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Chapter 489: Unfinished Battle!

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“You’re very arrogant. You know, arrogant people usually end up suffering crushing defeats,” said Bai Qi with cold malice. He clenched his fists. Lin Feng’s provocations were prodding him to attack.

When Lin Feng heard Bai Qi threaten him, he smiled disdainfully, “If arrogant people ended up suffering crushing defeats most of the time, you’d be a corpse already.”

“I am arrogant because I am strong, unlike you!” said Bai Qi, not giving Lin Feng the time to finish his sentence. But to Lin Feng, Bai Qi was just a little buffoon.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, if I were you,” Lin Feng chuckled at him.

Bai Qi smiled coldly, “Because I am the Young Master of the Gods Government, I can be arrogant, what about you?” retorted Bai Qi. His smile looked repulsive.

Bai Qi was the Young Master of the Gods Government; he was qualified, he had every right to be arrogant. What about Lin Feng? Everybody looked at Lin Feng. What was he going to say?

“You’re a tiny little Young Master and you’re so arrogant. You clearly don’t understand that because you don’t know about them; there are people who are stronger than you could ever imagine. What is so special about you? Why makes you think you can be so arrogant? Apart from your influential group, what do you have?

“If you were really strong, you would have gone to Xuan Yuan City already and killed those creatures to protect the Continent of the Gods, you wouldn’t be here talking glibly. You’re a disgusting person, just detestable.

“You’re famous, people consider you a fighting god, but it’s only because you’re the son of the leader of the Gods Government. That’s all you can be proud of.

“A fighting god? Hehe, to me, you’re just like those people… insignificant.

“Therefore, in the future, don’t rely solely on your identity to impress me, I hate people who do that,” Lin Feng mocked him.

Many people stared at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. What kind of man dared humiliate and make fun of Bai Qi?

When Bai Qi heard Lin Feng, flames of fury appeared in his eyes, and his heart twitched with fury. His face fell and he ground his teeth. He wanted to crush Lin Feng.

But he had nothing to say. He just clenched his fists and shouted icily, “Come and fight, if you dare!”

“No need to ask me,” said Lin Feng promptly. “If you want to fight, get your ass over here; if you are afraid, piss off! I have no time to waste, my time is precious. I’m not here to play games.”

“Hehe, good, alright,” said Bai Qi angrily. Nobody had ever provoked him like this!

Bai Qi ground his teeth and moved towards Lin Feng. Xu Gan stepped backwards without saying anything. The members of Gods City also stepped back and gave them room to duel.

Bai Qi and that person were going to fight?

Bai Qi’s opponent was even more arrogant than Bai Qi himself. Many people had noticed that and weren’t going to leave before seeing them fight.

The atmosphere there on the side of Gods City quickly became extremely lively. Almost instantly, an ocean of people arrived there. All of this was happening because of that strange and mysterious Young Master.

“Please,” said Bai Qi, taking a deep breath. He clenched his fists and got ready to fight. He pointed at Lin Feng with his finger. Lin Feng could attack.

However, Lin Feng had his hands clasped behind his back and looked totally unconcerned. He said emotionlessly, “If you want to hit me, come and start. Why should I start?”

“You want to die!” shouted Bai Qi angrily. He couldn’t control himself at the humiliation anymore. It was too much. In less than a second, he appeared in front of Lin Feng and and threw a punch. A terrifying strength filled the air around him.

Everybody’s heart was racing, staring blankly at the fighters. How many attacks would Lin Feng be able to resist?

However, nobody had anticipated what happened next. Lin Feng looked light as a tree leaf. He threw out a punch, and when it reached Bai Qi’s fist, Bai Qi felt like he had punched wool. It was very strange and unpleasant.

Lin Feng grabbed Bai Qi’s hand, not intending to give him any face. He didn’t care whether he was the young master of the Gods Government or whatever, Bai Qi was hurled away. He could sense Lin Feng’s Qi was extremely powerful… he had been too careless!

