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Chapter 492: Proud and Elated!

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“As I wish?” repeated Lin Feng smiling mockingly. Bai Qi looked glum, but tried to focus. If he could win against Lin Feng, he’d be proud and elated.

“How do you want to fight?” asked Bai Qi icily.

“Since we’re fighting, let’s not fight for nothing, let’s bet,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Bai Qi’s expression changed. He had the impression Lin Feng was plotting something. At the same time he couldn’t be sure, so he asked, “What do you want to bet?”

“Haha! Easy. If I win, have your servants leave your residence and you leave it to me,” said Lin Feng smiling sinisterly.

Bai Qi understood what Lin Feng wanted to do. The situation wasn’t fair for the people from Gods City, and Lin Feng wanted to solve the issue, having them rest in a better place.

“I see, I don’t think it’s possible,” said Bai Qi, staring at Lin Feng icily. He was furious.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “We’re both in the same boat.”

Bai Qi asked icily, “And if I win?” What if Zhu Tian lost? What would Bai Qi get?

Lin Feng smiled at Bai Qi, sighed and said, “Oh, I forgot about that, it’s also a possibility. Why did I decide to bet?”

Lin Feng tapped his head pretending to be worried, but his tone of speech was sarcastic. When Bai Qi heard that, he shuddered with fury. How humiliating!

“Hehe, you’re really overconfident,” said Bai Qi smiling cruelly. Zhao Yang Chang and Chu Lian Ying grinned darkly as well. Even though they couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, at least, they could support Bai Qi!

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. The Gods Government is extremely powerful; your teacher, or your grandfather or whatever, can’t compete with the Gods Government,” said Zhao Yang Chang mockingly. Everybody laughed, because he was hiding behind Bai Qi.

“Zhu Tian, if I were you, I would make friends with Young Master Bai Qi,” spoke up Chu Lian Ying icily, but like Zhao Yang Chang, he was hiding behind Bai Qi.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at Zhao Yang Chang and mocked him, “Since you don’t take me seriously, why are you hiding behind Bai Qi? Am I so scary?”

Zhao Yang Chang’s cheeks reddened. He was a joke…

“And you, Chu Lian Ying, don’t say the word “friend” in front of me. You don’t even respect your own family, don’t you feel ashamed to talk about friends?” Lin Feng went on coolly. Chu Lian Ying clenched his fists, his muscles twitching. He wanted to crush Lin Feng on the spot.

“Bai Qi, if I lose, you do what you want, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t want to waste more time talking to the others, so he went straight to the point.

Bai Qi looked surprised but then he smiled icily and nodded, “Alright.”

“Everybody, move away.” Lin Feng waved everybody to move away and give them space. The people withdrew ten thousand meters away.

Bai Qi waved, and Zhao Yang Chang, Chu Lian Ying, and the others also moved away.

The two geniuses started their duel again, simply ignoring Tian Di’s order.

Tian Di stood at the top of the mountain. Surprisingly, nobody paid any attention to him. Since when did people treat him like this? He was infuriated.

Yet he couldn’t attack younger people, as that would have been against commonly accepted rules.

So he left under a cloud. Xu Gan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and whispered to himself, “Luckily it was Tian Di’s clone; otherwise, my identity would have been revealed. Brother Xuan Yuan, since when were you here?…” Xu Gan looked at Lin Feng and Bai Qi, worried.

“Start!” shouted Bai Qi, clenching his fists. He released his explosive Qi. This time, he was going to use his full strength. He couldn’t underestimate Lin Feng.

“You lost the first round, you start this time,” said Lin Feng, wiggling his index finger and inciting him.

“You want to die, so I’ll help you! ARGH!” shouted Bai Qi evilly, flashing ahead he released speed Dao to move even faster. Lin Feng could barely follow him with his eyes.

Bai Qi’s speed strength was level nine already. It was perfect. Lin Feng was surprised, too.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time, raising his fists. His Qi exploded around him. Bai Qi used speed to attack, Lin Feng used power.

Boom, boom, boom!…

There was an explosion, and the fighters’ godly auras flashed. Everybody was blinded by the dazzling godly auras.

What a fierce battle! Neither had the advantage.

Everybody was excited, they didn’t realize that this fight could potentially be fatal. those who had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer or the Holy Spirit Emperor layer watched carefully because they had a lot to learn from such battles.

Bai Qi and Lin Feng didn’t know that they were teaching those younger people so much. Their fight was incredible, and thanks to them, two hundred Half-Godly Emperors broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer, and one thousand Holy Spirit Emperors broke through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. They were worth being called paragons!

Lin Feng released his Great Tao strength. Ancestor Kong had taught Lin Feng about the Great Tao. Therefore, when Lin Feng attacked, he looked like a well-educated scholar. He had a deep control over his energies.

Lin Feng used the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao a few times. Each time he attacked, it was different. Bai Qi was having a hard time. He kept punching and kicking, but it wasn’t very effective.

Lin Feng’s attacks were growing more and more sophisticated. Bai Qi had no choice, but to release speed strength to retreat. Everybody laughed.

The fact that Bai Qi retreated proved that the battle was over. Zhu Tian had won, Bai Qi had lost.

Many people gasped in amazement, while others frowned.

“Teacher, how did Zhu Tian do that?”

“Brother, did you see that punch? It was so beautiful and scary.”

“Sister, did you see the strength which emerged from his palm and his finger?”

“And that imprint? It was terrifying. But his attacks were really beautiful. I wish I could get married to someone like him.”

Two beautiful women were chatting about Lin Feng.

Bai Qi’s face fell. He looked at the dozens of people who were whispering. He also noticed many people had learned a lot from the battle, and didn’t care that he had lost.

Lin Feng didn’t humiliate Bai Qi, further, just looking at him indifferently. The tens of thousands of people were already humiliating him by ignoring his face and looking at him like that. For Bai Qi, it was worse than being slapped in the face.

After that, an old man sighed. He was the first one to come back to his senses.

Bai Qi looked at the crowd, hoping the old man would speak to him. However, when he heard him sigh, he paled.

“Haha! I broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer. Young Master Zhu Tian, thank you! I’ve been trying to break through for a hundred years! Haha!”

“Haha! Young Master Zhu Tian, I broke through as well! If you need anything in the future, come to Zhan Tai Mountain!”

“If you need anything, come to Fu Yun Cave.”

“If you want to come to Jade Lotus Pass, you’re welcome as well, Young Master Zhu Tian!” said the two women cupping their fists and looking at Lin Feng seductively.

Everybody thanked Lin Feng, one after another.

Lin Feng was extremely happy, feeling elated and proud of what he had done.

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