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Chapter 502: Yan Ran Xue? Yi Ren Lei?

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Regarding Yan Ran Xue, people only knew her name, but many had never seen her, including Lin Feng. The most beautiful woman of the Continent of the Gods was mysterious. Back in the days, she had finished fifth on the Gods List, but after that, nobody had heard from her again.

Therefore, when the old man of the Gods Government announced that Yan Ran Xue and Si Ma Yan were going to fight, everybody looked at him and quickly forgot about Huang Nü and Meng Qing’s duel.

Lin Feng looked at the mysterious and handsome Si Ma Yan. He was wearing a white robe and had a jade belt. He wore his hair in a bun.

When Si Ma Yan saw Lin Feng, he smiled and waved at him. Lin Feng nodded. Yan Di had told Lin Feng that Si Ma Yan’s identity was complex and mysterious. All the members of the three Dynasties and the Gods Government respected him.

“Yan Ran Xue is here,” said someone in the crowd. Everybody glanced around and saw white lights flash in the distance. Four graceful women in white skirts appeared, holding a sedan chair.

Those four women looked extraordinarily beautiful, like celestial beings. However, their Qi was ice-cold. The four women each had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

A pure white Qi surrounded them. The crowd watched them as they crouched down and put the sedan chair on the ground. The crowd couldn’t see inside.

Lin Feng looked at the sedan chair as well. A woman in white clothes opened the curtains and stepped out. She looked cold and noble, and was also wearing a white skirt. She had a silver jade hairpin in her beautiful pitch-black hair, which hung over her shoulders.

Yan Ran Xue was devastatingly beautiful. Many people gasped with amazement, but Lin Feng was astonished.

Yan Ran Xue? Or Yi Ren Lei?

Tang You You, Lin Zhe Tian, and the others were completely astonished too. Yan Ran Xue looked like…

Yi Ren Lei. She was Yi Ren Lei. Tang You You was sure Yan Ran Xue was Yi Ren Lei. At least, there was no difference between Yi Ren Lei and Yan Ran Xue. They looked exactly the same, extremely beautiful.

Yan Ran Xue noticed that some people were looking at her. Her eyes gleamed. She bit her lips and looked at Lin Feng, smiling slightly. All the men there looked bewitched.

Yan Ran Xue walked towards the battlefield and stopped in front of Si Ma Yan. She looked like an Ice and Snow Goddess.

When standing next to her, it was difficult to look elegant and noble.

However, when she looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng didn’t see anything familiar, as if they didn’t know each other. How was that possible? Was it really Yi Ren Lei then?

Or was he wrong? He had doubts. Long ago, the last time they had met, there was no animosity, even if they had decided to live separate lives because Yi Ren Lei couldn’t get used to Lin Feng’s lifestyle.

A hundred years had passed, and now he saw someone who looked like Yi Ren Lei, but didn’t really seem to be her.

Yan Ran Xue and Si Ma Yan started fighting. Everybody moved away to give them space.

Si Ma Yan sighed. He thought that even Meng Qing and Huang Nü couldn’t compete with her in terms of beauty. He imagined what it would be like to be in a relationship with her.

Yan Ran Xue stared at Si Ma Yan, trying to read him. She was sure he wanted something from her.

Her Qi became ice-cold. Her white dress fluttered in the wind. Pure Qi started rolling in waves around her.

“I will be merciful, Miss,” said Si Ma Yan, shaking his fan and smiling.

A hard smile appeared on Yan Ran Xue’s face, she replied coolly, “No need. Please!”

Yan Ran Xue disappeared. Si Ma Yan was surprised. Si Ma Yan couldn’t afford to be careless so he flashed away.

However, when he appeared in the sky, Yan Ran Xue suddenly reappeared above him. Her small blue shoes landed on his shoulders. Si Ma Yan turned red and threw a punch upwards. Yan Ran Xue smiled, disappearing again like a snowflake.

Si Ma Yan looked grim. There seemed to be something wrong. Yan Ran Xue was using the strength of the Great Tao?

Both Lin Feng and Si Ma Yan frowned. Yan Ran Xue’s agility technique contained great Tao strength. People in the Continent of the Gods didn’t use great Tao strength, they used small Tao strength.

Could it be that Yan Ran Xue wasn’t from Godsland? Was she from Gods Country?

The duel was fierce. Si Ma Yan wasn’t easy to defeat. A moment before, it had been difficult because he had been bewitched by Yan Ran Xue’s beauty. Now Yan Ran Xue had to use her full strength to defeat Si Ma Yan. Yan Ran Xue was shocked by his power.

She looked cute and gentle, but it was better not to judge a book by its cover.

Yan Ran Xue threw a punch. Snowflakes appeared all around. Ice imprints appeared and shot towards Si Ma Yan. Si Ma Yan raised his hands, formed some hand seals, and a wall of energy appeared.

The ice imprints crashed against the wall of energy. The first layer broke apart, but not the second, it just started melting slowly. The ice imprints slowed down a lot. Si Ma Yan threw a punch back at her.

Si Ma Yan knew he had to do all he could to defeat her. He had said he’d be merciful, but between the champion title and this woman, he’d prefer being the champion. He’d be able to do a great deal if he won.

Si Ma Yan blocked Yan Ran Xue’s attack. When he sensed Yan Ran Xue’s fist, it felt ice-cold and her energies pierced through his skin. Yan Ran Xue flashed and raised her hands, her godly ice energy feeling like it weighed a million tons. It shot straight towards Si Ma Yan’s chest.

Si Ma Yan grunted icily, flashing backwards. Yan Ran Xue stood up and raised her hands. Si Ma Yan was surprised, the ground shook. A hundred threads of godly aura appeared in front of him. They turned into sharp blades and moved towards Yan Ran Xue.

Yan Ran Xue was surprised, making some hand seals. Two-hundred-zhang-long threads of sharp light appeared. Si Ma Yan’s expression changed drastically. He threw a punch and the two threads of ice light broke.

Si Ma Yan looked at Yan Ran Xue angrily. Many people gasped with amazement. Was Si Ma Yan going to lose? Was Yan Ran Xue that strong?

Si Ma Yan clenched his fists in fury, and his muscles twitched. How could he let a woman defeat him? What a humiliation!

“You piss me off!” shouted Si Ma Yan furiously. He was starting to lose control.

He wanted to be the champion and nobody could stop him anymore!

Yan Ran Xue looked calm and composed. She wasn’t scared. When she heard Si Ma Yan shout furiously, she was unmoved.

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