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Chapter 505: Waiting

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Very early in the morning, millions of people had already gathered. They were all excited, wanting to know who the champion would be.

Today, the crowd would see the four champions. Initially, five were supposed to be in the top of the list, but Meng Qing couldn’t participate anymore. Those four people represented the future of the continent.

What did it mean to be the best the champion? Many people understood that the champion would have the potential to become the leader of the Continent of the Gods. The Gods List and the top-class competitions were useful for two reasons: finding talented people and seeing how they reacted in fierce battles. The Three Party Competition had a different meaning; it was meant to find the strongest genius of the continent.

The whole continent would do their best to raise the champion of the competition. There was no resistance because that cultivator would protect the continent.

Some people said Tian Di was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods, but they didn’t know whether there were stronger cultivators behind the scenes or not. Were there cultivators whose cultivation level was above the eighth Godly Emperor Layer?

Therefore, for the time being, Tian Di was considered the strongest cultivator, but it didn’t mean he was an ultimate leader. To be an ultimate leader, the Three Dynasties, as well as all the hermits of the continent needed to acknowledge allegiance to that leader. That was what a real ultimate leader was like, and it wasn’t Tian Di’s case.

At least, that wasn’t the case for the time being.

Time passed slowly. No matter who would get eliminated, Tian Fan, Lin Feng and the others were all geniuses.

Today, there would be four heroes and one real champion. Therefore, Tian Di came personally. He didn’t come as a clone this time, he came with his real body.

Yan Di’s grandfather Yan Zun and Yan Chang’s grandfather Yan Duan, two cultivators of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, also came personally. Lin Feng didn’t know that since he had left, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had already reunited; there was no Evolution Branch or Celestial Branch anymore.

It was thanks to him. Yan Duan had been moved because Lin Feng had used his life to save Yan Chang. After that, Yan Duan had announced they decided to give up on the leadership and Yan Zun had declared the same thing.

So for the time being, internal relations were peaceful and they would have time in the future to choose a leader, depending on the situation.

The leader of the Gods Government was there, too. Those high-level cultivators were seated on the top of the mountain.

The leaders of the Four Temples also came to support their allies, such as the Heaven and Earth Temple supporting the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. The Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple supported the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. The cultivators of the Celestial Sun Temple stayed with the members of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, but the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty didn’t participate in the competition, so they were just there to watch.

Ruo Xie’s teacher, Mister Zun Xie, was there too. The old man was a hermit who had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. Nobody dared underestimate him. He was a monster.

Apart from them, the Vermilion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger were there too. They were strong cultivators who had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, so they were qualified to sit there.

After obtaining blood pills from Lin Feng, the Black Tortoise had completely recovered and broken through to the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. The Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger had the strength of the top of the six Godly Emperor Layer.

Many people were watching the contestants. Many people were convinced that Yan Ran Xue would win.

Lin Feng stood in the middle. Bai Qi wasn’t far from him, he looked nervous. He had lost against Lin Feng once, so he hoped he wouldn’t lose a second time.

Yan Di and Fu Su Rong stood together. It was the second time the citizens of the Continent of the Gods had seen Fu Su Rong. The first time was during the previous competition for the Gods List. Fu Su Rong looked similar to Lin Feng.

Fu Su Rong glanced at Lin Feng. He was curious and wanted to know Lin Feng better. Lin Feng was relatively famous in the continent, and was also his wife’s first boyfriend.

But Lin Feng didn’t notice Fu Su Rong, he looked at Tian Fan. Tian Fan was looking at Fu Su Rong. They were all excited about the battles.

“Start fighting!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Gods Government loudly. Lin Feng didn’t move. Bai Qi looked at Lin Feng and attacked first. He raised his fist and threw himself at Lin Feng, determined to win.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. Lin Feng had won once, so he felt extremely confident he could win twice. Bai Qi was trying to use a deadly attack, which proved he wasn’t confident.

Lin Feng flashed and threw a kick at Bai Qi’s chest. Bai Qi used pure Qi to protect himself. Lin Feng smiled icily. He took his left foot back and threw a kick with his right foot. He didn’t aim at Bai Qi’s chest anymore, but at his shoulder.

Bai Qi groaned with pain and put his hand on his shoulder, pushed back a few steps. When the leader of the Gods Government saw his son couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but shout “Piece of trash!”.

Bai Qi hadn’t thought his father would call him a piece of trash, so he was extremely demoralized and felt even less confident.

His father sounded disappointed and furious. Bai Qi paled. His father had humiliated him. Being insulted and humiliated by his father was even worse than being humiliated and insulted by Lin Feng. It was even worse than a physical attack. Bai Qi’s Qi became unstable. Lin Feng wasn’t merciful and threw an aggressive punch at Bai Qi. Bai Qi coughed blood and was blown away. He felt dead on the inside, as if his world had collapsed.

Bai Qi crashed against the mountain where the strongest cultivators were ten thousand meters away with an explosion. The impact caused a huge impact, but it didn’t collapse thanks to the strongest cultivators at the top.

Lin Feng was sure to end in the top four. Everybody looked at him. People from Gods City were amazed. He was a paragon to them; Gods City had started rising again thanks to him.

Lin Feng was done fighting. Tian Fan and Yan Chang’s battle was fierce. Yan Chang wasn’t Bai Qi. He was one of the two strongest heirs of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. He had inherited much knowledge from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Therefore, no matter how many deadly attacks Tian Fan used, he didn’t manage to defeat Yan Chang.

Yan Chang and Tian Fan’s battle grew ever fiercer. An hour quickly passed.

Yan Di and Fu Su Rong’s battle was incredible too. Fu Su Rong had the strength of the top of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer like Tian Fan, but despite the difference, Yan Di wasn’t afraid.

Many people watched the two Young Masters of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. If they won, they’d be considered legends, if they lost, it wouldn’t matter, people would understand because they were fighting against outstanding and talented geniuses!


Another hour passed, it was now noon. The sun was scorching hot, but the strong cultivators who were there didn’t mind, it didn’t affect them.

Finally, Tian Fan and Yan Chang’s battle was almost over.

“You can’t compete with me, Yan Chang,” said Tian Fan. He performed some hand seals and his golden godly aura flashed. The atmosphere distorted.

“Celestial Emperor Formula!” shouted Tian Fan furiously. It was a skill which had been created by Tian Di, a godly skill.

“You think you’re the only one who has godly skills?” mocked Yan Chang. He wasn’t alarmed at all. He looked at the Celestial Imperial Formula and smiled icily. He raised his arms as well and the sky started shaking. His strength, which felt like it weighed a million tons, condensed above him. “Celestial Overflow Formula!”

It was a celestial skill which belonged to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. When Yan Chang used it, Yan Di used it at the same time, it was his last attack against Fu Su Rong.

The four cultivators did all they could to win, and their celestial skills were their last resort. They wanted to finish first, but they also wanted their respective groups to be proud of them.

When the crowd saw the Celestial Overflow Formula and the Celestial Emperor Formula, they could almost see who was going to win.

Tian Di and the two leaders of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty all watched closely.

Boom boom!…

Two explosions rang out. A gigantic golden light beam appeared in the sky. Almost nobody could see what was going on. They had no choice but to wait for the light to disperse.

Ten minutes later, the golden lights were finally gone. Everybody saw the contestants reappear in the sky.

Many people gasped. Who were the last two remaining cultivators?

Lin Feng stared at the lights which were dispersing. He hoped Yan Chang and Yan Di had won.

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