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Chapter 511: Meng Qing Wakes Up!

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When the Great Huang Dynasty suddenly rose again, the whole continent was shaken. Those who were old enough to have known the strong cultivators of the Great Huang Dynasty were even more astonished, for example the Leader of the Four Temples, and the Leader of the Gods Government. Back then, the Gods Government, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Elixir Temple, and the Spiritual Yin Temple had contributed to the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty.

But that was history. Now, the Great Huang Dynasty was back. They had just returned and they were already more powerful than the Four Temples, they were as powerful as the Three Dynasties. Even though the Leader of the Great Huang Dynasty only had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, the people of continent were astonished by something, and because of it, they didn’t dare underestimate them.

Because the Great Huang Dynasty’s special vice Leader was Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor! Xuan Yuan could compete with Tian Di, having the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. He had fought against Tian Di a few days before. Nobody knew who had won, so nobody dared underestimate the Great Huang Dynasty.

With the comeback of the Great Huang Dynasty, the continent started changing.

The Celestial Emperors Dynasty was still closed, and didn’t allow their disciples to come out. Even Young Emperor Tian Fan had disappeared. He hadn’t even had the opportunity to fight against Lin Feng during the Three Party Competition because Tian Di and Xuan Yuan had started fighting.

Therefore, many people wondered who the strongest one was between Tian Fan and the one they liked to call Young Master Zhu Tian. Who would become the supreme cultivator of the continent in the future? Nobody knew.

The Three Party Competition had ended, but Lin Feng didn’t keep idle. He stayed with Meng Qing, who was in a coma. She was going to wake up soon, as Yan Duan’s seal was going to disperse. She would still be emotionless after waking up, however.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to leave the matter at that. He had already decided that he would take her to her master, Miss Snow. He was curious about the woman.

When the Great Huang Dynasty returned, they organized a ceremony for Huang Nü, who was their princess. Many people came to the ceremony.

Strength was the most important thing in the Continent of the Gods, and since Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was the vice Leader of the Great Huang Dynasty, many people admired him. The Leaders of hundreds of groups big and small came to see the ceremony. Of course, some people were afraid of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Elixir Temple, or the Spiritual Yin Temple. Many influential groups from the West of the Continent of the Gods refused to go, as well.

The Six Groups and Five Governments of Gods City all went, however. None of them dared not to go. They were afraid of Xuan Yuan or the rising star of Lin Feng, especially in Gods City.

Among the Four Temples, only the Heaven and Earth Temple sent a vice Leader to the Great Huang Dynasty’s ceremony. Long ago, they were the only ones who hadn’t gotten involved in the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty. Even the Celestial Sun Temple had gotten involved indirectly.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty inevitably sent some people to the ceremony as well. Yan Di was the Leader of the group. Yan Hui and Yan Zhan were on his side. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had also decided that Yan Di would be the Leader of the Dynasty in the future. Yan Chang would be the Leader of the branch of the Dynasty.

There was no division anymore, no Evolution Branch, no Celestial Branch. Yan Chang would control the two branches and Yan Di would control the whole Dynasty. Yan Chang and Yan Di would have similar privileges, so the two old men didn’t need to worry about them.

The old men had gone through many hardships in the past because of the two branches. Now the issues of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had been solved, thanks to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn’t saved Yan Chang, things would probably have been different.

Unlike the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, which was extremely silent, the atmosphere in the Great Huang Dynasty was quite lively. The gate was almost destroyed by the flow of people. Many people came because they wanted to see Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. However, it was like Xuan Yuan had disappeared; he wasn’t there at all, and nobody saw him.

The Great Huang Dynasty had settled in the Gods Government. They were different from Godsland, and couldn’t be treated on equal terms with Godsland. The other three Dynasties were in Godsland. However, the appearance of the Great Huang Dynasty in the Gods Government made the position of the Gods Government itself change.

Before, the Gods Government and the Four Temples ruled over the territory. But in the future, if strong cultivators appeared in the Great Huang Dynasty, they would become absolute rulers in that region.

Godsland was better off than the Gods Government. But Lin Feng, the Great Huang Dynasty, and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty were deeply connected. In terms of social status, Lin Feng was the prince of the Great Huang Dynasty, and friends with the future Leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and the future Leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s branch. Therefore, when Lin Feng was in Gods City, people felt safe and peaceful.

Lin Zhe Tian was the Leader of Sword Mountain, so the Five Governments and the Six Groups had some discussions. They decided to form an alliance in Gods City, and Lin Zhe Tian would be the Leader of that alliance.

It meant the end of the Five Governments and the Six Groups.

With only one alliance, all the groups of Gods City became the Alliance of Gods City. In that alliance, there were dozens of Godly Emperors and thus it became a relatively big and influential group. At the very least, they were now able to compete with the Four Temples.


Lin Feng wasn’t there. Huang Nü knew that he was worried about Meng Qing, so he stayed in a calm and peaceful room. Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Feng were inside, patiently waiting for Meng Qing to come back to her senses.

Three hours later, Lin Feng sensed that the Qi in the room growing colder. They both shivered because of the cold. Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing, who was lying on her bed. Meng Qing suddenly opened her eyes and ice-cold energies appeared.

Meng Qing sat up, seeming emotionless, and looked at Lin Feng. “How long are you going to pester me?”

“Bring me to your teacher,” Lin Feng sighed to Meng Qing, but he was determined. He really wanted to see Miss Snow. No matter what Miss Snow’s goal was, Lin Feng would never forgive her if she used Meng Qing.

“She will kill you,” Meng Qing frowned. Lin Feng stared at Meng Qing. No matter how cold and detached she looked, Meng Qing warmed his heart.

“I can’t watch her destroy you, I love you more than anything. If she tries to hurt you, I am ready to do my best, even if I have to perish together with her. I can’t let anyone use you. You understand?” said Lin Feng. He sounded particularly determined and clenched his fists.

Meng Qing could see that Lin Feng really hated Miss Snow. She remained silent. She knew, she remembered that Lin Feng and her loved each other deeply before, but it didn’t seem to have an impact on her anymore. She didn’t feel like the Meng Qing in her memories anymore.

The purpose of the path of emotionlessness was to stop having feelings. Cultivators who chose the path turned into walking corpses.

Therefore, Lin Feng was worried. He couldn’t let Meng Qing turn into a walking corpse. He couldn’t let Meng Qing turn into a second Empress Xi, and even less let someone use her.

Therefore, Lin Feng had to go and see Miss Snow.

Meng Qing remained silent and finally accepted Lin Feng’s request after she sensed Miss Snow’s Qi, which told her she agreed. Maybe she even wanted to talk to him.

The two decided they would leave on the second day in the morning. They would go to a snowy peak in Godsland where the Snow Region had recently been created again.

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