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Chapter 514: Evil Woman!

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“Haha! No matter what you do today, Meng Qing will never be your wife again. Haha! I will always use her and she will do many, many things for me. Haha!

“Haha! You will never be a couple again. Never! Haha!

“I hate people who are in love! I want to make them pay!” shouted Miss Snow suddenly. Her hair started fluttering in the wind caused by her energies. Her face was distorted with hatred and fury, and her eyes went completely white. She opened her arms and her whole body was suddenly covered with a layer of ice.

She looked extremely ferocious and terrifying.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t scared, he was just worried about Meng Qing’s safety. Yan Zun and Yan Duan had joined hands to make some fire talismans. People like Tian Di and Xuan Yuan needed to make great efforts to resist those talismans, so for Miss Snow, it would be even more difficult.

“Hmph! Fucking bitch! You’re a fucking idiot! I’ll show you!

“You hate people who are in love because you’re frustrated! You’re shameless, disgraceful! Hehe, no wonder you’re single. Even I would never be with a woman like you!

“Fucking bitch! I’m not afraid of you. I’ll show you what I do to people who try and harm my disciples!”

The voice that was speaking wasn’t Lin Feng. Of course, it wasn’t Miss Snow, either. An old man in a blood-red robe appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng had asked Yan Chang, Yan Di, and Yan Hui to go back to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. He had asked them for hundreds and hundreds of ferocious beasts, then he had used the beasts to refine blood pills with the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation.

Then, he had also asked Yan Duan and Yan Zun for precious items which had souls, and had refined blood pills using them, too. After what Xuan Yuan had told him, Lin Feng had done his best to help Godly Emperor Blood.

He had finished helping him quickly. Xue Ran had woken up. The good old Xue Ran was back.

Xue Ran now had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. Even though he hadn’t completely retrieved his original strength, which was the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, he was now among the top cultivators of the continent.

Miss Snow had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, as well.

Lin Feng jumped backwards ten thousand meters with Meng Qing in his arms, and gave space to Godly Emperor Blood.

Godly Emperor Blood hated this woman, whose only passion in life was to ruin people’s happiness. He didn’t know that bitter woman’s name, but he had never seen her before.

He had never seen her. Now, he was in front of her and about to crush her because she had tried to injure his disciple.

Godly Emperor Blood wanted to make her pay. People like Miss Snow had no morals and no principles. Therefore, Godly Emperor Blood didn’t say anything and immediately started with a deadly attack.

Miss Snow didn’t know that Lin Feng had brought along such a strong assistant. She had thought of all possible cases, and had thought Lin Feng couldn’t bring Yan Zun and Yan Duan. Even if he had brought the Three Godly Beasts, it wouldn’t have been a problem because they couldn’t compete with her. Regarding Xuan Yuan and Tian Di, nobody knew who had won their battle.

Therefore, Miss Snow had agreed to see Lin Feng, because she had thought he’d come alone. She initially thought she’d be able to kill him easily. Then, she would have erased Meng Qing’s memories, and would have made her kill a countless number of men. She would have made her an empress. She even dreamt of making people like Tian Di or the Demon Emperor become their slaves.

Thinking about that, Miss Snow grew more and more furious. Her face looked more and more ferocious. She looked at Godly Emperor Blood with eyes filled with murder. Beams of light emerged from her eyes and crashed against Godly Emperor Blood’s energies.

The two mighty cultivators started fighting. Even though their battles wasn’t as fierce as Tian Di and Xuan Yuan’s, they were still high-level Godly Emperors, and many strong cultivators from Godsland rushed over when they sensed the energies in the distance. When they saw Miss Snow fighting against someone, they were stupefied.

The New Snow Region and the Great Huang Dynasty had returned at the same time. Even though the New Snow Region’s revival hadn’t drawn as many people’s attention as the Great Huang Dynasty’s, the New Snow Region could definitely compete with the Four Temples. Surprisingly, someone was already fighting against Miss Snow?

Many people didn’t know Godly Emperor Blood, but they noticed and recognized Lin Feng.

