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Chapter 512: Resentment!

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“Master, are you injured?”

In the evening, Lin Feng was invited over by Xu Gan. Xuan Yuan, who hadn’t shown up for a long time, was there, still wearing a black robe, but at that moment, his Qi was extremely weak and his face was pale.

Therefore, when Lin Feng saw the Demon Emperor like that, he sighed sorrowfully. Surprisingly, the Demon Emperor was injured…

Xuan Yuan smiled indifferently and waved to cheer Lin Feng up. Lin Feng nodded. Xu Gan gave Lin Feng a cup of tea and left the simple pavilion.

Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng were seated opposite each other. They both drank tea. Since Xuan Yuan was injured, Lin Feng wondered how Tian Di was doing.

Xuan Yuan looked over Lin Feng from head to foot. Each time he had seen Lin Feng, it had only been for short periods of time. In front of Ancestor Kong, he didn’t dare take too much liberty. Now they had time, so Xuan Yuan took advantage of that opportunity to spend some time with Lin Feng. He had more and more esteem for Lin Feng.

“Alright, no wonder my teacher attaches importance to you. You’re not an ordinary man. If Tian Di and I hadn’t started fighting during the Three Party Competition, what do you think would have happened?” Xuan Yuan asked after a long time.

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “I really wanted to challenge Tian Fan, I think it’s reciprocated,” replied Lin Feng.

Xuan Yuan laughed, making the surrounding forest tremble. Then he smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to fight against him at some point.”

“I’m sure you want to know how Tian Di is doing as well, so I’ll tell you about him,” said Xuan Yuan, smiling mysteriously and taking another sip of tea. The atmosphere became tense.

Many people wondered about Tian Di and Xuan Yuan’s battle, and who had won.

Nobody had the opportunity to know about it, but Lin Feng did now!

“I won. He lost,” said Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng was relieved and calmed down. Back in the days, the Demon Emperor had oppressed Tian Di, and now he had oppressed Tian Di again.

“But even though I won, I was also injured. He’s also injured, even more injured than me. I cut off one of his arms. If he wants to regrow it and recover his pure Qi, he needs at least half a year.

“Therefore, these six months are a great opportunity for you to rise. While Tian Di is recovering, you should try and break through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. It’s the only way for you to be able to play the game the way you want.

“I can’t protect you for a long time because I will soon go to the Gods Country with my teacher. Then, you’ll have to rely on your own self,” said Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng listened carefully.

“I’ve heard that you were going to see Miss Snow?” asked Xuan Yuan, changing the topic.

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t need to hide the truth from Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan couldn’t help him with that. “Indeed, I’m going to see Miss Snow. I’ll tell her that she better not use my wife,” declared Lin Feng.

The Demon Emperor nodded calmly. Lin Feng had to do that sooner or later indeed, and the quicker the better.

Xuan Yuan said, “Little boy, I have one more thing to tell you about Miss Snow.”

“Alright, I’m all ears,” said Lin Feng nodding.

“If you want Miss Snow to stop using Meng Qing, you have to ask Xue Ran for help,” said Xuan Yuan, pointing at Lin Feng’s dantian. Godly Emperor Blood was sleeping in Lin Feng’s spirit world.

Lin Feng was surprised. Why was Xuan Yuan telling him to resort to Godly Emperor Blood’s help? What was the relationship between Godly Emperor Blood and Miss Snow?

“Little boy, I’m just telling you that unless Godly Emperor Blood recovers his original strength, you won’t be able to resist Miss Snow, and you can’t force her to stop.

“Don’t think that because Xue Ran is one of my clones, he can’t be as strong as me. If he retrieved his original strength, maybe even I wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

“Back in the days, when I died, he had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. If he hadn’t come to my grave, he would have become a Supreme God already.

“Now, Tian Di, Xuan Yuan, we’re all history. That’s why he hates me.

“I advise you to restore him because you’re his heir, his only heir. Only you can help Godly Emperor Blood retrieve his original strength.

“You have my Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, and using it, you can make blood pills using items, beasts, and Godly Emperors. If you somehow make hundreds of blood pills, I’m sure Xue Ran will manage to break through to the top of the Godly Emperor Layer.

“When I leave for the Gods Country, he will also be able to protect you until you come to the Gods Country,” said Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng knew Godly Emperor Blood was and could be extremely strong, but he had never thought he could be that strong. No wonder Xue Ran and Godly Emperor Blood used to be considered real geniuses.

“Actually, Xue Ran came to life thanks to my teacher. Back then, when my teacher saved me, I had a heavy evil blood Qi in my body, and my teacher removed it from my body. His resurrection skills are incredibly powerful; after removing the evil blood Qi from my body, he created another me using the two sorts of Qi, Xue Ran.

“Now, you know why he’s so strong. He can also be considered one of my teacher’s disciples,” said Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng was learning more unknown things. It was exciting!

If Lin Feng managed to make enough blood pills, Godly Emperor Blood would regain his original strength!

“Go. There is resentment between Godly Emperor Blood and me, but I can see that he likes you. He has set high hopes on you. Don’t disappoint him.

“Also, someday, if you see my heir, Zhen Mo, give him my three items, please.

“Hehe, to tell you the truth, I gave you those three items for you to help me. But if you see Zhen Mo, please give him the three items,” said Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng couldn’t blame Xuan Yuan for using him. He was strong enough to use people, so he did it.

Xuan Yuan had saved him and put him in the Criminals’ Village. From the beginning, Lin Feng had the impression he was being used.

Xuan Yuan asked Lin Feng to give the three items back, but Lin Feng didn’t mind because he was able to use the items until then. He would be able to help Godly Emperor Blood retrieve his original strength at least, and Godly Emperor Blood would be able to help him.

Lin Feng said goodbye to Xuan Yuan and left the Great Huang Dynasty.


After Lin Feng left, Xu Gan reappeared next to Xuan Yuan.

“You’re countering our teacher’s true intentions,” declared Xu Gan promptly.

Xuan Yuan smiled mockingly and said icily, “Maybe, but sometimes, tensions and resentment are more important.”

“The resentment between Godly Emperor Blood and me comes down to an internal dispute, but that little boy is my… sigh…”

Xuan Yuan initially looked furious, but then calmed down and drank some tea, suddenly looking sad.

Xu Gan looked at Xuan Yuan for a long time, then he turned around and said, “Lin Feng, you will never imagine who your worst enemy is.”

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    Why are there so many contradicting plot twists? It’s not helping me to understand the plot, it’s confusing!!!

    Plus a clone who resented the main body? Ridiculous!

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