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Chapter 497: The Celestial Emperors Dynasty Sinks into Chaos!

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When Zhu Tian and Dong Fang Tian Xia’s battle finished, the news quickly spread around in the Continent of the Gods. The Continent of the Gods sank into chaos once again. The Three Party Competition even stopped.

Di Shu stole Tian Di’s most valuable treasure, his imperial crown. The spiritual Qi of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty dried up. All the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty ended up severely injured because they were all meditating in seclusion when the spiritual Qi dried up. As they hadn’t stopped absorbing spiritual Qi in a timely manner, they had ended up in bad shape.

Not only did the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty end up injured, but Tian Di himself was also hurt. His celestial imperial crown was a supreme godly imperial weapon, the symbol of Tian Di’s power, yet someone had dared steal it!

Besides, nobody thought that the military adviser, Di Shu, of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would steal Tian Di’s imperial crown. Tian Fan was the one who had brought Di Shu into the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He used to say that man had a heavenly gift when it came to plotting.

Because his son had brought Di Shu to the Dynasty, Tian Di had decided to make his son happy so he had made Di Shu become a military adviser. When he had started plotting against Lin Feng, Tian Di had thought highly of him, so he had put him in charge of looking after the crown.

He never thought Di Shu would steal it. It was a great offense!

The Celestial Emperors Dynasty sank into chaos. Tian Di’s clone looked grim, his face already liver-colored. He hastily went back to Godsland and fused with his original body.

Yan Zun and the leader of the Gods Government went back to their respective groups to avoid getting involved in the omnipresent chaos. The chaos of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty could spill over. At this time, the Three Party Competition had stopped.


When Lin Feng went back to the palace, Xu Gan was waiting outside. He was surrounded by a cold Qi and looked exhausted, like he had been traveling for a long time.

Lin Feng thought of what had happened in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Had Xu Gan caused all that? Xu Gan had said he was plotting against Di Shu and in the end, in less than half a day, Di Shu had stolen Tian Di’s crown. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think it was all thanks to Xu Gan.

If it was all thanks to Xu Gan, it meant he was incredibly good at plotting. Di Shu was already good at plotting, but against someone like Xu Gan, it seemed like nothing could be done.

Who was Ancestor Kong, really? How come his disciples were so strong?

When Xu Gan came inside, he sat down on a chair and made some tea. He took a few sips of tea and his face reddened with his first drink. Then he took a deep breath.

“Anything happen outside?” asked Xu Gan. Lin Feng was convinced Xu Gan had done everything.

“It is said that Tian Di’s crown has been stolen by Di Shu, and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty sent all their strong cultivators to chase him,” said Lin Feng, smiling knowingly.

Xu Gan shook his fan and smiled. Many people from Gods City wanted to come in, but they controlled themselves when they learned that Young Master Zhu Tian and Xu Gan were taking a rest inside.

When Lin Feng saw Xu Gan was smiling in amusement, he was convinced Xu Gan had done everything.

“Xu Gan, you…”

“I did it. No need to be surprised. My teacher asked me to help you, especially with Di Shu. He didn’t want me to fight against all your opponents, he wanted me to help change your destiny.

“To be honest, Di Shu wouldn’t even be able to compete with me in a battle. I didn’t want to waste my time with him though, because Brother Xuan Yuan still has things to do. Di Shu could have been a problem, so I had to get rid of him and have him betray the Celestial Emperors Dynasty,” Xu Gan explained proudly and confidently.

Lin Feng gasped with amazement. Xu Gan was definitely entitled to be proud. He had incredible abilities when it came to plotting!

“How did you do that, though?” Lin Feng wondered. He really wanted to know. Di Shu wouldn’t be able to get away with the accusations leveled against him. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty wouldn’t let him off.

Nobody would ever believe it was a plot.

When Xu Gan heard Lin Feng, he just smiled and shook his fan, then he said slowly, “Right now, you have a different identity and a different Qi. I can do that, too.

“It’s not easy to transform into Di Shu. I heard that Di Shu was in charge of the crown, so I studied him carefully and disguised myself as him. Then I went to the room where the crown was and stole it. Of course, I did it openly, so that people could see me. That’s how the rumors started spreading,” Xu Gan smiled resplendently.

Lin Feng admired his intelligence, nodding his approval, but he also thought of a problem; what if Di Shu was with Tian Fan when the crown was stolen, wouldn’t people realize there was a problem?

Lin Feng was going to ask when Xu Gan interrupted him and smiled, “I know what you’re thinking. I’d like to ask you one thing; if you saw your worst enemy, what would you do?”

“I wouldn’t let him off, of course. Eh, what you mean is…?” Lin Feng’s eyes were wide.

“Indeed. I had someone transform into you, and Di Shu noticed him. He must still be chasing ‘you’ right now.

“When he goes back to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, he’ll be killed by the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. If he’s a true plotter, he’ll understand it was all a plot against him and then he won’t go back to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

“All we can do now is wait and see. If he comes back, then he’s doomed. If he doesn’t come back, you go and get rid of him,” said Xu Gan. He took out a green jade talisman, and put it on the table; Di Shu’s location was on it. Soon after, Xu Gan left.

Lin Feng looked at the talisman on the table. He admired Xu Gan more and more. As expected, Ancestor Kong’s disciples were amazing. Xu Gan had now helped him get rid of Di Shu. What a relief!

Lin Feng took the talisman and decided to wait. He’d see what Di Shu would do. If Di Shu was smart enough, he wouldn’t go back. If he was stupid, he’d go back to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and then many strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would kill him.

No matter what, Di Shu was doomed!

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