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Chapter 508: No More Love!

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“I don’t want to kill you, Lin Feng. You better walk away now!” warned Fu Su Rong, his hand on his chest, his face pale. He stood at the top of an unknown mountain and stared at Lin Feng darkly.

When Lin Feng heard Fu Su Rong, he smiled mockingly, “That’s exactly what I wanted to tell you! Since it’s a battle to death, if neither of us dies, then we’re not worthy of this competition. However, I’ve died once, you think I could fear death?”

“Since it’s that way, what do you want?” Fu Su Rong demanded angrily.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and raised his left hand. His demon staff appeared in his hand. Lin Feng had gotten ready. By doing this, it also meant that it was almost time for Xuan Yuan to show up again, and it was time to make Tian Di go insane.

Therefore, Lin Feng took out the demon staff, one of the three precious supreme godly imperial weapons which belonged to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Demon lights illuminated the space and the mountain Fu Su Rong was standing on collapsed.

Fu Su Rong flashed away, staring at Lin Feng’s demon staff. Even though he didn’t know what that demon staff was, he knew it was a supreme godly imperial weapon because of the Qi emerging from it. Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng angrily

However, Tian Di knew what that demon staff was. When Tian Di saw the demon staff, he suddenly stood up and two ice-cold light beams emerged from his eyes, full of killing intent. He looked terrifying.

Lin Feng sensed the energies which had emerged from Tian Di’s eyes. However, Lin Feng didn’t care. His goal was to infuriate Tian Di, it was the last part of his task.

“Fu Su Rong, will you fight?” said Lin Feng, narrowing his eyes and laughing eagerly. He looked like a demon at that moment with his demon staff, scaring the frail of heart.

“Of course, how could I flinch in front of you?” declared Fu Su Rong coldly. His Qi rolled in waves around him. A beam of light appeared in his hand, turning into a spear, and then he threw it. The whole space in the Gods Government distorted.

“Oh my god! It’s a supreme godly imperial weapon!” shouted someone when they saw Fu Su Rong’s supreme godly imperial weapon. Everybody was astonished. Surprisingly, two weapons which were famous long ago had appeared there in front of them. They were both terrifying.

“The Silver Dragon Spear?”

Yan Duan and Yan Zun both stood up and looked at Fu Su Rong’s silver white spear. The Qi was strange, but the two people could clearly sense the Qi of the Silver Dragon Spear. Even if many people didn’t know what it was, the members of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty definitely knew about it.

The Silver Dragon Spear was one of the precious supreme godly imperial weapons of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. The weapon was the symbol of the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty… but wasn’t the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty Long Yan?

How was this possible…?

The few strong cultivators at the top of the mountain were the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Gods and they knew what it meant. The members of the Celestial Sun Temple were friends with the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, but the leader of the Celestial Sun Temple didn’t say anything.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong were having a fierce duel, both of them using incredible weapons. Each of their attacks had the potential to be deadly.

Lin Feng was holding the demon staff, his demon Qi kept surging around him. Lin Feng was still amazed by the Qi of the demon staff. It really improved his fighting abilities, and truly was extraordinary.

Fu Su Rong was holding the Silver Dragon Spear, and each time he attacked, silver light beams appeared. The dragon Qi was growing more and more powerful. Fu Su Rong already had the advantage. The connection between him and the Silver Dragon Spear was extremely deep, and because of that, the power of the Silver Dragon Spear was even more destructive.

But Lin Feng was terrifying too; he was a demon god, and he also knew how to use the demon staff to the fullest as well. Fu Su Rong didn’t manage to get rid of Lin Feng as quickly as he thought he would, so he started losing confidence.

Fu Su Rong attacked again, raising his spear and charging at Lin Feng. The Silver Dragon Spear and the demon staff collided. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong were both pushed, but very quickly flashed at each other again.

Lin Feng made a cutting motion with his demon staff. The demonic marks on the demon staff became more and more distinct. The pitch-black demon Qi swept out over tens of thousands of meters, painting the sky black. Fu Su Rong was startled, but then shouted defiantly. He threw his Silver Dragon Spear, and the crowd heard dragons roaring, the sound waves crashed against the demon energies on the battlefield.

The two kinds of strength kept exploding. It was a titanic battle; each time the energies collided, they exploded loudly. Everybody close was astonished and moved away.

Boom boom boom!…

The dragon energies and the demon Qi kept colliding. Neither of them was ready to give up. Lin Feng thought it was time to end the battle, so he released the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao and condensed it in his demon staff. He moved extremely quickly and attacked a hundred times.

Fu Su Rong looked extremely grim. It was getting more and more difficult for him. He was holding the Silver Dragon Spear. He wanted to attack again, but then Lin Feng’s Qi suddenly changed. Everybody noticed how dangerous Lin Feng looked.

Fu Su Rong frowned. He could sense that Lin Feng was using the strength of the Great Tao. How was that possible? Not many people knew about the strength of the Great Tao in the Continent of the Gods, so how could a tiny little cultivator from a small world learn it?

To Fu Su Rong, Lin Feng was just a tiny little bumpkin from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but at that moment, Fu Su Rong was completely dumbstruck, and realized how strong Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to throw a hundred aggressive punches at that moment. Fu Su Rong’s expression changed drastically and he raised his spear to block the attacks, but it was a bit too late. Lin Feng burst into laughter, sweeping out the demon staff and a terrifying demon Qi slammed towards Fu Su Rong’s head.

Fu Su Rong flashed away as fast as he could, raising his Silver Dragon Spear. But when he retreated, it gave Lin Feng even more opportunities to attack. He took out a sword which thrust towards Fu Su Rong so quickly that people couldn’t follow it with their eyes. The Buddha Qi which emerged out of it was extremely thick and dense.

Fu Su Rong felt a horrible pain in his chest as the Buddha Qi hit it. If he hadn’t released a thin layer of protective energy, the Buddha Sword would have pierced through his chest directly.

Fu Su Rong howled. The Buddha Sword pressed against his chest with brute force, and there was an explosion as the Buddha Sword started piercing through him. The strength even pushed Lin Feng back, but he released the strength of the Great Tao to come back, pointing at Fu Su Rong’s head.

Fu Su Rong screamed, putting his hand on his celestial spirit. It seemed like he was going to collapse. The Qi of his Silver Dragon Spear faltered, and became extremely weak. Fu Su Rong’s godly aura became extreme pale, and he fell down from the sky.

When Yan Ran Xue saw that Fu Su Rong had lost, she looked confused. She flashed forwards and descended from the sky, looking like a snowflake floating around in the air. She caught Fu Su Rong, who was severely injured, then looked at Lin Feng.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng was looking at his wives, Tang You You and Huang Nü. He smiled resplendently and they looked back at him, proud of their husband.

Yi Ren Lei regretted, but then she forced herself to look elsewhere, and forget about the past. Maybe this battle was necessary for Lin Feng to finally forget about her.

He no longer felt any love for her!

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  1. Gray June 18, 2019 at 2:19 am - Reply

    yeah, no love.
    but later on we find that he fell in love again?

  2. Alex June 26, 2019 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    If you want to forgo your love, just forgo. Why the need for all these unnecessary acts? Pitiful excuses.

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