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Chapter 490: Disrespecting Tian Di the Celestial Emperor!

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When Lin Feng contradicted Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, the atmosphere became extremely oppressive. Cold sweat appeared on many people’s backs. They couldn’t believe Lin Feng had just said that. How insane, how arrogant! How did such a young man dare treat Tian Di the Celestial Emperor like that?

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods. He had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. He was a legend. The leaders of the two other Dynasties had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. Only Tian Di the Celestial Emperor had broken through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, and he was slowly getting closer and closer to the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer.

Even people who had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer respected him. Nobody ever dared contradict Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. Why did Lin Feng do that?

He didn’t seem to care about Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s power and reputation. He still seemed fearless. Who was Lin Feng? Was his teacher an unknown hermit? How strong was he? Everybody remained silent.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor couldn’t believe that a young man dared contradict him. It had been a very long time since someone had dared contradict him like that. But Tian Di the Celestial Emperor remained calm and narrowed his eyes. He asked, “May I know who you are?”

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor occupied a commanding position. People who were a bit weaker were suffocating. It felt like they had a sword at their throat.

Many people looked at Lin Feng, but he didn’t care. He even ignored Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s threatening look. He turned to Xu Gan and asked indifferently, “Who’s that boy?”

Everybody was even more astonished when Lin Feng turned to Xu Gan. How far was he going to push things? He didn’t know Tian Di the Celestial Emperor?

When the crowd heard Xu Gan’s reply, they understood that Xu Gan and Young Master Zhu Tian were from the same place.

Xu Gan shook his head and replied, “I don’t know, Young Master.”

“What… He… doesn’t know?!” A Godly Emperor pointed at Xu Gan with his finger. He looked panic-stricken.

“Right, these two don’t know Tian Di the Celestial Emperor? They’re simply provoking him.”

“They’re provoking Tian Di the Celestial Emperor…”

Many people from Gods City were trembling. Godly Emperor Du Hu was covered with cold sweat himself. Where were those two people from? They didn’t know Tian Di the Celestial Emperor? Were they pretending?

Lin Zhe Tian, Tu Ba and all the people who were close to Lin Feng were rejoicing. If they weren’t scared of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, they would have applauded.

Bai Qi looked at Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng wasn’t pretending; he was really arrogant.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor looked very unhappy. He was too strong to do anything. At his level, he couldn’t crush someone just like that. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be legitimate anymore.

“You don’t know? I’ll tell you, then. My name is Tian Di, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. I am from Celestial Emperors Dynasty. I am the leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty,” said Tian Di the Celestial Emperor icily. Some Qi emerged from his body. Many people, especially those of the first Godly Emperor Layer and under, had the impression they were going to collapse.

However, Lin Feng and Xu Gan smiled indifferently. They didn’t look surprised at all. They disdained everyone, including Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

Lin Feng didn’t do that on purpose, it was all part of Xuan Yuan’s plot. He intended to come back at some point, so he wanted someone to start putting pressure on Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“Oh, I see. Thank you for telling us,” Lin Feng nodded.

Xu Gan smiled mockingly. Many people didn’t why. “I thought the leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was Tian Kui? Since when are you the leader?” asked Xu Gan suspiciously and coldly.

When Xu Gan asked that, many people were confused. What was he talking about? Tian Kui? Who was that? Everybody considered Tian Di the leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Younger people couldn’t understand, but people like the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise understood. They knew who Tian Kui was.

When Tian Di heard that, he was astonished, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. That young man knew Tian Kui? Tian Di really wondered who those people’s teacher was!

Tian Kui was Tian Di’s biological father. Long ago, he was indeed the leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Many people didn’t know those things, but Xu Gan did. He felt a sudden pressure. Maybe this Young Master was really the disciple of a powerful hermit. Maybe his father was an extremely strong cultivator.

Tian Di remained silent, as if he hadn’t heard Xu Gan. Many people didn’t understand. What was going on?

Lin Feng didn’t know who Tian Kui was, either, but since Xu Gan said that, it meant he was very smart. However, Lin Feng immediately thought of Tian Di’s father.

When Lin Feng saw that everybody remained silent, he walked over to Lin Zhe Tian and asked, “Your father is called Lin Feng, right?”

“Oh?” Lin Zhe Tian was a bit surprised. He nodded and said, “Indeed, my father is Lin Feng.”

“Oh, not bad.” Lin Feng nodded, but Lin Zhe Tian, Huang Nü, and the others noticed his reaction.

“Why do you say not bad?” asked Lin Zhe Tian. He had the impression there was something wrong.

Lin Feng smiled calmly. When he saw how anxious they all looked, he was moved because they all cared about his safety. He really wished he could tell them he was Lin Feng!

But Lin Feng had things to do which were more important. He had to remain silent for the time being.

“I’ve seen your father,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly However, what he said drew all those people’s attention.

Zhu Tian had seen Lin Feng, where? When had he seen him? Was Lin Feng still alive?

Many people were astonished and looked at Zhu Tian.

“Where’s my father?” asked Lin Zhe Tian. He couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some news about his father.

Huang Nü didn’t say anything, but she felt extremely worried.

“He’s with my teacher. He’s taking care of him,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Tian Di.

“What? Lin Feng is with Zhu Tian’s teacher?”

“How’s that possible? Lin Feng isn’t dead?”

“Maybe that Zhu Tian is lying?”

“I don’t think so. His background is mysterious. He doesn’t seem to be a liar. He even disdains Tian Di. He doesn’t need to lie.”

Many people started whispering about Lin Feng.

Lin Zhe Tian looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Who brought my father to your teacher?”

“Hehe, little boy, don’t try to test me. I don’t need to lie to you. Your father’s primordial spirit was almost completely destroyed, a thread of primordial spirit and his corporeal body were left, my teacher saved him.

“Your father has been resurrected, but he hasn’t recovered his original strength. Therefore, he needs time to rest and practice. He told me to tell you you don’t need to worry about him. He is doing his best to make his dreams come true,” Lin Feng told the group.

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