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Chapter 515: A Woman Ready to do Anything

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Miss Snow smiled evilly and slyly. She didn’t look like a woman, she looked satanic.

“How dare you talk about negotiations with me?” shouted Lin Feng, frowning. She had beautiful snowy-white hair and looked pretty and charming, but all Lin Feng wanted to do was kill her.

“Hehe, why not? If you love Meng Qing, then you’ll negotiate with me!” said Miss Snow smiled disdainfully. She didn’t need to fear Lin Feng anymore; he wouldn’t kill her because if he did, he’d kill Meng Qing as well.

Therefore, Miss Snow was extremely confident. Even though Lin Feng hated her more than anything, he wouldn’t kill her because he wanted Meng Qing alive.

Lin Feng ground his teeth, nodded and smiled bitterly, and said, “I admire you. Alright, good, so what do you want?” said Lin Feng. It was the only solution to save Meng Qing.

Miss Snow glanced at Godly Emperor Blood mockingly, conveying “Even if you can kill me, so what? Why don’t you kill me then?”

“You…” Godly Emperor Blood was furious and clenched his fists when he saw her expression, but Lin Feng held him back.

“Master, wait, let’s negotiate,” said Lin Feng. He looked at Miss Snow, who groaned and stood up.

She slapped her white skirt to remove the dust from it, then she said, “Lin Feng, I have three conditions, if you accept, I will return Meng Qing to normal, alright?”

“What are your conditions?” Even though Lin Feng was worried about Meng Qing, he didn’t intend to let Miss Snow manipulate him. If the conditions were not suitable, he wouldn’t accept.

When Miss Snow saw Lin Feng was just impatient and not furious anymore, she raised her head and smiled resplendently, “First condition, make the New Snow Region rise in the Continent of the Gods. I want the New Snow Region to become the fifth Temple.”

“It’s useless to tell me that, all I can tell you is I will never plot against the New Snow Region,” said Lin Feng impatiently.

Miss Snow smiled, “That’s fine, then.”

“Second condition, I want you to avenge me and kill Lei Gang,” said Miss Snow. Lin Feng was surprised.

Miss Snow continued, “Back in the days, I was a beautiful young lady, like your wife Meng Qing. I had faith in love and men, but…”

Miss Snow’s eyes became wet and red, yet were filled with murder.

Lin Feng now understood why she had chosen the emotionless Dao.

“But that man was Lei Gang. He made me pregnant, then cheated on me and I found out about it. I had a big fight against him, but he was extremely cruel; he hit me and I had a miscarriage. He killed his own child.

“I hate him more than anything, but why didn’t I kill him? I regret.

“Therefore, I wished I could kill him with my own hands. That’s why I decided to control Meng Qing. I wanted to use her to attract Lei Gang and then kill him. Hehe!” laughed Miss Snow ferociously. Her eyes gleamed coldly. She was about to burst into laughter, but Lin Feng didn’t give her that opportunity and kicked her violently.

Miss Snow groaned with pain. She rolled over ten thousand meters and crashed against a snowy mountain.

“You dared use my wife… you wanted to use MY wife to attract your prick of a husband? If I don’t fucking kill you, then what kind of husband am I?!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He took out the Blood Cauldron. He decided to refine Miss Snow. Using a cultivator of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer to refine a blood pill would be great!

When Godly Emperor Blood saw Lin Feng took out the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, he was astonished. Lin Feng was really audacious. He wanted to use Miss Snow, a cultivator who had been famous for tens of thousands of years, to refine a blood pill!

Miss Snow also saw the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation. She knew that it was Xuan Yuan’s. Long ago, she knew that Xuan Yuan had refined blood pills with that cauldron using many extremely strong cultivators.

So when she saw Lin Feng take out the Blood Cauldron, she instantly understood what he wanted to do. She kept stepping backwards, but Lin Feng kept walking forwards…

“You… Lin Feng… Could it be that… you don’t care about Meng Qing’s death?” said Miss Snow. She was panicking, her snowy-white hair was getting messier and messier. She kept jumping backwards. She was barely recognizable.

“You think Meng Qing is an item you can put at stake in a bet? You think you own her, you fucking bitch?! No wonder Lei Gang didn’t give a shit about you. I don’t think he’s evil, I think you’re sly and evil. He didn’t know that at first, but when he found out how you really were, he decided to dump you!” said Godly Emperor Blood, flashing forwards. He landed behind her and slapped her violently. She rolled back to Lin Feng’s feet.

Miss Snow’s face was even paler. She sat down at Lin Feng’s feet, panicking, she begged him, “Please, Lin Feng, let me off. I beg you, let me off and Meng Qing will return to normal. What do you think?”

“You really think I believe you?” scoffed Lin Feng.

Miss Snow shuddered with fear and clenched her fists. Suddenly, she lowered her skirt and showed half of her snowy-white breasts. She looked cold yet seductive.

“Lin Feng, if you let me off… I… I’ll be your wife,” said Miss Snow, grinding her teeth. It was astonishing to see.

When Lin Feng saw her breasts, he was still shaken. Even though she was much older than him, she had beautiful breasts.

Lin Feng smiled; he took out a fur and put Meng Qing on it, then he slowly walked closer to Miss Snow, he crouched down and put his hands on her breasts. She reddened.

Godly Emperor Blood looked at him with his eyes wide open. In such circumstances, Lin Feng took liberties with Miss Snow?

Miss Snow turned completely red and closed her eyes. She started speaking in a seductive and bewitching voice, “Come, hurry, quickly!”

“Why quickly?” said Lin Feng, smiling sarcastically.

“Of course, ohh, ahh…”

Miss Snow moaned bewitchingly. She wanted to turn Lin Feng on even more, but suddenly, her face paled even more. She screamed and rolled away. She looked at Lin Feng again, he looked grim. There was a blood stain on his hand, and his face was purple. Lin Feng knew that Miss Snow would feel ashamed to do something like that. If he hadn’t reacted quickly enough, some poison would have come out of her nipples and poisoned him.

“Poison? You want to poison me? Hehe. You’re really too sly and evil!” spat Lin Feng, clenching his fists. The blackish-purple color disappeared from Lin Feng’s face and he returned to normal. He had managed to expel the poison.

Miss Snow sat down and shook her head unceasingly, “Impossible, impossible! My breast poison! How did you manage to expel it?!

“I wanted Meng Qing to become stronger; I didn’t intend to kill you, and even if you were dead, Meng Qing would be in danger anyway.

“But then I suddenly remembered that emotionless Dao was the best way to solve the issue. Therefore, I didn’t need precious items, I just wanted to use Meng Qing to do a few things, and then I would have removed the emotionless Dao from her after that!

“Hehe, what about you?”

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