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Chapter 494: No Matter What You Do, I Recognize You!

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The temporary palace of Gods City was at the front of the Competition’s Area. Of course, it was all thanks to Zhu Tian. Therefore, the leader of Gods City gave the biggest room to Zhu Tian and the second biggest room to Xu Gan. Xu Gan was extremely mysterious, even moreso than Zhu Tian. Those two people were strange in general, nobody wanted to offend them.

That evening, many people Lin Feng knew had arrived; Yan Di, Yan Chang, Yan Hui, Tang You You… She had heard someone called Zhu Tian had come to fight for Gods City, so she wanted to see him.

That evening, the atmosphere in the living room was lively. The leader of Gods City had organized a small party. Lin Zhe Tian and Huang Nü were there. The godly beasts – the Vermilion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger – who were in charge of Huang Nü’s safety weren’t visible, but who knew if they weren’t there?

Yan Di and the others were also in the big hall. At the beginning, the atmosphere was a bit odd because Yan Di had looked at Zhu Tian suspiciously, but in the end he loosened up and smiled, “You’re Young Master Zhu Tian?”

“Indeed. Who are you?” asked Lin Feng indifferently.

Yan Di smiled broadly. Lin Feng found it strange. Had the old bastard recognized him? But Yan Di didn’t say anything, he just grinned.

Lin Feng remained indifferent. Even when he looked at Huang Nü and Tang You You, he remained impassive.

Tang You You was uncommunicative and depressed since what had had happened to Lin Feng. It was like she had aged in one night. She had wrinkles. She couldn’t find her son, and her husband was dead; she was devastated.

When Lin Feng saw Tang You You like that, his heart ached. He wished he could tell her who he was, but he controlled himself.

Huang Nü had lost weight, too. Huang Nü’s skin used to be shiny before, but now she looked depressed and exhausted, and her skin didn’t look that good anymore.

Lin Feng sat down and didn’t say anything. He couldn’t talk too much, as he was afraid he would get busted. Xu Gan kept shaking his fan and didn’t mix with the others.

“Master Zhu Tian, are you sure you can win the battle tomorrow?” asked Lin Zhe Tian, breaking the silence after a long time. He didn’t know why, but he felt close to Young Master Zhu Tian. Lin Zhe Tian found that very strange because they had never met.

The more he stayed around Zhu Tian, the more he had that impression. Zhe Tian reminded him of his father, but if his father had come back, why wouldn’t he have come to see them?

When Lin Feng heard his son’s question, he didn’t reply hastily. He looked at Xu Gan. Xu Gan knew what Lin Feng meant. This time, Lin Feng had come back and he was acting extremely arrogant. He was doing that on purpose, it’s what Xuan Yuan had told him to do to prepare his comeback.

“Our Young Master has never heard of Dong Fang Tian Xia, so he can’t be certain. It’s difficult for him to assess the situation. How strong is Dong Fang Tian Xia compared to Bai Qi?” asked Xu Gan.

Zhu Tian was arrogant, and the fact that Xu Gan replied for him made him seem even moreso.

When Yan Di and Yan Chang heard Xu Gan, they frowned. Zhu Tian had never heard of Dong Fang Tian Xia? How was that possible?

Hermits and peerless cultivators who lived in seclusion all had ways to know what was going on in the outside world. No matter how isolated people were, they usually knew what was going on. Therefore, when they heard Zhu Tian didn’t know about Dong Fang Tian Xia, they were stupefied.

Were they saying that just out of arrogance? He was even more arrogant than Tian Fan. Could it be that Zhu Tian’s teacher was even stronger than Tian Di?

Yan Di said, “Dong Fang Tian Xia is not as famous as Tian Fan, but he is very famous. Older and younger people all know about him because he was third in the previous Gods List. He also broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer very quickly.

“Dong Fang Tian Xia has the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. He’s about to break through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. Bai Qi might not be able to compete with him.

“But Dong Fang Tian Xia is very discreet, so there are many rumors about him. Actually, nobody ever saw him fight except during the competition of the Gods List, so nobody knows how strong he really is.

“It is also said that Dong Fang Tian Xia isn’t his real name,” finished Yan Di. Even though he didn’t know whether Zhu Tian and Xu Gan were just pretending or not, he still explained those things to them so they could avoid unexpected issues.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Di, he understood a little bit more. He remembered that Dong Fang Tian Xia, Fu Su Rong, the Invisible One, and Yan Ran Xue were in the top five on the previous Gods List.

Lin Feng had no choice but to admit that the previous Gods List was much more amazing than the new one. Among the people of the new Gods List, only Dan Nü had broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer. Regarding Zhen Mo, after he had inherited knowledge from Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, nobody knew where he was.

“Dong Fang Tian Xia is quite strong. Young Master Zhu Tian, you have to be careful,” said the leader of Gods City when he heard Yan Di. He was worried about Zhu Tian, and hoped he wouldn’t act carelessly. If Zhu Tian succeeded, Gods City would rise. It would be a new page in history for them.

“I understand. I will be careful,” replied Lin Feng, smiling at the old man in grey clothes.

Yan Di stared at Lin Feng and smiled. His eyes twinkled. After a long time, Yan Di stood up and smiled at the crowd, “Everybody, I’m going. I wish you much success.

“Zhe Tian, your father is not here, I am your elder, do your best and don’t make your parents lose face,” remarked Yan Di, glancing at Zhu Tian out of the corner of his eye.

Lin Zhe Tian nodded, “Don’t worry, Master, I will not lose face for my father. I will make them pay for what they did. A debt of blood must be paid in blood,” said Lin Zhe Tian, clenching his fists. Deadly energies emerged from his body. They were dazzling, forcing a few people to close their eyes.

Everybody knew who Lin Zhe Tian was talking about: the members of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty! People from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty were responsible for killing Lin Feng, especially Di Shu.

Yan Hui and Yan Chang also stood up. Tang You You didn’t stand up, she sighed and said to Yan Di, “I’m staying here with Zhe Tian.”

“Alright, no problem. Don’t worry. Lin Feng, that little bastard, must be fine. I can guarantee you that you’ll see him in around two weeks,” said Yan Di, cheering her up. He was sure Lin Feng would come back within two weeks, regarding the reason why…

“Young Master Zhu Tian, can I talk to you?” Yan Di asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised, but after a few seconds, he nodded and followed Yan Di.

Yan Di walked to an isolated place, there was a pavilion there. Yan Di stopped there; it was dark outside and the stars were twinkling. The moon illuminated the pavilion. It felt relaxing.

Lin Feng was sure that Yan Di had recognized him now.

Lin Feng stood one meter away behind Yan Di. Yan Di had his hands clasped in his back. He turned around with a smile yet not a smile, then he stroked his beard and smiled jokingly, “You can transform as much as you want, I still recognize you.”

“Old bastard, as expected, you recognized me,” Lin Feng smiled back wryly with a sigh.

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