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Chapter 499: Lin Feng Is Zhu Tian?!

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After the issue of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was solved, the Three Party Competition started again. The first rounds were over, the battles continued, but there were only a dozen people.

Nobody challenged Tian Fan. Some people challenged Yan Chang and Yan Di. The two brothers won all the battles and were qualified.

Long Yan from the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty also won, but suddenly announced he didn’t want to participate anymore and quit. All the members of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty left with him.

Many people were happy that Long Yan wasn’t participating anymore; that was one less potential champion. However, the one who had the most potential to advance was not Long Yan, Bai Qi, or Dong Fang Tian Xia, but Young Master Zhu Tian!!

Everybody was convinced Young Master Zhu Tian was going to be the champion. People didn’t understand why he represented Gods City, though. If he won the Three Party Competition, it would be a huge step forward for Gods City, maybe some incredible cultivators would start emerging from Gods City.

On the side of Godsland, apart from those people, Fu Su Rong and Yan Ran Xue also had the potential to become champions. Lin Feng was also surprised to see Meng Qing fighting on the side of Godsland.

On the side of the Gods Government, there were fewer people, only Bai Qi and Si Ma Yan. Dong Fang Tian Xia had already left, he didn’t want to participate anymore.

On the side of Gods City, there were only two people as well: Zhu Tian and Huang Nü.

Huang Nü had chosen to represent Gods City because it was easy to get a spot for the competition and also, it was the best way if she wanted to rebuild the Great Huang Dynasty.

The ten people represented the future of the Continent of the Gods. They would probably become as strong as, if not stronger than, Tian Di in the future.

For the second round, they drew lots. If Lin Feng got the first card and Tian Fan got the first card as well, they would have to fight; the winner would be qualified, the loser would be eliminated.

Then, the five last people would go to the life and death battlefield, which meant that among those people, maybe only two would survive, or perhaps even only one. The survivor would be an ultimate cultivator in the future of the continent.

Today, ten Godly Emperors were in charge of the contestants drawing lots.

A cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer arrived and had Lin Feng and Huang Nü draw cards. They didn’t open them immediately, needing to open them in front of someone who had been assigned to testify the process.

On the second day, Lin Feng and Huang Nü went to the battle stage. They didn’t talk.

When they arrived, there were millions of people already gathered, an ocean of people. They were all waiting for the geniuses of the competition. They wouldn’t miss this for all the money in the world.

The strong cultivators of the two Dynasties arrived; Yan Duan had sent his clone, Yan Hui and Yan Zhan were standing behind Yan Duan’s clone.

On the side of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the vice leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty arrived with three cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. Lin Feng noticed that Huang Nü started shaking when the vice leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty appeared. She looked furious, and her eyes turned red.

Lin Feng guessed that that cultivator had participated in the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty in the past, so that man was one of Huang Nü’s worst enemies…

The vice leader sensed something and looked in Huang Nü’s direction. Lin Feng stepped in front of Huang Nü to prevent the vice leader from seeing her face.

He knew who Young Master Zhu Tian was, and didn’t want to offend him. The man turned his head away and ignored the sensation.

When the vice leader looked  away, Lin Feng looked over and took a deep breath. If the vice leader had discovered Huang Nü, it would have been problematic. The three godly beasts couldn’t protect her from Tian Di, and Tian Di might have sent some more cultivators to look for survivors of the Great Huang Dynasty and kill them.

Huang Nü didn’t understand why Zhu Tian had stepped in front of her. She frowned.

Could it be that tensions existed between Zhu Tian and the vice leader?

Huang Nü was suspicious. A few days before, Yan Di and Zhu Tian didn’t seem that close, but then they had had a private conversation and since that conversation, they seemed closer to one another.

Yan Di had only one real friend, Lin Feng. Huang Nü knew that perfectly well.

Therefore, she couldn’t help but think of Lin Feng when she saw Zhu Tian do that. She was sure Zhu Tian was Lin Feng.

Thinking about that, she couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and smiled broadly. Lin Feng was alive!

Huang Nü didn’t know why he hadn’t told them who he was, but he probably had his own reasons, therefore Huang Nü respected his silence.

After a short time, all the strongest cultivators arrived so the Three Party Competition could continue. The manager of the Three Party Competition was a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer from the Gods Government.

He was an old man with white hair on his temples with a few wrinkles. He seemed full of vitality, with the eyes of an eagle.

Lin Feng understood that this old man was an aide to the leader of the Gods Government, the second leader. He was quite strong and had lots of experience, so he was put in charge of this round.

“Please, contestants, take out your cards,” the old man said to the contestants.

Lin Feng and the others took out their cards. Golden lights flashed, and numbers appeared on the cards. On Lin Feng’s card, the number 5 appeared.

Lin Feng would fight against the one who had the other 5 card.

Lin Feng glanced around. Meng Qing had the 5 card!

Bad luck. How could he fight against Meng Qing? How was that possible?

Seeing Lin Feng’s expression, Huang Nü was now convinced that he was her husband. Lin Feng wasn’t in a good mood.

Lin Feng didn’t want to fight against Meng Qing. Even though killing one’s opponent wasn’t an obligation, Lin Feng still wanted to win the competition.

The fact that Meng Qing was participating proved she was motivated to become stronger.

She had told him so a long time before. How could Lin Feng be the one who would eliminate Meng Qing?

Lin Feng couldn’t let that happen, therefore he took a deep breath and decided something.

“Meng Qing against Young Master Zhu Tian!” shouted the old man. Young Master Zhu Tian was going to fight against Lin Feng’s wife? Everybody imagined how Lin Feng would have reacted if Lin Feng had still been alive.

But at that moment, it wasn’t Lin Feng who spoke, but Zhu Tian.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Meng Qing in her white dress, then he looked at the crowd and shouted, “I think it’s time for me to reveal my real identity.”

“What? Young Master Zhu Tian will tell us his real identity?”

“Awesome! Finally! We’ll know who he really is.”

“I’m sure he’s the disciple of some mysterious and incredible hermit. He must be  a hermit’s strongest disciple.”

“His teacher must be peerless.”

Many people started whispering.

Lin Zhe Tian ignored those people. All the people he was close to raised their heads; Tang You You, Lin Zhe Tian, Meng Qing, Yan Chang, Yan Di, and the others.

Tian Fan and Si Ma Yan also raised their heads. Zhu Tian had become famous, so they were curious too.

Everybody stopped talking and waited.

Lin Feng stared at Meng Qing gently, Meng Qing wondered what he was going to say…

Lin Feng took a deep breath, he put his hand on his face and after that, many people were astonished. Lin Feng’s true face appeared.

Suddenly, everybody started talking.


“What? “Eh….”

“How’s that possible?”

“Oh my God, eh… Young Master Zhu Tian is Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng is Young Master Zhu Tian!?”

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