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Chapter 488: Fight and Stop Talking Shit!

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Xu Gan raised his head as a man in fine clothes appeared in the sky. His black hair was hanging over his shoulders. He looked free and unrestrained.

The man was pretty and charming. He can definitely compete with Bai Qi in terms of beauty, was the first thing everybody thought. The second thing they noticed was that he had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer.

The man in fine clothes slowly came out of the spatiotemporal fissure. Xu Gan’s feather fan was gigantic, reaching a hundred meters. The man landed on it and descended from the sky.

The man looked quite mysterious, and his Qi was mysterious, too. His Qi seemed even more powerful than Bai Qi’s or Tian Fan’s.

The strong cultivators of Gods City examined the finely dressed newcomer. He just looked mysterious in their eyes.

The man slowly descended from the sky. The fan shrank and returned to Xu Gan’s hand. Xu Gan bowed before the man respectfully and said, “Welcome, Young Master.”

“Thanks. You did quite well,” said the man, nodding and smiling.

Bai Qi focused on him. He had a familiar impression, but he didn’t know why.

Xu Gan took half a step backwards and stood behind his “Young Master”.

Naturally, Lin Feng didn’t have the same face anymore. Xu Gan had used a spell to change his appearance.

Xu Gan understood the arts of being invisible and the Eight Trigrams. He was also an expert at plotting, and at changing people’s appearances. Even Ancestor Kong couldn’t recognize people when Xu Gan modified their looks.

Lin Feng glanced at Lin Zhe Tian. When he saw his son had broken through, he was extremely happy. Lin Zhe Tian had relied on his own self to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer. He hadn’t relied on a seed.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Nü; he hadn’t seen her for six months, and she looked rather wan and sallow. She had lost weight, but she had matured, Lin Feng could see.

“Who are you, Your Excellency? Who’s your teacher? Could you please tell me?” said Bai Qi, breaking the silence and smiling resplendently.

He was the young master of the Gods Government; he was definitely qualified to ask that young master who he was.

However, when the crowd heard Lin Feng’s reply, they were all astonished.

Lin Feng replied, “Mind your own business.”

Mind your own business?

Bai Qi shook from head to foot. His smile stiffened, then turned grim. He clenched his fists and deadly energies filled the air around him.

Zhao Yang Chang and Chu Lian Ying looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. How did this guy dare talk to Bai Qi like that? Did he want to die? Even if his teacher was an extremely powerful hermit, did he think he could compete with the Gods Government?

Suddenly, the atmosphere became extremely heavy. Lin Feng smiled remorselessly. He had changed his identity and come back to get his revenge. He was ready to do anything. His revenge started by humiliating and disdaining those people.

“Hehe, very good! Hehe!” answered Bai Qi, smiling icily. The crowd shook when they saw Bai Qi’s reaction, especially his smile. Many people knew what kind of smile that was.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng and thought he was in danger. Even if he was a powerful hermit’s disciple, he couldn’t compete with someone like Bai Qi! Many people thought he was just acting foolishly and recklessly because Bai Qi had a powerful background, and he was strong.

“You’re Zhu Tian?” asked Bai Qi, smiling sinisterly. He looked over Lin Feng from head to foot, as if he were trying to read him. Di Shu had already told Bai Qi and Tian Fan his name.

Tian Fan and Bai Qi didn’t know Zhu Tian, but they understood he had a powerful background. Now, he was standing in front of Bai Qi. Even though he was surprised, that was all. He had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer. In the Gods Government, someone like that could be proud, but in the Continent of the Gods, it wasn’t that incredible.

Tian Fan had fused together with his original body and now had the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. Bai Qi himself had the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. Dong Fang Tian Xia, Long Yan, and Yan Chang also had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

Someone like Zhu Tian was about as strong as someone like Zhao Yang Chang or Chu Lian Ying. However, those people could only be servants for people like Tian Fan and Bai Qi, so… what made him feel so confident?

Bai Qi couldn’t understand why, but understanding wasn’t necessary.

“Xu Gan, I’m tired. I’m going to take a rest,” said Lin Feng as if he hadn’t heard Bai Qi. He turned around and looked at Xu Gan, and got ready to go into the tent. Lin Zhe Tian and the others opened the way. Even though they didn’t know why, they instantly felt close to him.

When Xu Gan heard Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but smile. He found Lin Feng more and more amusing. At the beginning, when his teacher had told him to follow Lin Feng, he hadn’t understood, but now he was starting to.

Xu Gan cupped his fist and bowed, then smiled at Lin Feng, “Understood, Young Master.”

Lin Feng nodded. His hair was hanging over his shoulder uncaringly as he walked into the tent.

Bai Qi ground his teeth and clenched his fists, which crackled. Deadly energies emerged from him. Zhao Yang Chang had never seen him like that.

How arrogant, how did he dare humiliate Bai Qi like that in public? He had rarely been this furious. Zhao Yang Chang took a few steps forwards and pointed at Lin Feng with his finger, then started swearing.

“Young Master Zhu Tian!?! You’re nothing but an empty show of strength. I’ll tell you one thing: come and pay your respects, and the Government will spare your life!”

“What if I don’t?”

Zhao Yang Chang wasn’t even done talking when Lin Feng interrupted him. He seemed amused as he smiled at Zhao Yang Chang.

Zhao Yang Chang looked at him icily, “Otherwise, you’ll get crushed and you’ll fall down on your knees and beg!”

“Oh? Hehe, hit me and make me fall down on my knees and beg? Who will?” said Lin Feng, looking scared in an exaggerated manner. He seemed even more amused.

Zhao Yang Chang stood in front of Bai Qi. He relied on the Gods Government and Bai Qi to act arrogantly. He seemed extremely proud of himself as he promised, “Me, of course!”

However, Zhao Yang Chang wasn’t even done talking when Lin Feng frowned darkly and ordered icily, “Xu Gan, I don’t like him. Cut off his legs.”

Xu Gan nodded. He stepped forwards and got ready to attack.

Zhao Yang Chang smiled icily, “What? Young Master Zhu Tian can’t fight himself and sends his slave to protect him?”

“Are you sure you want me to fight?” said Lin Feng icily.

“I’m sure. Please. Let’s exchange views on cultivation,” said Zhao Yang Chang, smiling and wiggling his forefinger mockingly. He would soon regret though.

As he wiggled his finger, Lin Feng had already disappeared from people’s sight. Even the Vermilion Bird was stupefied. How fast-!

Zhao Yang Chang’s smile stiffened. He hadn’t even taken his finger back, when someone grabbed his arm, and Lin Feng appeared in front of him. Zhao Yang Chang was dumbstruck, “You… how is this possible?!”

“You asked me to attack,” Lin Feng reminded him icily.

“I did…” said Zhao Yang Chang. He wanted to say something else, but Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity. He grunted coldly and his grip closed on Zhao Yang Chang’s arm with even more force. Lin Feng only used seventy percent of his strength, and blood sprayed as Lin Feng ripped his hand off!

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! My hand!!” Zhao Yang Chang’s face paled. He put his hand on the bleeding stump, with the bone sticking out. He fell down on his knees and shrieked.

When Bai Qi saw that, his expression suddenly changed as he shouted icily, “You really want to die!”

“I like to fight, I don’t like talking shit,” retorted Lin Feng, smiling contemptuously.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became extremely oppressive. Zhao Yang Chang stopped shrieking, Lin Feng kicked him away. Lin Feng had just crushed a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor Layer in two attacks!

The atmosphere became completely silent.

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