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Chapter 487: Please, Young Master!

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Everybody remained silent, including the three godly beasts. When they saw how strong Xu Gan was, they realized he was extraordinary, his fighting abilities were beyond expectations. He wasn’t an ordinary cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Zhe Tian was out of breath. He was stupefied. Those people really wanted to kill him, but he was more frightened than hurt. He also understood those people initially wanted to kill him, and that was why they had provoked him.

He had just broken through to the first Godly Emperor Layer and his cultivation level was unstable. Lin Zhe Tian immediately understood that Di Shu was probably behind this scheme.

Luckily, Xu Gan had helped him, otherwise, he might have died. Thinking about that, Lin Zhe Tian looked at Xu Gan. He was impressed and grateful. However, Xu Gan ignored him. If Lin Zhe Tian hadn’t been Lin Feng’s son, Xu Gan might not have helped him.

But since his teacher had asked him to help Lin Feng as much as he could, he had to help Lin Feng, his friends, and family members. He would counter every move against Lin Feng. Di Shu wasn’t very smart, and he wasn’t that good at plotting, at least in Xu Gan’s eyes.

The last intruder stared at Xu Gan, extremely worried. The other strong cultivators of the Gods Government rushed over. Zhao Yang Chang, Zhao Yun, Chu Lian Ying, and the others all rushed over and looked at the four men’s corpses. They were astonished as they stared at Xu Gan.

When the big man saw them, he looked like a drowning man clutching at a straw. He darted towards Zhao Yang Chang.

Xu Gan smiled icily. He threw his fan, which turned into a beam of light. Everybody was astonished as the big man’s head flew away and blood splashed into Zhao Yang Chang and the others’ faces.

Zhao Yang Chang looked at Xu Gan sinisterly, wiping the blood off his face. He was furious.

“We hadn’t noticed this extremely strong man?” said Zhao Yang Chang icily. His voice was blood-curling.

Zhao Yang Chang had been raised by the Gods Government, and had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer. He had changed a lot since Lin Feng had humiliated him back then.

Apart from Zhao Yang Chang, Chu Lian Ying had also broken through to the third Godly Emperor Layer, and Zhao Yun had the strength of the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Chu Lian Ying looked at his younger brother and said icily, “Traitor! You betrayed our father and you went and sought refuge with Gods City?!”

Chu Lian Feng looked at him mockingly and spat, “Traitor? It’s funny to hear that word coming from you!”

“Oh? And why is that!?” replied Chu Lian Ying. He seemed amused. His hands shook as if he were about to attack. He wanted everybody to see that he was the only one worthy of becoming the leader of the Chu Clan in the future. He wanted to prove to everybody that Chu Lian Feng could, at most, be a servant in the Chu Clan!

Chu Lian Feng narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists. He didn’t fear Chu Lian Ying even if he had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, because he also had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer!

“Alright, it’s not the Chu Clan here. You can go back and fight at home,” shouted Zhao Yang Chang angrily.

Chu Lian Ying frowned, looking at Zhao Yang Chang, but he finally recalled his Qi. He said icily, “Brother, you will not become the leader of the Chu Clan in this life! Give up!”

“We’ll see about that! Who knows what might happen in the future?” replied Chu Lian Feng icily. Chu Lian Ying’s face stiffened. What could he say to that?

Zhao Yang Chang looked at Xu Gan and asked icily, “Where are you from, Your Excellency?”, staring at Xu Gan. Xu Gan didn’t like that look; Zhao Yang Chang looked focused, he was observing and judging. Besides, the other members of Gods City were quite weak. Someone like Zhao Yang Chang was dangerous. He had to die as soon as possible…

Xu Gan liked plotting, but sometimes, he also liked crushing and killing people. Crushing people with deadly force was awesome sometimes!

Xu Gan glanced at Zhao Yang Chang indifferently. “You can’t measure up to me, you are not qualified to know my identity. Have Bai Qi talk to me.”

“Oh?” Zhao Yang Chang looked at him coldly. He felt even more worried. Surprisingly, Xu Gan was telling him he wanted Bai Qi to come and talk to him personally?

Who did he think Bai Qi was? Bai Qi was the future leader of the Gods Government, he had a very high status. He was also extremely proud and already had the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. He was extremely strong.

But Xu Gan dared say he wanted to talk to Bai Qi. Wasn’t he a bit overconfident?

Zhao Yang Chang was uncertain. The atmosphere became tense. All the members of the Gods City were under pressure. They could barely breathe.

Even older people like Godly Emperor Du Hu felt pressured. They all only had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. Strength mattered the most, not age.

“Hehe, that gentlemen would like to see me,” someone laughed with icy pride at that moment.

Zhao Yang Chang, Chu Lian Ying, and the others raised their heads happily and saw a man in black clothes arrive. His hair was fluttering in the wind. He was pretty and charming. His skin was so white that women were jealous of him.

Bai Qi was extremely proud, every bit as proud as Tian Fan.

When Bai Qi arrived, ten thousand people looked at him. Many people burst into an uproar, while other people laughed.

Many older people also rushed over when they saw Bai Qi. They wanted to witness his splendor. Only a few people could compete with someone like him: Young Emperor Tian Fan, the Invisible One, Dong Fang, Tian Xia, and so forth.

Si Ma Yan could also compete with him, but he had disappeared.

Bai Qi stood in front of Zhao Yang Chang and the others. He stared at Xu Gan as if he were trying to read him. How could he, though? Even Bai Qi’s father couldn’t read Xu Gan. Otherwise, why would Ancestor Kong think so highly of him?

Xu Gan shook his fan and looked indifferent. He didn’t feel any pressure at all; getting Bai Qi to come was one of his priorities, because the protagonist would take over from there.

Lin Feng was coming…

Xu Gan threw his fan out, and lights flashed. Many people raised their heads and saw a thick and dense space and time Qi in the sky.

Bai Qi looked grim suddenly. He could sense a terrifying Qi.

Lin Zhe Tian, Tu Ba, Huang Nü… all of them raised their heads and looked at the fissure in the sky. They all expected someone to come out.

At that moment, Xu Gan’s laugh echoed everywhere in the mountain. “Please, Young Master!”

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