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Chapter 495: Xu Gan’s Plan!

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“Little bastard, why didn’t you talk to me when you came back? And why did you change your identity?” asked Yan Di.

Since Yan Di had recognized him, Lin Feng told him the truth. Maybe Yan Di would be able to help him now that he knew who he was.

Lin Feng told him everything about Mister Time, Ancestor Kong, and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. He also told him Xuan Yuan intended to come back and that he pretended to be Zhu Tian and acted arrogantly for Xuan Yuan.

When Yan Di heard that, his eyes popped open. Yan Di was particularly astonished when he heard about Ancestor Kong. A cultivator as terrifying as Ancestor Kong existed? A middle-level Supreme God? There were higher cultivation layers than the Godly Emperor Layer?

When Yan Di heard that Xuan Yuan, who was considered as a criminal back then, was still alive and that he intended to come back, he was also stupefied. Back then, many people followed him, and those who still worshiped him were considered criminals, so many people had given up.

Yan Di knew what kind of person Tian Di was. Who would have thought that back in the days, Tian Di had plotted against Xuan Yuan only because he wanted to be the only strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Gods? Ridiculous…

Lin Feng also told Yan Di who Xu Gan was. Yan Di wasn’t that astonished anymore. Nothing could be as astonishing as the existence of someone like Ancestor Kong anymore. Xu Gan was Ancestor Kong’s weakest disciple, and Xuan Yuan’s junior fellow disciple.

“So Xu Gan is your fellow disciple?” Yan Di smiled.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, “Ancestor Kong is not my teacher. I just say he is because I am pretending, I pretend to be Zhu Tian, Ancestor Kong’s disciple. I only have one teacher, Emperor Yu,” said Lin Feng. When he thought of Emperor Yu, he was sad. Emperor Yu couldn’t even recognize his own disciple anymore. Lin Feng was ready to do anything to help his teacher. He didn’t care that his enemies were from Gods Country.

Yan Di noticed Lin Feng’s expression and sighed, “Who knows if your teacher is still alive.”

“He’s alive. He’s in my spirit world,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Yan Di.

Yan Di’s eyes went wide again. Lin Feng opened his hand and an image of what was going on inside his spirit world appeared. Yan Di could see Emperor Yu. He was seated at the foot of a tree, chatting with Liu Fei and laughing.

Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei and his heart twitched. Liu Fei was like a small princess, she was the daughter of a general, she had been following him silently and hidden for a long time. He felt extremely guilty for Liu Fei, his guilt even more powerful than his love for Meng Qing.

When he looked at her, he decided that after the Three Party Competition, he would go back into his spirit world and he would spend time with Liu Fei, his parents and other relatives. The best thing would be to give Liu Fei a child. That way, she wouldn’t think of him too much; she would take care of the child and that would keep her busy. That way, her life wouldn’t be meaningless anymore.

“So, you don’t need to worry, you found your teacher, Emperor Yu,” said Yan Di, smiling when he saw the white-haired old man.

“Someone stole his memories. He doesn’t remember anything,” Lin Feng sighed. Yan Di was surprised. But Yan Di didn’t ask any more questions when Lin Feng didn’t explain the situation in more detail.

“Little bastard, I’m going back now. From tomorrow, Godsland is going to get involved as well. Things are going to be difficult for you considering that you’re pretending to be Zhu Tian.

“So take good care of yourself and be careful. Don’t take useless risks. Don’t let anyone use you. Even though you inherited the second batch of knowledge from Xuan Yuan, it doesn’t mean you can act recklessly.”

“I am in a tent on the campsite of Godsland. But since you’re not here as Lin Feng, we can’t help you. You can only rely on yourself,” Yan Di reminded him, and then slowly walked away and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Lin Feng could see the distant shadows of the campsites in the darkness. He could also see some torchlights in the distance, where the cultivators of the Gods Government had settled.

That field was ten thousand square meters. It was a vast battlefield, called the Battlefield of Death where battles to death occurred. On it, winners lived, losers died.

Ninety percent of the Three Party Competition had already taken place. Only Lin Feng and the cultivators of Godsland still had to fight.

The rankings of the Gods Government’s cultivators were already set. Si Ma Yan wasn’t in the rankings. Bai Qi was already in there, he had lost against Lin Feng. Only Dong Fang Tian Xia wasn’t ranked, since he hadn’t fought yet.

There were many, many people on Godsland’s side. Tian Fan was the protagonist on the side of Godsland. Yan Di and Yan Chang were also important elements for Godsland. Long Yan, Fu Su Rong, and Yan Ran Xue were also there. And someone surprising was in Godsland’s list as well… Meng Qing!

When Lin Feng went back to the tent, everybody was resting already. Only Xu Gan was still seated in the main hall. He was shaking his fan and drinking tea. He seemed even more mysterious.

In terms of age, Lin Feng was supposed to call Xu Gan Master, because he was Ancestor Kong’s disciple. He called Mister Time and Xuan Master, after all, but since he was pretending to be Young Master Zhu Tian, he had to call him by his name, even in private since some cultivators could be watching them with their godly awareness.

“Xu Gan, aren’t you going to take a rest?” Lin Feng smiled calmly, sitting down next to Xu Gan.

Xu Gan looked at his fan. He had a strange expression. It was impossible to know what he was thinking.

“Young Master, I came here to plot as well. Now, we’re here and I saw Di Shu continued plotting against your friends and family members. Wouldn’t you be worried if I weren’t here?” said Xu Gan, smiling in amusement.

Lin Feng knew that Xu Gan was about to start plotting against Di Shu and the members of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

“Xu Gan, do your best. I can’t wait to see the results,” replied Lin Feng, smiling broadly. He had faith in Xu Gan.

Xu Gan nodded and stood up before walking out of the hall.

Lin Feng only saw a white light flash and Xu Gan disappeared. He couldn’t even see him with his godly awareness.

Lin Feng sighed. Ancestor Kong’s disciple was extremely strong. Apart from Mister Time, who had sacrificed half of his strength for him and thus needed more time to cultivate, the others were all beasts.

At dawn, Lin Feng didn’t see Xu Gan, but he had no time to think about him, he had to focus on something really important: his battle against Dong Fang Tian Xia.

Lin Feng and Dong Fang Tian Xia weren’t there yet, but the battlefield was already full of people. They couldn’t wait to see the fight. Some strong cultivators from first-class groups were seated cross-legged at the top of the mountain. They hoped to learn a lot from the battle.

The sun shone down on the palaces and finally, the protagonists appeared.

Lin Feng slowly came out of a tent. He was wearing extremely fine clothes, so people were convinced he had a very powerful background.

Lin Zhe Tian, Tu Dao and Tu Ba were behind Lin Feng. Tu Dao had already broken through to the third Godly Emperor Layer. One more step and he’d become as strong as his older brother. Lin Feng hadn’t thought Tu Dao was so talented.

Zhu Tian walked to the center of the battlefield slowly. The atmosphere became extremely silent, heavy, and even scary until the people of the Gods Government arrived.

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