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Chapter 504: Forget About the Past!

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Lin Feng left the tent and walked down the mountain a little. This time, Lin Feng’s mood was different from when he had gone there with Yan Di the previous time. The previous time, he was depressed and worried because Yan Di had recognized him, so he had been scared some other people would recognize him as well.

But this time, it was different. Lin Feng followed the woman in the white skirt calmly and serenely. He was excited on the inside, however. Who was Yan Ran Xue for real? What had she said to Si Ma Yan during the competition?

Lin Feng was puzzled and curious. When they arrived in front of the pavilion, it was already dark outside. The moon shone and the stars twinkled, and Lin Feng saw a woman in a white skirt standing inside the pavilion.

The woman looked elegant and noble. When he arrived, she blushed, but breathing remained even. He looked at her large breasts moving up and down. Her white skirt made her look pure, noble and indifferent, but she looked different from Meng Qing. Before Meng Qing had studied emotionless Dao, she had looked both cold and warm.

The woman who had brought Lin Feng there didn’t enter the pavilion. She curtsied and left Lin Feng and Yan Ran Xue.

The atmosphere was extremely calm and peaceful. They could hear the cicadas stridulate (1). Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Yan Ran Xue also remained silent. After a long time, Lin Feng started feeling awkward.

“Miss Yan Ran Xue, you called me?” Lin Feng couldn’t help it anymore, and broke the silence.

After that, the atmosphere became a bit better. Yan Ran Xue giggled. Her smile looked so pure and honest.

“I thought you wouldn’t talk first, Lin Feng, but you haven’t changed,” said Yan Ran Xue, smiling gently.

When Lin Feng heard her, he shivered. He raised his head and after a long time, he said slowly, “As expected, it’s you, Yi Ren Lei.”

“Yes, Lin Feng. It’s me. We haven’t seen each other for a hundred years, how are you?” asked Yan Ran Xue, nodding cautiously. She kept blushing.

“I’m alright. I’ve been in the Continent of the Gods for a few dozen years. I can say I succeeded here,” replied Lin Feng. He remembered back in the days, he used to talk a lot, but this time, he didn’t talk so much, he just looked at Yi Ren Lei.

“I never thought you’d come to the great world. I thought you’d stay in the Continent of the Nine Clouds as an invisible and calm ruler,” Yi Ren Lei giggled.

Lin Feng smiled patiently and asked, “What about you? What are you doing here?”

“Me? Nothing much. I’m just helping my husband with a few things,” said Yi Ren Lei. Her expression suddenly changed. Her tone of speech was different too. But then she smiled resplendently once again.

When Lin Feng heard her, his heart twitched. He looked at her pure and noble smile. He couldn’t believe it. “Your husband?”

“Yes, it’s all thanks to you. Without you, I would still be single, I guess.

“My husband is really good to me and he loves me. I’m happier than your wives. You have many wives, but are they happy?” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling in a particularly resplendent way. When he saw that smile, Lin Feng understood she wasn’t trying to infuriate him.

Lin Feng smiled. Infuriate him? Why would Yi Ren Lei want to infuriate him? How could even get angry when she said something? He didn’t manage to make his wives equally happy, that’s one of the reasons why Yi Ren Lei had decided not to marry him. If Lin Feng had wanted to be with Yi Ren Lei, he would have had to give up his other wives.

Therefore, they had taken two different paths. Now things were different, because Yi Ren Lei had already found someone she loved.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled, but his smile didn’t look sincere at all.

“Oh, I see. Congratulations. You must be happy that you’ve finally found someone you love,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know what else to say.

Yan Ran Xue, I should call her Yan Ran Xue now, she isn’t Yi Ren Lei anymore, thought Lin Feng.

Yan Ran Xue looked at Lin Feng. She could see that Lin Feng still had feelings for her. He had never forgotten her and the beautiful times they had had together.

“Forget about the past, Lin Feng. Don’t let the past influence the present and the future. A bright future awaits you.

“I am happy now. My husband is good to me. He knows about what happened between you and me. He never felt any animosity towards you though. I’m very lucky,” said Yan Ran Xue. She looked honest and pure.

When Lin Feng heard her, he sighed. That was his destiny. It was better to forget about the past. She wasn’t his. He had to resign himself.

“Alright, Miss Yan Ran Xue. My name is Lin Feng. Nice to meet you,” said Lin Feng smiling in a free and unrestrained way. He bowed hand over fist.

Yan Ran Xue put her hands on her hips and curtsied. She smiled and said, “My name is Yan Ran Xue, I am Fu Su Rong’s wife.”

“I’ll go and pay a visit to your husband when I have time. It’s early in the morning now, the sun is rising. Miss Yan Ran Xue, I’m going back. I don’t want to bother your husband.”

“I’m off too. See you.”

It was useless to stay any longer, they didn’t belong together.

Maybe Lin Feng would never come back to that pavilion. He almost felt ashamed, humiliated.

Forget the past? Easier said than done. She couldn’t imagine that Lin Feng’s honor was so important to him, no matter who was involved, friends or enemies. She had humiliated him there. Lin Feng wasn’t petty and vile, but he wasn’t a gentleman, either.

Maybe you found a better husband, but I will do better things than your husband, Fu Su Rong. I will be stronger than him. You could have chosen me but you didn’t, so I will show you how your husband is, thought Lin Feng.


Lin Feng left. Yan Ran Xue looked at his back and then took out a piece of silk cloth. It was a piece of Lin Feng’s sleeve from long ago. She clenched her fist and looked extremely sad.

So it’s really over forever now? What did you want to tell me?, thought Yi Ren Lei gazing into the distance. Lin Feng had already disappeared.


Lin Feng went back to his palace, but didn’t go into the main hall. He went to Meng Qing’s room. She was still in a coma. It was scorching hot in the room.

“This is the fire Master Yan Duan used to seal her emotionless strength?” Lin Feng asked Tang You You and Huang Nü.

The two women stood up and looked at their husband gently. When Lin Feng saw Huang Nü and Tang You You, he instantly felt better and forgot about what had just happened.

He had many wives and he really loved them. Tang You You, Meng Qing, Huang Nü, Qiu Yue Xin, Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, and even the discreet Liu Fei.

He was responsible for his wives, how could be depressed because of Yi Ren Lei? It wasn’t necessary.

“Husband, do you need us to escort you tonight?”


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