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Chapter 486: Xu Gan’s Power!

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“It’s been three months, what about Lin Feng?”

Yan Chang and Yan Di were standing together with the other members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Yan Di looked glum and angry. He regretted that they had given Lin Feng’s primordial spirit and body to Mister Time. Now it had been three months, but where was Lin Feng?

Where was he? Mister Time had promised he would bring Lin Feng back after three months and that he would be safe and sound. The great competition was starting. Where was Lin Feng?

Yan Chang frowned. He was worried for Lin Feng. He remembered when Mister Time had promised he’d bring Lin Feng back. However, they had no news from him.

Lin Zhe Tian and the other people of Gods City accepted Xu Gan into their tent. Xu Gan sat down on the ground without saying anything. They all started chatting happily. He also spoke about Lin Feng.

“Zhe Tian, can you contact Mister Time?” Godly Emperor Du Hu asked Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian shook his head grimly, “I can’t contact him. My teacher has a bad temper. Even if he saved my father, he will not show up.”

“Could he be back in the East?” asked Chu Lian Feng, frowning.

Lin Zhe Tian also frowned. He didn’t know what to do. It had been three months and Lin Feng wasn’t back yet. Many people were worried and disappointed. Was Lin Feng dead? Would he never contribute to the glory of the continent?

Many people didn’t believe so. Tu Ba, Lin Zhe Tian, Huang Nü, and the others were convinced Lin Feng would come back.

Huang Nü had broken through to the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer thanks to the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise. The White Tiger hoped the Great Huang Dynasty would come back to life and rise again.

Only the Azure Dragon hadn’t helped Huang Nü. He was solitary and stayed alone in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield to protect it.

“Are you talking about Lin Feng, the one who climbed the mountain a while back?” asked Xu Gan raising his head and laughing when he heard the people in the tent.

Many people looked at Xu Gan respectfully. They didn’t know where he was from, but he was probably from a powerful group. Godly Emperor Du Hu sighed and said, “Indeed, that young man… but…”

“But he died?” said Xu Gan, smiling broadly. When Lin Zhe Tian saw Xu Gan’s resplendent smile, he was angered. How could Xu Gan look so happy when mentioning his father’s death?

“Indeed,” replied Godly Emperor Du Hu nodded, extremely sad.

“Hehe!” Xu Gan just smiled, but he didn’t say anything. If he said that his Young Master was actually Lin Feng, how would they react? What would they say?

Xu Gan stopped smiling and frowned because he could sense an ice-cold Qi coming from outside of the tent and Xu Gan didn’t like that kind of Qi.

Xu Gan’s godly awareness was powerful. His perceptions were as good as his fellow disciples’, Xuan Yuan and the others. They were all good at planning and scheming, too.

Xu Gan frowned and looked at out of the tent. Huang Nü, the Vermilion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger all lowered their heads and pretended not to hear.

“There’s someone coming,” said Xu Gan indifferently. He put his fan away, smoothed his silk kerchief and slowly stood up.

“There’s someone coming?” Lin Zhe Tian seemed confused. He hadn’t sensed anything.

“Indeed,” the Vermilion Bird nodded. At that moment, everybody looked at Xu Gan. Many people were surprised because Xu Gan had noticed someone’s presence before the godly beasts, and some evil Qi on top of that.

What kind of person was Xu Gan’s Young Master?

But the members of Gods City didn’t have time to think about those things because someone was already shouted outside and swearing “Little brats from Gods City, come out and die!”

“Hurry up and come out to die! Bunch of chickens! You think you’re qualified to participate in the Three Party Competition? You’re a joke!”

“Haha! They’re ridiculous! They’re all so old! Are there no young people left in Gods City?”

Outside of the tent were five tall and sturdy men. They were from the Gods Government, and they all had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

The Three Party Competition had already started. It was a simple event. There were no rules. The only rule of the Three Party Competition was: fight!

Anyone could challenge anyone. The winners could continue challenging others, or they could also be challenged. Those who lost just had to leave.

During all the previous competitions, the members of Gods City had lost at this stage, at the beginning. Each time, it was a crushing defeat. With time, they felt less and less confident.

