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Chapter 491: Cultivation Makes You A Hero, Not Words!

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Since Zhu Tian said that, Lin Zhe Tian and the others had no choice but to believe him. They couldn’t check whether Zhu Tian was saying the truth or not, anyway. On the other hand, he had no reason to lie. Besides, he had even disrespected Tian Di; it was the ultimate proof that he was on their side!

Lin Zhe Tian, Huang Nü and the others couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng again. If he could come back for the Three Party Competition, it would be perfect. No matter how well Gods City did at the competition, with Lin Feng there, they would be happy!

People from Gods City knew that Godly Emperor Du Hu, the Great Leader of Gods City, and Ye Lü Qi all hoped Lin Feng would come back, especially Ye Lü Qi. They had formed an alliance. He would be in danger if Lin Feng was dead.

Now, Ye Lü Qi wasn’t worried anymore. He glanced at Godly Emperor Lei mockingly. Godly Emperor Lei looked glum. It was impossible to know what he was thinking though.

With what Lin Feng had said, he didn’t need to worry about Lin Zhe Tian, Huang Nü and the others. They needed to focus on the Three Party Competition. If they were distracted, they could lose or even die. Lin Feng couldn’t accept that.

Lin Feng also needed to focus on his plan. Since he was back, he had to be merciless.

Lin Feng walked past Tian Di and the others, glancing at Bai Qi, Zhao Yang Chang, Chu Lian Ying, and the others. He smiled mockingly and ignored them. Bai Qi was growing more and more furious, wanting to finish their battle and kill him.

Lin Feng stood in front of Tian Di, a thousand meters away from him. Xu Gan was behind him, holding his feather fan, and his silk kerchief.

“I’ve heard that your son was the strongest young man of Godsland?” said Lin Feng to Tian Di indifferently. He didn’t appear to care about Tian Di’s status or background.

Tian Di had the impression that Lin Feng and Xu Gan had extraordinary identities, they were extremely mysterious. He wasn’t going to act blindly without thinking. Therefore, even though Lin Feng looked at him disdainfully, he ignored it.

Everybody knew Tian Di was the strongest cultivator of the continent, but Lin Feng’s behavior perplexed everybody. If he had been ordinary, Tian Di wouldn’t have been so patient with him. However, he would still probably kill him if he had a suitable opportunity.

Therefore, Tian Di didn’t mind. He would investigate and then he would take measures, because he was Tian Di and he couldn’t let anyone humiliate and despise him like this.

When Tian Di heard Lin Feng’s question, he frowned and nodded confidently, “Indeed. My son is Tian Fan. He’s the Young Emperor of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He’ll become the leader in the future. He will…”

“It’s good, it’s good. I just wanted to ask if he could fight against me?” Lin Feng interrupted Tian Di impatiently, and Tian Di looked even more annoyed. Many people didn’t notice anything because they were already used to Lin Feng’s arrogance. If Lin Feng had suddenly acted docilely in front of Tian Di, they would have been surprised.

But many people looked amused or excited as well. Zhu Tian wanted to fight against Tian Fan?

Tian Di didn’t know what to say. Tian Fan had the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, and he was about to break through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer and become one of the strongest young people in the continent. However, Zhu Tian wanted to fight against him. It was something incredible.

Tian Di had a bad premonition. Why did Zhu Tian want to fight against Tian Fan? Zhu Tian had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, was he strong enough to fight against Tian Fan? He probably had a mysterious background. His teacher was probably a mysterious hermit…

Therefore, Tian Di didn’t know what to say to Zhu Tian. The atmosphere was oppressive as Tian Di remained silent.

Lin Feng frowned. Since Tian Di didn’t reply, it meant that he either despised Lin Feng or he knew there was something wrong.

“Since you don’t dare talk for him, can’t you have him come out?” asked Lin Feng.

It was another disturbing question. Tian Di frowned. He really wondered what that Zhu Tian was going to do.

“Little boy, you’re going too far. Watch out, otherwise I’ll teach your teacher a good lesson!” said Tian Di, sounding dignified and majestic. He felt humiliated and was sick of it. He hadn’t felt this humiliated for a long time. His Qi of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer emerged; he wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

Lin Feng felt like he had a mountain on his back. His face paled. How could he resist the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer?

However, a pleasant Qi appeared and blocked the oppressive Qi. Xu Gan slowly stepped up from behind Lin Feng with his fan in his hand. He smiled at Tian Di and said, “Tian Di, what you’re doing is not very appropriate.”

Xu Gan had just broken Tian Di’s energy? Everybody was astonished, including Lin Feng!

Xu Gan was Ancestor Kong’s last disciple, he only had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer, how could he break Tian Di’s energy?

Lin Feng was stupefied. Xu Gan smiled indifferently. He was just doing what Ancestor Kong had asked him to do.

Tian Di slowly came back to his senses, studying Xu Gan cautiously. A moment before, when Xu Gan had blocked his energy, his heartbeat had accelerated, like he had seen a precious item. Tian Di couldn’t understand, who was this Xu Gan? Why did he give Tian Di such an impression?

Tian Di didn’t continue trying to punish Lin Feng. On the contrary, he had lost face in front of everyone. He pulled a long face, very angry at this point, and demanded, “Why is it inappropriate?”

“Hehe, because you are not qualified to teach our young master a good lesson,” Xu Gan laughed at him. He didn’t give Tian Di any face. Everybody was astonished.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. No wonder Xu Gan was Ancestor Kong’s disciple, he was worthy of it!

Tian Di looked at him icily and clenched his fists, but Xu Gan remained unmoved. He didn’t look nervous at all, like he were ready to fight. Tian Di preferred to stay cautious.

When Lin Feng saw that Tian Di didn’t say anything, he glanced around. There were millions of people there, with some mysterious cultivators hiding in the crowds, too. Lin Feng shouted, “Today, if you’re a hero, show it with your cultivation, not with your mouth! I, Zhu Tian, am waiting for your challenges!

“If you dislike me, come and challenge me. No matter who wins or loses, you will deserve honor and respect. Please.

“You have one week to challenge me. During this week, I’ll be in the tent. Anyone can come and challenge me,” said Lin Feng, glancing around. He walked over to the tent which had collapsed when Bai Qi had crashed into it, and glanced at the permanent pavilions of the Gods Government and Godsland.

“Bai Qi, we’re not done yet, are we?” said Lin Feng, smiling in anticipation.

Bai Qi felt ice-cold, like he had seen a dragon eyeing on him as prey. Humiliated, he said, “As you wish!”

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