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Chapter 500: Meng Qing Is Different!

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Everybody was shaking They calmed down only after a long time. When they realized that Lin Feng was the one who had defeated Bai Qi, who had won fifteen consecutive fights, who had defeated Dong Fang Tian Xia…

Zhu Tian had become famous after a few fights. When they realized Zhu Tian was Lin Feng, they also realized how strong he was.

Everybody remained silent. Lin Zhe Tian and Tang You You were stupefied. Lin Zhe Tian’s heart was racing. Tang You You wanted to cry in relief, but she controlled herself.

Lin Feng was alive. Her husband was alive, and he was even stronger. Zhu Tian was Lin Feng, he was the one who had amazed everybody for the previous few days.

Only Yan Di already knew he was Lin Feng. Huang Nü had just guessed it. Apart from them, nobody knew.

Meng Qing was astonished. Lin Feng was back and had been dazzling since the beginning of the Three Party Competition.

However, Meng Qing realized that Lin Feng might wanted her to surrender and withdraw from the competition. But she thought of her teacher, and she decided not to give up. If she wanted to become enlightened, she had go through hardships, even if she failed sometimes.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing, and she looked back at him. Lin Feng noticed that Meng Qing’s Qi was even colder, and she looked prouder. He had never felt like this before, it was like there was a distance between them.

What had Meng Qing gone through during the previous months? Lin Feng wanted to know everything, but what she said gave him a bad premonition.

“Husband, attack now,” said Meng Qing, smiling calmly. She still looked bewitching when she smiled. Lin Feng shivered. How cold…

Meng Qing really looked like a snow fox, she didn’t make people want to get closer anymore. Even Lin Feng had that impression. Lin Feng had once had this feeling when Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin had become Empress Xi’s “victims”, when they had started studying emotionless Dao.

Was Miss Snow like Empress Xi? Did she practice emotionless cultivation as well? If that was the case, it would mean that Meng Qing had become a second Empress Xi!

Lin Feng decided to go and meet Miss Snow after the Three Party Competition. He wanted to know more about her.

“Are you sure you want to fight, Meng Qing?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t know what to think.

Meng Qing seemed like a stranger. Lin Feng didn’t like this at all.

When Lin Zhe Tian heard that, he seemed confused. His father had just revealed his identity because he had thought she’d surrender, but she hadn’t. Lin Zhe Tian didn’t understand.

Meng Qing nodded patiently and said, “Of course, I definitely want to have a fight.”

“Do you have a specific purpose?” said Lin Feng. He felt extremely sad. He had never seen Miss Snow, but he hated her already.

“If I lose and you win, then people will think even more highly of you. If I win and you lose, you’ll help me understand the strength of the Great Tao!” said Meng Qing coolly. Her Qi was blood-curling.

Lin Feng was really unhappy. He hated Miss Snow more and more. He had been forced to destroy Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin’s emotionless strength, so he was convinced he could do the same for Meng Qing.


“Husband, let’s exchange plates,” said Huang Nü, interrupting Lin Feng. Huang Nü stepped forwards and gave Lin Feng a jade plate. Lin Feng grabbed it. Huang Nü looked at Meng Qing.

“Sister, we can fight,” Huang Nü smiled.

Meng Qing just looked at her coldly. It didn’t matter whether she fought against Lin Feng or Huang Nü, she just wanted to prove how strong she was.

“Alright, attack now,” said Meng Qing, getting ready to attack. Huang Nü also got ready to fight. It was only the second time they had seen one another, and now they were going to fight.

“Little Huang, no,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t want his wives to fight. It didn’t matter whether Meng Qing was under the control of emotionless Dao, he couldn’t let his wives fight!

“Husband, I know that something may have happened to Sister Meng Qing, I also know how much you love one another. I will not ruin your relationship. When the right time comes, you’ll find a solution and I’ll support you!” Huang Nü smiled. She charged Meng Qing. Meng Qing stretched out her hand; a snowy-white beam of light appeared and flew past Huang Nü’s head.

Huang Nü looked calm and composed. She threw a punch at Meng Qing’s chest but she only used thirty percent of her strength. Her Qi was ice-cold. Even Huang Nü found it difficult to stay close, she couldn’t help but step backwards.

Lin Feng’s wives were fighting; Lin Feng had no choice but to watch nervously. Who was going to win? Everyone asked themselves the same question.

Bai Qi and Tian Fan looked at Lin Feng icily. Bai Qi also understood that Lin Feng was the one Qing Feng liked, and Bai Qi wanted Qing Feng!

Bai Qi was unhappy that he had lost against the man Qing Feng loved, but Bai Qi wasn’t going to let him off. He was convinced he was going to fight against Lin Feng again because Huang Nü had given him her plate and the number of his plate was 3.

Bai Qi also had the 3 card. He had thought he’d fight against Huang Nü.

Tian Fan had the 1 card, his opponent was Yan Chang. Si Ma Yan’s card the 4 card, his opponent was Yan Ran Xue. He had never seen that beautiful woman before. It was said that Yan Ran Xue was the most beautiful woman of the Continent of the Gods; Si Ma Yan wanted to get on intimate terms with her.

Yan Di had the 2 card, so his opponent would be Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng glanced at Bai Qi and Tian Fan, then returned to watching Huang Nü and Meng Qing again. They were still fighting. Huang Nü was in a bad position.

Lin Feng was scared because each time Meng Qing attacked, her attacks were deadly. She seemed merciless.

Meng Qing simply scared Lin Feng.

Miss Snow, if you use Meng Qing, you will regret it, you chose the wrong person, thought Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Lin Feng didn’t know that ten thousand li away from there, an ice-cold woman standing on the top of a snow mountain. That woman could sense someone hated her.

“Meng Qing, you can finish in first place, right?”

“If she finishes first, I can show up again.”

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