This time, it was going to be the same, it seemed. People from the Gods Government wanted to eliminate the people from Gods City as quickly as possible. They considered them jokes.

Therefore, these five people came to humiliate the members of Gods City. Without Tu Ba and the others, even a few cultivators of the first Godly Emperor Layer could have eliminated the members of Gods City almost instantly.

Therefore, their enemies just sent a few cultivators of the second Godly Emperor Layer, to be sure they could defeat Tu Ba and the others.

Lin Zhe Tian, Ye Lü Qi and all the others came out of the tent and looked at those five big men icily. Those men’s faces were distorted with hatred and disdain.

One of them looked at Lin Zhe Tian and smiled mockingly, “You’re the older son of the the one who suffered a tragic death, Lin Feng?”

“What did you say?” said Lin Zhe Tian, clenching his fists angrily. Deadly energies appeared all around him. The man hadn’t thought Lin Zhe Tian would be so impulsive, but so what?

“Haha, you have a bad temper like your daddy, but he suffered a tragic death because of his bad temper. Or do you want to walk in the footsteps of your father?” said the big man laughing evilly. He sounded like an animal.

“You want to die, asshole!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian furiously. His eyes instantly became bloodshot.

He turned into a light beam and threw himself at the man. He couldn’t let anyone humiliate his father like that!

The big man smiled icily. He had infuriated Lin Zhe Tian on purpose. Di Shu had told him to do that so that Lin Zhe Tian would attack him, and then they’d kill Lin Zhe Tian!

Di Shu didn’t only want to kill Lin Feng. He also wanted to kill Lin Feng’s family members and friends, one by one!

Xu Gan shook his fan and looked at the big man. When he saw that man’s evil smile, he understood that this guy was a plotter as well, because he understood plotters better than anyone.

Xu Gan smiled and walked forwards while shaking his fan, before he flashed and disappeared.

Everybody was looking at Lin Zhe Tian, and didn’t notice Xu Gan. At that moment, Lin Zhe Tian was already throwing a punch at the big man’s chest.

Lin Zhe Tian had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer and had only broken through for a short time. Lin Zhe Tian could usually compete with cultivators of the second Godly Emperor Layer, like his father, but this one was really strong.

Before his fist had even reached the man’s chest he was already stepping backwards and had gained an even more evil expression. The four men around him all threw punches at Lin Zhe Tian’s chest.

Lin Zhe Tian was in danger. The expressions of the members of the Gods City changed drastically.

“Leader, hurry up and hide!” shouted the elders of Sword Mountain. Their faces all paled. If something happened to Lin Zhe Tian, Sword Mountain would be doomed!

“Back! Zhe Tian!” shouted Huang Nü hastily. Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng’s favorite son; if anything happened to him, Lin Feng would be devastated. She hadn’t been able to do much for Lin Feng, and now that he was dead, she felt like she had to protect his loved ones.

Huang Nü looked at the two godly beasts, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise, who just ignored what was going on. Huang Nü didn’t understand.

Actually, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise initially wanted to help Lin Zhe Tian, but they had noticed Xu Gan. Xu Gan’s fan moved at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, the fan reached the big man’s cheek, and blood sprayed

Phwap! The big man’s head flew away and his body fell down.

Xu Gan grabbed Lin Zhe Tian and put his fan away. He landed in front of the four remaining big men and threw punches without wasting any time.

Phwap! Phwap! Phwap! The crowd heard the sound of breaking bones. Three screams spread in the air, and blood sprayed as they were smashed away.

One attack, two attacks, three attacks. It had just taken Xu Gan three punches and a fan to crush those people.

Only one of the big men was left. He looked dumbstruck and panic-stricken, especially when he saw Xu Gan’s easy smile. It was even more terrifying than facing a demon.

“Who… Who are you?” asked the tall and sturdy man. His legs were shaking violently, and he had gone completely pale. Where was this cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer from? How come he was so strong? He didn’t look like a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer, he seemed like a cultivator of the top of the third or even the fourth Godly Emperor Layer!

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