his knees. The old man looked at Lin Feng suspiciously and said, “Little brother, why are you kneeling down in front of me?”

“Teacher?” Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. Emperor Yu looked at him suspiciously, as if he didn’t know him at all.

What was going on? Had his teacher become amnesiac?

Lin Feng heard some steps behind him, and Ancestor Kong arrived. Lin Feng looked at him and asked, “Master, what’s going on?”

“Your teacher was the victim of a trap. He has lost his memories. If I hadn’t checked his godly awareness, I wouldn’t have known he was your teacher, and I wouldn’t have known he had been in trouble. Otherwise, you would have never seen him again,” replied Ancestor Kong, frowning.

Lin Feng felt extremely sad. He was furious; who had hurt his teacher? How come he had lost his memories?

“Master, can you tell me who injured my teacher and made him amnesiac?” asked Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. He hoped Ancestor Kong would tell him the truth.

Ancestor Kong shook his head. He felt powerless. He hadn’t seen his teacher for a long time and his teacher’s first reaction was to look at him suspiciously.

“Please, tell me, Master,” said Lin Feng, clenching his fists.

Ancestor Kong looked at Emperor Yu and lowered his head, he said slowly, “Even if I told you, you couldn’t avenge him, because you’re too weak.”

“He’s from Gods Country?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed. Not only is he from Gods Country, but he’s also from a relatively big influential group. He is from the Lun Bi Clan, his name is Lun Bi Ba.

“His father is a low-level Supreme God. His grandfather is a middle-level Supreme God. One of the seven leaders is the protector of their clan.

“When your teacher teleported from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the Continent of the Gods, he was extremely unlucky because he got lost in the corridors of time and was teleported straight to Gods Country. Because your teacher appeared in one of their corridors, Lun Bi Ba killed him and destroyed his memories.

“I was very worried when you guys teleported from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the Continent of the Gods, so I watched you carefully. I could see Emperor Yu too, so I helped him resurrect, but I can’t retrieve his memories,” said Ancestor Kong.

He felt a bit guilty, even though he was extremely strong. “Memory attacks like that belong to Gods Country, and I am not from there. I am just a middle-level Supreme God from the Continent of the Gods, so I can’t help Emperor Yu retrieve his memories.”

Lin Feng was moved anyway. Ancestor Kong had already done all he could for Emperor Yu.

“Little Yu, this is Lin Feng, your disciple,” said Ancestor Kong smiling.

Emperor Yu looked surprised and asked, “He’s my disciple?”

“Indeed, you lost your memories, so you don’t remember him. You have many other disciples, and all of them can’t wait to see you.

“You should leave with Lin Feng. He won’t harm you. He will organize everything for you,” said Ancestor Kong, waving at Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu nodded. He stood up and walked over to Lin Feng.

Emperor Yu bowed hand over fist, saying, “Sorry to cause you trouble, my disciple.”

Lin Feng felt extremely sad when he heard that, but then he calmed down, thinking he was lucky to have found Emperor Yu at all.

“Lin Feng, the Three Party Competition will start in half a month. You are weak now. You need to break through,” said Ancestor Kong.

Lin Feng knew Ancestor Kong was right. All the others had probably advanced already. If Lin Feng didn’t manage to break through to the second Godly Emperor Layer again, he wouldn’t be able to participate in the competition.


Lin Feng followed Ancestor Kong. They left the cave again and went back to the thatched hut. Ancestor Kong continued telling him about the Great Tao.

Each time Lin Feng looked at Emperor Yu, he felt sad. He remembered when Emperor Yu had knelt down before the white-bearded man back then, and begged him to save Lin Feng. His teacher had always done his best to protect him.

Lun Bi Clan? Lun Bi Ba? No matter how strong they were, Lin Feng would go to Gods Country and avenge his teacher. A debt of blood must be paid in blood!

Lin Feng clenched his fists, his eyes bloodshot.

During those two weeks, Lin Feng listened to Ancestor Kong’s teachings about the Great Tao. Lin Feng already understood the energy of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, and after hearing Ancestor Kong’s teachings, his understanding evolved a lot, completely changing his outlook. After that, when he used the energy of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, the strength of his attacks was better than a godly skill.

Lin Feng learned a lot from Ancestor Kong. After five days of teachings, Lin Feng broke through to the second Godly Emperor Layer, which was his strength before dying. Two weeks later, Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength in his veins, while Ancestor Kong made him meditate.

Three days were left before the beginning of the Three Party Competition. Ancestor Kong, Mister Time and Xuan Yuan waited for Lin Feng to come out of the room in which he was meditating in seclusion.

Three days later…

Boom boom boom!…

The big door of the room in which Lin Feng was meditating opened itself. Lin Feng slowly came out. A big smile appeared on Ancestor Kong’s face.

“Let’s go, Master. It’s time to go and have some decisive battles.”

When Lin Feng came out, he smiled. He was surrounded by a misty Qi and looked enigmatic and unfathomable.

Ancestor Kong pointed at Xu Gan. Xu Gan nodded and disappeared. Lin Feng walked away, and Xu Gan followed along.

Xuan Yuan looked at Xu Gan. His younger fellow disciple was going to follow Lin Feng, which meant his teacher really thought highly of Lin Feng.

“You can go. I need to move.”

Xuan Yuan and Mister Time walked away after hearing that. The next time they saw him again might be dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years from now…

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