Bai Qi rose into the air, and his strength grew much more powerful. Lin Feng frowned. He had the impression he had a mountain on his shoulders. Bai Qi shouted, Lin Feng’s feet were already pressed into the ground, and there was a crater around him a dozen meters wide. Lin Feng was being oppressed!

“Pfff! I thought you were extremely strong, but in the end you’re not,” said someone mockingly looking at Lin Feng. It came from the crowd, but nobody knew just who had said that.

“Right. He dared act arrogantly in front of Bai Qi. That little boy was so arrogant.”

“A Young Master? A dog you mean. All you’re worthy of is waxing Bai Qi’s shoes.”

“Haha! Bai Qi’s shoes I don’t know, my shoes, yes, why not?”

A few men were making fun of Lin Feng. They were all in favor of the Gods Government and they wanted to show it. Showing their support for the Gods Government was a great opportunity they couldn’t miss.

When Bai Qi heard those people make fun of Lin Feng, he was extremely happy. After hearing those people support him, he glanced at Lin Feng and said, “So? What do you think? How does it feel?”

“I think nothing,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head idly.

Bai Qi smiled mockingly. He thought Lin Feng felt humiliated. Since it was that way…

Thinking about that, Bai Qi smiled even more disdainfully. He released even more strength, trying to crush Lin Feng. He was extremely proud, especially because he had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer. Bai Qi shouted out, and his strength grew more powerful.

He wanted to press down on Lin Feng without letup.

The members of Gods City all stared at Lin Feng, worried he was going to lose. Only Xu Gan looked expressionless, as if the battle had nothing to interest him.

“Good luck, Young Master!” The members of the Gods Government all called out to support Bai Qi, including Zhao Yang Chang and Chu Lian Ying.

Bai Qi looked extremely satisfied, but his face stiffened when Lin Feng was looking at him in amusement. Bai Qi thought Lin Feng was struggling, but suddenly, Lin Feng raised his hand and blocked Bai Qi’s strength.

Lin Feng turned around and smiled at the people of Gods City, “Everybody, we may have to rebuild the tent after the battle, I’m sorry.” Many people didn’t understand what he meant…

And then Lin Feng threw a punch, energies surging out. Dazzling lights appeared; his strength was heavier than a million jin. Stars appeared and glittered. Bai Qi groaned with pain as he was smashed away.

He crashed against the tent of the people of Gods City. The tent collapsed, but Bai Qi was agile. He kicked out and landed on the ground. Then he bounced and threw himself back at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his hands and blocked the energies moving towards him. He grunted with pain and was pushed a thousand meters away. His robe fluttered in the wind, covered with dust and sand.

Everybody was astonished that the battle had taken on such proportions. But in any case, nobody dared humiliate Lin Feng anymore. They were afraid Lin Feng would punch them!

“Continue.” Lin Feng tapped the dust off his robe. Bai Qi looked glum, but remained cautious.

This Young Master was even more difficult to fight against than Tian Fan!

“Alright,” said Bai Qi, grinding his teeth. He got ready to attack again.

“Enough! The Three Party Competition has already started, but you can’t fight like that, so stop for now!” shouted a hoarse voice unhappily. The voice resonated everywhere.

The Vermilion Bird and few high-level Godly Emperors raised their heads and looked at the top of the mountain. A middle-aged man with a golden crown had appeared there, looked dignified and majestic, but he also unhappy.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor!

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s goal was to prevent the two from fighting.

Lin Feng was not satisfied, but Bai Qi was.

Lin Feng raised his head and asked Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, “Why?”


Everybody looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide again.

“What… What did he say?” whispered a Holy Spirit Emperor, pointing at Lin Feng with his finger.

Everybody looked astonished, “He’s contradicting Tian Di the Celestial Emperor!”

“Oh my god.”

The atmosphere became extremely oppressive. Qi hummed in the air.

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