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Chapter 493: Fifteen Successive Victories!

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Even though Lin Feng had never heard of those influential groups, he guessed that they were first-class influential groups. They were probably as powerful as the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties. The Five Governments were much weaker than those groups, but because the groups lived in seclusion, they were not very famous.

Lin Feng had helped so many people without even trying. They were all grateful. Lin Feng didn’t know whether it would change things in the future or not.

Regarding Bai Qi, he had suffered a crushing defeat, and the Gods Government had lost face. Bai Qi’s father Tian Di was furious.

But Bai Qi practiced what he preached. Many people admired him for that. Therefore, even though he lost, he brought the people of Gods City to his residence, and they moved in.

People from the Continent of the Gods were all stupefied. The members of Gods City had never stayed in a palace at the front. Prior to now, they had always been eliminated first, and had never even made it to the second day. But today, not only didn’t they get eliminated, but they also moved to a palace at the front. It was something that hadn’t happened in tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years.

Zhu Tian had shown up and everything had changed. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if someone like Young Emperor Tian Fan, Bai Qi, or Dong Fang Tian Xia, who all had the potential to become champions, had amazed everybody, but this time, it was Zhu Tian, someone nobody knew. He had defeated Bai Qi, so he also had the potential to become the champion.

Nobody would dare underestimate him again. Many people from Gods City were elated. They hadn’t felt so proud in a long time.

Of course, everybody felt grateful. Zhu Tian was very kind, helping them so much. Without him, they wouldn’t be in such a great situation.

Not only would they live in better conditions in a palace at the front, but it also had a symbolic value. They had replaced the Gods Government there.

Everybody looked at the building. It was now the palace of the people of Gods City!

Bai Qi, Zhao Yang Chang, and the other members of the Gods Government were quite angry. They came out, but they didn’t go to the campsite where the members of Gods City had stayed, they settled on another field where some second-class groups were staying.

When those people from second-class groups saw so many Godly Emperors appear there, they were terrified. Those groups weren’t like Zhu Tian, they couldn’t compete with such people!


Something was strange. Since the beginning of the competition, Si Ma Yan hadn’t appeared.

Many people were puzzled. In the Gods Government, there were two outstanding young people; one of them was Bai Qi, the other one was Si Ma Yan.

But Si Ma Yan wasn’t there, and people let their imagination roam because of it. Had Si Ma Yan decided not to participate himself, or had the Gods Government prevented him from participating? Nobody knew.

Lin Feng didn’t think about Si Ma Yan. Even though he had met him once and thought he was quite nice, Yan Di had told him that he had an extraordinary identity and that his background was even more terrifying than Tian Fan’s. Only time would tell whether they would become friends or not.

Lin Feng said he was waiting for new challenges. Even though he had proven how strong he was, some people were still reckless, and came and challenged him. Those people weren’t even very famous, they were just a little notorious.

They didn’t dare act like people like Zhao Yang Chang or Chu Lian Ying. They had the strength of the second or third Godly Emperor Layer, but their Dao strength and their knowledge of cultivation couldn’t be compared to that of more famous cultivators. The difference between them and people like Zhao Yang Chang was huge.

But many people challenged Zhu Tian to learn more about cultivation. It was the perfect place and time for it.

Lin Feng didn’t understand who those people were but he had said he accepted challenges. He didn’t fear them.

During those seven days, Lin Feng fought at least twice a day. Those battles weren’t very fierce, but many people still watched them.

On the first day, Lin Feng won three battles and won all of them in one attack, but he didn’t harass his opponents. After beating them, he just walked away.

On the second day, Lin Feng won four battles, each time in one attack as well. This time, it took Lin Feng more time, but he did it on purpose.

On the third day, Lin Feng won three battles, and on the fourth he won three battles. On the fifth day, he fought against four people at the same time. People were astonished because his four opponents were all cultivators who had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Everybody admired Zhu Tian more and more. They were slowly getting used to his strength. They all started thinking he definitely had the potential to become the champion of the competition.

On the sixth day, Lin Feng fought against someone he knew: Gan Cheng, one of the envoys of the Heaven and Earth Temple.

The Heaven and Earth Temple and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had formed an alliance. Gan Cheng and Yan Di were friends, but Gan Cheng still challenged Zhu Tian.

Even though he didn’t know Zhu Tian was Lin Feng, Zhu Tian was on the side of Gods City. However, Gan Cheng still challenged him. Lin Feng didn’t feel like fighting against him, but he couldn’t refuse a challenge.

Gan Cheng was really strong. Lin Feng used his normal strength to fight against him. After exchanging a hundred attacks, it was still impossible to know who the winner would be.

Lin Feng was excited. He realized that Gan Cheng knew many different attacks. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t use the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao. After two hundred attacks, Gan Cheng could still resist Lin Feng’s attacks, and he even seized opportunities to counterattack.

Lin Feng admired him for his strength. He could be proud of himself. He probably wouldn’t finish in first place, but he definitely had the potential to finish in the top ten.

In the end, Lin Feng used the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao skill, as well as the energy of the Great Tao that he had learned from Ancestor Kong. Gan Cheng had the strength of the top of the third Godly Emperor Layer, but he still lost.

If Lin Feng hadn’t used the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, he still could have won using ordinary Dao strength, but it wouldn’t have been easy, and would have taken him much longer. The world of cultivation wasn’t fair. Those with better skills, better items, or better sorts of Dao strength had more chances to win.

Luck was also important and allowed some cultivators to become stronger then others. If the world of cultivation was fair, everybody would have been like Tian Fan and Bai Qi, and everybody would have had access to the same resources as them.

Therefore, Lin Feng won, and it was expected.

Many people gasped with amazement when Lin Feng defeated Gan Cheng. He had won fifteen battles in a row!

Lin Feng thought nobody else would challenge him on that day, two days before the end of the week. But after a long wait, someone came forward.

The crowd was astonished when they saw the challenger; it was the famous and prestigious Dong Fang Tian Xia!

Dong Fang Tian Xia had finished third on the previous Gods List. Now he had come back from Godsland to the Gods Government for the Competition. He represented the Gods Government at the Competition.

Lin Feng had heard Dong Fang Tian Xia’s name many times. Usually, when people mentioned Dong Fang Tian Xia, they also mentioned Fu Su Rong, the Invisible One, and Yan Ran Xue; those people were in the top five of the previous Gods List. Three years ago, they had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Now, they were about as strong as Bai Qi!

When Dong Fang Tian Xia challenged Zhu Tian, everybody looked at them and recalled Zhu Tian and Bai Qi’s battle. Many people were excited to see Zhu Tian fight against such a strong opponent again, and even hoped he’d break through thanks to that battle. They would fight on the next day, however, since it was late already.

The atmosphere was extremely lively that evening in the former palace of the Gods Government.

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