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Chapter 510: The Continent of the Gods sinks into Chaos, and the Great Huang Dynasty Returns!

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When the crowd heard that, many paled and looked at the top of the mountain. Tian Di stood there looking dignified and majestic, especially with his crown and his golden robe.

“Why?” asked Mister Zun Xie, opening his eyes for the first time. His eyes were filled with sharp lights.

Tian Di rolled up his sleeves and pointed at Lin Feng. Many people guessed what he was trying to do.

Tian Di smiled haughtily, “Because he’s not qualified!”


Many people looked at Tian Di with their eyes wide. They couldn’t believe it. What was he saying? Lin Feng wasn’t qualified to be the champion?

“So because you say he isn’t qualified, it’s an absolute truth?” retorted Yan Duan disparagingly, staring at Tian Di.

However, when Tian Di heard Yan Duan, he just smiled indifferently. “Indeed. I said so, so full stop! I am Tian Di! I am the only cultivator who has the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer!”

He sounded as if he were trying to enlighten the clueless. He was extremely arrogant and aggressive.

Yan Duan was incensed and wanted to contradict Tian Di, but Yan Zun stopped him. Yan Duan looked at him, not understanding. Why wasn’t he acting?

Yan Duan looked grim, but he didn’t insist. He couldn’t argue with his fellow disciple; the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was now stable again, and harmony was the most important thing.

“A discussion is necessary,” said Yan Zun, looking at the other high-level cultivators.

Mister Zun Xie, the Three Godly Beasts, and the leaders of the Four Temples all nodded.

“Hehe, it’s a normal discussion, and I said he isn’t qualified!” said Tian Di, smiling disdainfully when he heard Yan Zun.

“You’re a hundred thousand years old, Tian Di, but you are still a child. You haven’t changed.”

Boom boom boom!… Boom boom boom!…

Tian Di flinched as rumbling sounds spread in the air. The sky became extremely dark.

Demon Qi filled the heavens. Many people looked at the sky and started to panic.

Tian Di also frowned and looked at the sky. What had worried him was now happening!

Yan Zun and Yan Duan’s eyes were wide as they saw a familiar silhouette. They couldn’t believe it.

“That’s…” The leaders of the Four Temples were stupefied. Demonic marks and a gigantic silhouette appeared in the sky, then slowly dispersed and the person’s real face appeared.

A black robe, a demon aura, a terrifying demon Qi condensing.

Everybody thought of a name.

“Xuan Yuan, that’s Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor!” shouted a strong cultivator of the Gods Government.

“What? He’s the Demon Emperor?”

“Oh no! He’s not dead?”

“Hurry up and run! The criminal is going to kill people!” shouted the strong cultivators of the Gods Government. The hundreds of thousands of people ran in all directions. They didn’t care about the Three Party Competition anymore. Their lives were more important than the competition.


After a short time, the atmosphere grew ice-cold, but there were still hundreds of thousands of cultivators there. The tens of thousands of people from Gods City were also still there.

“Xuan Yuan? He’s not dead?” Tian Di narrowed his eyes and looked at the silhouette in black clothes in the sky.

Xuan Yuan narrowed his eyes as well and smiled back with a sneer. He looked at Tian Di, “We haven’t seen each other for a hundred thousand years. You still look the same, hehe! But without your father, you’re nothing,” declared Xuan Yuan.

Many people were astonished. They realized the Continent of the Gods was falling apart. Many people thought of a famous saying in the continent: If Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor ever came back, Tian Di wouldn’t be the leader anymore.

And now Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was here. What was Tian Di going to do now?

When Tian Di saw Xuan Yuan’s mocking smile, he looked even grimmer, “You’re a criminal; what are you doing here?!”

“Haha! Tian Di, you really haven’t changed. Could it be that you think you can continue lying to the people of the Continent of the Gods? Or could it be that you’re just trying to fool yourself?” spat Xuan Yuan. He didn’t even let Tian Di finish his sentence before laughing in disgust. Tian Di seemed extremely angry.

“Lin Feng, Zhu Tian… you planned all that?” Tian Di icily. He slowly rose up in the sky and faced Xuan Yuan. The atmosphere began to hum with tension.

“Eighth Godly Emperor Layer.” Yan Zun was astonished. A moment before, Tian Di had said Lin Feng wasn’t qualified because only he had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer… but he wasn’t the only one anymore.

Xuan Yuan was there and he also had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. He definitely didn’t seem weaker than Tian Di. Therefore, Tian Di couldn’t talk about qualifications anymore.

“A hundred thousand years have passed. Your father and you attacked me and plotted against me. In the end, you managed to kill me, right? A hundred thousand years later, I’m here, I resurrected, and what do I see? You and your son are plotting against Lin Feng?” Xuan Yuan glared at Tian Di icily.

Tian Di was furious. Xuan Yuan’s last sentence had infuriated him. “Xuan Yuan, will you fight against me?”

“Alright, let’s show the people of the Continent of the Gods who’s stronger. I crushed you back then, I can do it again.”

Xuan Yuan and Tian Di’s duel started slowly.

They both threw explosive punches. A mountain was instantly razed to the ground. Yan Duan and Yan Zun would have been severely injured if they hadn’t had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer.

When that mountain was flattened, the Three Party Competition dissolved. People panicked.

Yan Duan and Yan Zun had everybody leave. Hundreds of thousands of people ran away in terror. The place had become extremely dangerous. Each time a cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer attacked, it was life-threatening.


Three days passed, and energies kept erupting; the explosions hadn’t stopped for three days straight.

At the end of those three days, the situation calmed down, but now the Continent of the Gods had really sunk into chaos. People of the Half-Godly Emperor layer and under didn’t dare leave their respective groups. They were afraid the energies of the two cultivators of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer would spill over and kill them.

After Tian Di and Xuan Yuan’s three-day duel, nobody knew who won. They only knew that Tian Di had gone back to Godsland and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. On that day, they closed the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and forbade all their disciples from coming out.

On the other hand, Gods City was extremely lively. Lin Feng went back with his wives. The Vermilion Bird, Qing Feng, and Huo Wu came out of the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. When they saw that Lin Feng was alive, Huo Wu and Qing Feng burst into tears.

Lin Feng hugged the two women. He had seen everything that had happened before his death and how sad the women had been. Now he was back.

Huo Wu kept crying in joy. Lin Feng was touched and moved. He was lucky to have such women around him. He wouldn’t abandon Huo Wu again.


Incredible things came one after another.

Within half a year, two incredible announcements happened. The first one was that Miss Snow had created the Snow Region in the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods. The Snow Region would be considered equal to groups such as the Four Temples.

Another incredible thing was Huang Nü and the Three Godly Beasts announced that the Great Huang Dynasty was back. In less than a month, all the members of the diaspora of the Great Huang Dynasty learned about it, and headed back to the Great Huang Dynasty.

Huang Nü counted fifteen Godly Emperors and five Holy Spirit Emperors returning. Huang Nü went back to Xuan Yuan City and returned with her father, Godly Emperor Huang.

When Godly Emperor Huang saw his son-in-law had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, he was astonished and amazed. He had recovered his original strength, and now had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, but he might not be able to compete with Lin Feng anymore…

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