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Chapter 509: Last Battle?

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“Next time we meet, we will be strangers.”

Yi Ren Lei carried Fu Su Rong’s body and drifted over to Lin Feng, stopping a dozen meters away from him. She sounded grave and serious. She waited for him to respond.

Fu Su Rong had his hand on his chest. He looked at Lin Feng icily. He wanted to exchange a hundred more attacks with Lin Feng, he hadn’t thought their duel would end like that. He didn’t care about death anymore. When he saw how Lin Feng looked at Yi Ren Lei, he felt extremely sad.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Fu Su Rong. Yi Ren Lei, or more precisely Yan Ran Xue, was holding Fu Su Rong because Lin Feng had crushed him. Lin Feng now didn’t feel anything for Yi Ren Lei anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t reply to her. He just looked indifferent, and even had a small mocking smile.

Yi Ren Lei slowly nodded and smiled. She said, “Back in the days, the Ice and Snow Goddess was supposed to get married to the Demon God, but in the end, she gave up on that man.

“Now, the Demon God and the Ice Goddess have nothing to do with each other anymore. That’s the best thing that could happen,” said Yi Ren Lei. Her eyes were wet and red. Fu Su Rong was having a really hard time. He put his hand on Yi Ren Lei’s face and wiped off her tears. At the same time, he looked at Lin Feng furiously.

She stared at Lin Feng, she seemed cold and detached and said, “Lin Feng, next time we meet, you and I will be strangers, it will be as if it were the first time we met.

“At the same time, I want to tell you something. I will help my husband become the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods. Therefore, if you and he continue becoming stronger, don’t blame me if I do anything against you,” said Yi Ren Lei coolly. She felt nothing for Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He didn’t say much, he just looked at Fu Su Rong who was injured and he smiled, “Congratulations, you win.”

“Let’s go, husband,” Yi Ren Lei to Fu Su Rong. She smiled at Lin Feng in satisfaction and got ready to leave.

But at that moment, someone hmphed icily. Lin Feng turned around and saw Tang You You and Huang Nü. They had flashed up and landed next to him. Everybody looked at them.

Yan Ran Xue was considered the most beautiful woman in the Continent of the Gods, but that was before Tang You You and Huang Nü appeared. Three goddesses were standing together, many men looked at them, ground their teeth, and drooled.

Huang Nü stood next to Lin Feng and grabbed his left hand, Tang You You stood on his right and put her hand on his chest. The two women looked at Yi Ren Len and Fu Su Rong emotionlessly.

“You will help your husband become the strongest cultivator of the continent? Well, we will also help our husband become the strongest cultivator of the continent. He will progress with an indomitable spirit,” declared Huang Nü, looking at Yi Ren Lei, aloof and cold.

When Huang Nü appeared and called Lin Feng her husband, Yi Ren Lei looked distressed. She loved Fu Su Rong, but her heart twitched.

Yi Ren Lei had decided to part with Lin Feng hundreds of years ago, and now they had decided to be strangers, but Yi Ren Lei just felt sad.

She looked over Tang You You and Huang Nü, but she didn’t say anything. She just left with Fu Su Rong.


Lin Feng sighed and didn’t look after the woman, because he didn’t care about her anymore. She wasn’t his wife or girlfriend, he didn’t need to take care of her. They didn’t belong together.

Lin Feng grabbed Huang Nü’s cool hand and put his arm around Tang You You’s waist. He had so many beautiful wives, he had to support them, not her!

“Husband, you won!” Huang Nü smiled. She was proud of Lin Feng, her voice gentle.

“Yes, at least, I won,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly. He put his demon staff away and looked at the strong cultivators at the top of the mountain. They were witnesses there.

“Agreed, Lin Feng, you won,” said Yan Duan and Yan Zun, standing up.

Lin Feng had won. It felt like a victory to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty as well. Lin Feng was considered a half-member of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. As long as Yan Di and Lin Feng were best friends, they’d consider Lin Feng as a member of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

“Lin Feng won, so he’s qualified for the finals. Now, he has to battle against Young Emperor Tian Fan,” said Yan Duan. He was as excited as if Lin Feng was his grandson.

Lin Feng smiled. He was ready for the finals already.

Lin Feng’s ultimate goal wasn’t to fight against Bai Qi, Fu Su Rong, Si Ma Yan and the others, but Tian Fan. Tian Fan was also one of his sworn enemies.

Finally, it was time for him to fight against him. Lin Feng was curious to see how strong Tian Fan was, especially after Tian Fan had fused back together with his real body.

Tian Fan frowned. Since Lin Feng had defeated Fu Su Rong, he wasn’t that confident anymore. The only person whom he had ever lost a fight to was Fu Su Rong. Tian Fan had initially thought the final would be between him and Fu Su Rong, but he had guessed wrong. It would be between him and Lin Feng!

Now that Lin Feng had won against Fu Su Rong, Tian Fan wasn’t sure he could defeat Lin Feng anymore, unlike before…

But in any case, Lin Feng, Fu Su Rong and Tian Fan were all dazzling contestants. They had amazed everyone. Among the people of their generation, they were definitely the strongest ones.

Tian Fan represented the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, Lin Feng represented Gods City and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Fu Su Rong had used the Silver Dragon Spear, so the crowd understood something: he was the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, not Long Yan. It was a frame-up!

The Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty withdrawing from the competition first showed everyone how deep their plot was, because Fu Su Rong was their real heir.

Tian Fan and Lin Feng were going to fight the last battle.

They were already recognized as the best cultivators of the event. The final battle would be symbolic.


“I think the competition can stop now.”

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  1. Gray June 18, 2019 at 2:32 am - Reply

    “Next time we meet, we will be strangers.”

    Yi Ren Lei carried Fu Su Rong’s body and drifted over to Lin Feng, stopping a dozen meters away from him. She sounded grave and serious. She waited for him to respond.

    really bitch? you are the one who said “Lets forget about the past” . and now you said you both will be a stranger? wake up.. you must be retarded.

    I don’t know why this Yi Ren Lei become retarded in this PMG 2.
    back then, she was cunning and smart. sad.

    • Bad memory Guy June 18, 2019 at 5:47 pm - Reply

      Yes. I faintly recall the 100 days period Lin feng and she spent in the ice and snow region. PMG1 was amazing especially the part when LF was in Xue Yu / Xue Yue and then the part when he was still in small world. The story went awry after LF beat the Qin Dynasty that had control over Small world. (Forgive the error in names / days)

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