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Chapter 498: Killing Di Shu!

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So Xu Gan stole the crown, thought Lin Feng. Where was the crown now, though? Maybe Xu Gan had already brought it to Ancestor Kong or the Demon Emperor…

But Lin Feng didn’t care about the crown. The plan had been a success. Now, Lin Feng couldn’t wait to see Di Shu dead. Di Shu had been plotting against him for a long time; without Di Shu, Lin Feng would be much safer.

Lin Feng sensed that the talisman was shaking. Di Shu was getting farther and farther away, which meant that he had realized there was something wrong. He was trying to escape.

When Lin Feng saw where Di Shu was, he admired Xu Gan even more, because Xu Gan had baited him to Gods City.

Lin Feng went looking for the leader of Gods City, Godly Emperor Du Hu, and Lin Zhe Tian.

“Di Shu is escaping; he’s not far from Gods City. Can you contact your different groups and have them send some Godly Emperors to temporarily block Di Shu? I will fly as quickly as I can to Gods City and kill him.”

When Lin Feng said that, everybody acted quickly. The situation had changed in the previous months. In the Du Hu Government, one of the disciples had broken through to the first Godly Emperor Layer and had become the new leader of the Du Hu Government.

The ancestor of Sword Mountain had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, Jian Shi had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer, and together the three Godly Emperors were enough to block Di Shu temporarily.

Lin Zhe Tian contacted Sword Mountain and informed Jian Shi and the ancestor about the situation, and Godly Emperor Du Hu informed his disciple. The three Godly Emperors gathered where Lin Feng told them.

Lin Feng left quickly, heading for Gods City. He crossed the Illusion Forest, so he also took Tu Dao with him.

Tu Dao now had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. Yan Di had recruited him as a disciple, so Tu Dao had progressed very quickly with his potential. Lin Feng admired Tu Dao for his talent.

Tu Dao didn’t know that Zhu Tian was Lin Feng, but he admired strong cultivators, so he agreed to help him cross the forest.

With Tu Dao, it was even easier to cross the forest. In less than a day, they arrived in Gods City. When Lin Feng had first traveled from Gods City to the Gods Government, he had only possessed the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Now he had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, so he was much faster.

Back then, it had taken him a few days to cross the boundless forest, and he had bumped into Han Da Li, Tu Dao, and the others. Now that he was going back to kill Di Shu, he flew extremely quickly, he couldn’t fly any faster.

When Lin Feng arrived in Gods City, he didn’t waste time, flying straight towards where Di Shu was. When Lin Feng saw that his location hadn’t changed on the talisman, he understood that Jian Shi and the others had successfully stopped him.

After a short time, Lin Feng arrived where Di Shu and the few Godly Emperors were. They all looked exhausted already; Di Shu was an extremely dangerous plotter and dealing him with was complicated. They were even injured.

The three Godly Emperors didn’t know Zhu Tian, but Lin Zhe Tian had told them how strong he was and that he was there to help them.

Jian Shi, the ancestor of Sword Mountain, and the leader of the Du Hu Government all retreated to give Lin Feng space.

Lin Feng slowly walked over to Di Shu, stopping a thousand meters away from him. Di Shu looked unsightly, his face pale and his hair messy. His robe was completely shredded. It was difficult to imagine that he used to be the military adviser of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and a chosen one.

Di Shu watched Zhu Tian. He knew he couldn’t escape anymore; he even knew he was doomed. He glanced around, seeing a waterfall and a river. Not such a bad place to die, he thought.

There was something he didn’t understand though, and he wouldn’t die content because of it.

“Zhu Tian, who are you?” asked Di Shu. He hoped Zhu Tian would reply. Was he one of his sworn enemies?

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. Maybe Di Shu wondered if Zhu Tian was Lin Feng; otherwise, he wouldn’t ask, but Lin Feng didn’t want to tell him because he didn’t want Di Shu to die content.

“No need to talk shit now. It’s time for you to die,” Lin Feng said as he attacked. Even though Di Shu knew he was going to die, he still used his full strength to block the attack.

But Lin Feng wasn’t like back then, he now understood the strength of the Great Tao. He could very easily kill someone like Di Shu.

He stretched out his hand and thrust it at Di Shu’s chest.

After that, Lin Feng kicked Di Shu and smashed him away. Di Shu crashed against a tree which exploded. His eyes were wide open, blood kept gushing out of his mouth.

There was a hole in his chest, and Lin Feng was holding Di Shu’s beating heart. He had torn it out of Di Shu’s chest. That’s how much he hated Di Shu.

Di Shu’s heart was still pulsing. Lin Feng crushed it, and it exploded. Pieces of flesh sprayed in every direction.

“You plotted against me and had my primordial spirit destroyed. Now I have destroyed your heart.” Lin Feng stared at Di Shu, speaking to him telepathically. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of back when Di Shu was an elder in the Gods Sect. He had become a Supreme Elder, then he had gone to Godsland and become the military adviser of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. It was a nice career.

But the problem was that he hadn’t managed to forget his sworn enemy and he had done his best to kill him. When he had learned Lin Feng’s soul had finally been destroyed, he hadn’t slept for three days, but at the same time, he had had a bad premonition, like Lin Feng hadn’t died.

Now, he was going to die. When he heard what Lin Feng told him, Di Shu smiled in despair. He pointed at Zhu Tian with his finger, but he could only gurgle a scream, drop his head to his chest, and die with his eyes open.

He was dead, but he hadn’t died content!

Lin Feng’s worst enemy was dead. Finally!

Di Shu was dead. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about him anymore. This terrifying enemy who had spent so much time plotting against him was finally dead…

Lin Feng took Di Shu’s corpse, it was symbolic. Di Shu was the only one who had managed to kill him. If Ancestor Kong hadn’t been there, he would have never had a second chance. He rather admired Di Shu.

Lin Feng’s identity wasn’t revealed, so he couldn’t talk long to Jian Shi. He just thanked him and then followed Tu Dao and they headed back to Gods Government.


When Lin Feng and Tu Dao arrived in the mountains, it was already dark outside. The situation in Godsland had already calmed down a lot because the crown Di Shu had stolen had been brought back, and Di Shu had been killed by some strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

When Lin Feng heard, he just thought that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was lying, but maybe they did so to gain peace in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, or maybe they had really found the crown.

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