When they saw Lin Feng standing at the top of the mountain with Meng Qing in his arms, they understood that he had come here for his wife. During the Three Party Competition, Huang Nü and Meng Qing had fought and considering Lin Feng’s reaction during the competition, they had understood that Meng Qing was Lin Feng’s wife and that Miss Snow had controlled her with emotionless Dao.

Now, everybody guessed that Lin Feng had probably come to save his wife.

Lin Feng had become really famous, more famous than Young Emperor Tian Fan. Because the competition had stopped when Lin Feng and Tian Fan were supposed to fight, many couldn’t wait to see them duel. They all wanted to know who between them was the stronger one.

Among the younger generations, nobody dared offend Lin Feng anymore. Dong Fang Tian Xia had left suddenly during the competition, so people thought he was even more mysterious than they had expected. Si Ma Yan had also left suddenly.

Many people said those who had the biggest potential to become champions at the competition were Tian Fan, Lin Feng, Dong Fang Tian Xia, and Si Ma Yan.

Godly Emperor Blood and Miss Snow continued fighting. They had already exchanged a few hundred attacks. Godly Emperor Blood had already suppressed Miss Snow, however. She was having a hard time. She was determined, though, and didn’t want to give up. Even though she had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, she didn’t have as much experience as Xue Ran.

Xue Ran had already created celestial skills, Miss Snow couldn’t compete with him. Therefore, when he used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, Miss Snow was already doomed to lose.

She was blown away and coughed out blood. Her ice-cold Qi became completely weak.

“Haha! Fucking bitch! You like destroying couples, huh? You have no grape at home, so you want to steal other people’s grapes? How do you steal people’s grapes?” swore Godly Emperor Blood. He had no compassion for Miss Snow. He didn’t care if she was incredibly beautiful, he hated her. He jumped and landed next to her, then he grabbed her by the back and lifted her, then threw her at Lin Feng’s feet.

The explosion shook the whole mountainy. The palace at the top of the mountain collapsed. Poor Miss Snow; she had made such great efforts to build that incredible palace, and now Godly Emperor Blood had just destroyed it.

Lin Feng was astonished. No wonder Xue Ran was so famous. He used to be famous for his aggressiveness back in the days. Lin Feng realized how he really was.

Godly Emperor Blood glanced at Lin Feng in satisfaction, which meant, “Little boy, don’t you ever dare underestimate me ever again!”

Miss Snow coughed blood a few more times. Her Qi was extremely weak. Lin Feng realized something terrible… when Miss Snow got injured, Meng Qing’s Qi also weakened a lot. Her face became even paler.

Lin Feng was furious; Miss Snow was too sly!

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He flashed, landing next to her and put his foot on her arm. Miss Snow screamed. Many people felt sad for her, but for Lin Feng, she was just a despicable and detestable woman.

“You’re a disgusting person. You dared hurt Meng Qing?” said Lin Feng, grinding his teeth. His muscles twitched. He was afraid that if he killed her, he’d kill Meng Qing at the same time, so he didn’t.

Godly Emperor Blood was surprised, why was Lin Feng so furious all of a sudden? But when he saw Meng Qing, he understood. He was also furious. This woman was really detestable!

Miss Snow knew that Lin Feng had understood what she had done, which made her smile icily. Her face was quite sinister. She looked as disgusting as a rat.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you didn’t think that Meng Qing’s circulatory system was connected to mine, huh? She drank my blood, and I drank hers, too. Hehe, if I die, she’ll die too. Haha! Come on, kill me! If I die, you’ll have your good old Meng Qing back. Hahahahaha!”

Miss Snow burst into manic laughter. She didn’t look charming and beautiful anymore. Her cruelty made Lin Feng shiver. He clenched his fists, bones cracked. He wanted to crush her and make her suffer, but he couldn’t.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng after a long time, taking a deep breath. He knew that if Miss Snow had done this, it meant she had predicted something like this could happen a long time before. She probably knew something would happen to her.

“Haha! You’re smart! Let’s negotiate then.”

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