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Chapter 507: The Battle of the Rivals!

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“You’re wasting everybody’s time with your excessive demands,” said Fu Su Rong, throwing a punch. He wasn’t going to be merciful against Lin Feng.

“What excessive demands? I remain true to my intentions, that’s all,” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. His fist collided against Fu Su Rong’s. They both looked like ferocious beasts, like tigers. Energies rolled in waves around them, lights burst. It was a titanic clash.

Many people narrowed their eyes and looked at the godly auras of the two cultivators. Their Qi was sharp. None of them was willing to give up or take a step backwards.

“Aggressive Punch!”

“Magic Punch!”

Fu Su Rong and Lin Feng shouted furiously and threw punches at each other at the same time. Qi exploded around them. The energy pushed both fighters a hundred meters away, but a second later, they collided again. The whole mountain was shaking.

The public figures at the top of the mountain also noticed that space was distorting. Even Tian Di was stupefied. The two fighters were really strong, as strong as cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Feng flashed, Fu Su Rong threw a punch. They collided and were pushed away again, but a second later, they collided again. They exchanged a hundred attacks. Both of them were in pain. They had the impression their veins and arteries were going to explode.

“Eh, why are they fighting so fiercely? It seems like they’re trying to kill each other,” said a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor Layer.

A man shook his head and sighed, “Who knows? Maybe they’re really going to fight to death?”

“Maybe. The world of geniuses is difficult to understand,” sighed another man. He wished he were ten thousand years younger, he would have been able to fight against Lin Feng and the other geniuses. What a pity!

Many people thought the same, especially when they saw Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong fighting ever more fiercely.

“You’re not going to stop?” said Fu Su Rong icily. He flashed again and threw a kick. Lin Feng put made an X with his forefingers and a hundred zhang imprint appeared, crashing against Fu Su Rong’s feet. The imprint pushed Fu Su Rong away, but very quickly he came back.

“You’re the one who should stop!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, still throwing punches. He put his palms together and released Buddhist and demon energies around himself. He shouted fiercely, “Buddhist and Demon Dao! Celestial Destruction!”

Instantly, demon and Buddhist strength filled the air. His energies contained life and death Qi.

“Oh no!” shouted Fu Su Rong. Demon and Buddhist lights surged towards him, turning into a gigantic Buddhist and demon hand.

Fu Su Rong released pure Qi to protect himself, but the energy slammed into his chest.

Fu Su Rong groaned with pain and coughed blood, but at the same time, he stretched out his forefingers and thrust them into the demon and Buddhist hands. Lin Feng groaned with pain and paled as his demon Qi was almost destroyed.

Both of them were pushed backwards. Many people were astonished. How long would this insane battle last?

“Palm, chiliocosm of the Great Tao!” Lin Feng shouted furiously, he looking grim. He released as much brightness strength as he could and condensed it in his hands. He had to suppress Fu Su Rong even more.

“Invisible and Intangible Enlightenment! Break!” Fu Su Rong shouted in return. He raised his hands and the space around them crackled. Lin Feng’s illusory palm broke apart and dispersed.

Lin Feng was fearless. He didn’t look alarmed, as if everything was expected. If one attack failed, it didn’t matter, he attacked again. Fu Su Rong resisted again, so Lin Feng attacked again.

The fight was limitless, their energies rolling farther and farther away. It even reached the palace of the Gods Government. The leader of the Gods Government was angry; was this duel going to destroy their residence?!

Luckily, Fu Su Rong and Lin Feng left that side after another hundred attacks, but then appeared above the group of people from the Elixir Temple. The leader of the Elixir Temple was angered. If some people hadn’t been there, he would have crushed them both!

“Give up! Otherwise, I’ll make things even more difficult for you!” Fu Su Rong said angrily. He threw another punch and pushed Lin Feng a hundred meters back.

Lin Feng flashed forwards again and threw a punch at Fu Su Rong, pushing him a thousand meters away.

“The word ‘give up’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary, and it never has. I don’t give up, even if I have to die!” shouted Lin Feng defiantly, throwing a hundred aggressive punches, one after the other.

Fu Su Rong raised his hands and released the natural strength of the earth and the sky around himself. He condensed some strength in his hands and a ball of energy weighing a billion tons hurtled towards Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng’s expression swiftly changed. He had the impression he was going to suffocate and was completely astonished. The strength Fu Su Rong controlled was the strength of the highest mountain of the Continent of the Gods, the strength of the Long Yun Peak.

Lin Feng had never seen such a heavy strength, even when he had climbed the mountain. But as he had said, he didn’t know the words “give up”, and he didn’t care if his opponent was Fu Su Rong or whatever, Lin Feng never gave up.

“Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath and looking at the sky. He used the skill Godly Emperor Blood had transmitted to him.

When Lin Feng used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, many people at the top of the mountain narrowed their eyes, including Tian Di. They all recognized the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill.

“Xue Ran’s Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill? How come he knows it?” wondered Yan Duan aloud. How astonishing!

“He’s Xue Ran’s heir?” the Vermilion Bird asked aloud. She knew that Lin Feng was Xuan Yuan’s heir, but she couldn’t say that.

Nobody could imagine that Xuan Yuan, who lived a hundred thousand years before, and Xue Ran had a common point.

Lin Feng groaned with pain. He had the impression he couldn’t break the strength, and that he was going insane. However, he ground his teeth, his face distorted, but he didn’t give up.

A second later, Lin Feng’s face was bright red and finally his Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill reached its climax. Lin Feng shouted furiously and turned into an insane demon, his eyes bloodshot. Blood demon Qi rolled in waves around him.

Lin Feng raised his hands, and the strengths of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill and the earth and the sky collided.

Lin Feng looked grim. He flashed towards Fu Su Rong again.

Fu Su Rong looked at him with hatred in his eyes and threw a punch to counter. “You will lose!” he shouted.

“I’ll crush you and your strength of the earth and the sky! Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. His robe was fluttering in the wind, his hair a complete mess, surrounded by demon energies. Lin Feng shouted using his full strength, releasing the strength of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill again.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air. The mountain shook violently, and grew worse. The atmosphere became apocalyptic, the earth and the sky became blood-red. Nobody could see the sun anymore.

This fight was truly terrifying!

Tian Fan was stupefied. He could see the two fighters’ attacks in detail, looking at everything. Nothing could escape from him. He watched everything they did carefully.

“That kind of opponent should be mine,” whispered Tian Fan, looking at the horizon. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s battle was so fierce that the stones around them were melting.

At the top of the mountain, the few strong cultivators released protective layers of energy to envelope the whole mountain and the observers to protect the millions of people watching. The best protective layer was the one released by the Black Tortoise.


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