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Chapter 516: Last Emotions!

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Miss Snow’s face was completely pale. When she heard Lin Feng, she abandoned herself to despair. Choosing Meng Qing was a mistake. She didn’t know that Lin Feng had experience in removing emotionless Dao from people’s bodies.

Miss Snow knew she was doomed. She took a deep breath, relaxed and laid down. She looked at the blue sky and the white clouds. She glanced around at the New Snow Region. To get her revenge, she had made a big mistake.

She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would ruin her plan. She was desperate and devastated. If she had recruited Meng Qing as her disciple, taught her great things and helped her become stronger, things would have been completely different.

Miss Snow smiled wryly, but she looked miserable.

“Lin Feng, I’m sorry for Meng Qing. Take good care of her,” said Miss Snow. She had lived for tens of thousands of years, she had never been kind and gentle in her life. It had been difficult to bring the New Snow Region back to life. Now it was all over.

“Lei Gang, I will never get my revenge. You should be happy. Unfortunately, my son…”

Thinking about the child she had lost, her eyes became wet. She had had a terrible life. She had just focused on getting her revenge and she had failed at life.

Now, she was going to be free in death.

“I’m sorry, Lin Feng,” said Miss Snow, closing her eyes. A golden dagger appeared and she stabbed herself in the neck. She said, “Lin Feng, after I die, use my body to make a blood pill and give it to Meng Qing.

“That’s the last I can do for her. Tell her I’m sorry when she wakes up,” said Miss Snow, smiling bitterly. She still thought of revenge, but she knew it was impossible from now on.

Blood gushed. Miss Snow destroyed her own circulatory system, her cultivation was crippled, and she died.

Miss Snow’s eyes were wide open. There was only one thought in her mind… Lei Gang…

Miss Snow was dead. Lin Feng looked at that evil and sly woman, but she was dead. He had mixed feelings. Maybe she had become like that because she had suffered so much.

Things changed. When someone had too much hatred in themselves, it made them change. It drove them farther and farther away from their true intentions.

Lin Feng sighed and walked forwards. He pushed Miss Snow’s eyelids down. But they opened themselves immediately again. Lin Feng closed her eyes again, but they opened themselves again instantly.

Lin Feng sighed. She was so discontent that she couldn’t close her eyes, even in death.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I will avenge you. I will also bring the Snow Region back to life,” said a kind and gentle voice behind Lin Feng. He turned around and saw Meng Qing. He stared at her with his eyes wide.

Meng Qing looked pure and noble, like an edelweiss in snow. She looked back at Lin Feng with love, which meant the emotionless Dao had started dispersing from her body.

Meng Qing dusted off her skirt and sat up. She walked over to Miss Snow and closed her eyes. This time, they remained closed, and tears flowed down her cheeks. Warm blood also dripped from her mouth.

“Teacher, even though you were emotionless, I know you loved me as a disciple. You were just too hard on yourself and others,” Meng Qing sighed.

“You cut off your circulatory system, you used your last thread of Qi and crushed your own broken soul. You did that to break the emotionless Dao in my body, teacher, you…” said Meng Qing. She burst into tears when she said that. Lin Feng hugged her and caressed her back. Meng Qing continued crying silently.

After a long time, Meng Qing raised her head, and straightened Miss Snow’s clothes. Even though Miss Snow had plotted against Lin Feng and used her own body to attract Lin Feng to try to kill him, she was dead now.

That was her punishment.

“Husband, I want to bury my teacher here in the snowy mountains. I’ll put a gravestone on the mountain, too. From now on, here is the New Snow Region,” said Meng Qing, standing up and glancing around at the snowy mountains.

Lin Feng didn’t tell Meng Qing that before dying, Miss Snow wanted him to turn her into a blood pill for Meng Qing, because it would have made feel extremely sad.

Lin Feng nodded. Meng Qing flew a thousand li away, dug a grave for Miss Snow and put a gravestone there on which she wrote MISS SNOW.

From that moment on, that place would be Miss Snow’s grave and the New Snow Region. Meng Qing would be the second Leader of the Snow Region.

Lin Feng felt sad and somewhat guilty, but then he thought of the fact that Miss Snow had used Meng Qing and made her emotionless, and had nearly used her to attract Lei Gang, who would have soiled her. When he thought about that, Lin Feng calmed right down.

No matter what she had done before dying, everything counted; she had acted despicably. Not using her to refine a blood pill was already kind of him…


Lin Feng spent a few days in the New Snow Region. He helped Meng Qing call independent cultivators from everywhere. They became members of the Snow Region. Among those people, there were four Godly Emperors, one of them already had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer. Lin Feng was worried that that cultivator would might scorn Meng Qing in the future.

Therefore, he investigated that cultivator. He had that old man fall into a coma. When the old man woke up, he saw Lin Feng wanted to leave, so Lin Feng stayed and told him that if he ever dared disrespect or disobey Meng Qing, Lin Feng would kill him.

Old people shouldn’t look down on juniors with arrogance. The old man had already heard of Young Master Zhu Tian and when he learned Lin Feng was Zhu Tian, he lowered his head. He was scared, Lin Feng had taught him a good lesson.

Lin Feng asked Godly Emperor Blood to stay there to help Meng Qing. Godly Emperor Blood couldn’t refuse, especially since Lin Feng promised him that he would pay him thirty blood pills.

Poor Lin Feng. He needed to go and hunt beasts again to refine blood pills. Poor beasts, too. Lin Feng needed to kill them for his own interests.

After solving Meng Qing’s issue, Lin Feng got ready to go back to the East of the Continent of the Gods. He needed to bring Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye back. He couldn’t let them feel pressured. He had to be responsible, and take care of his newborns too. They couldn’t grow up without a father.

Childhood was the most important part in the life of a person!


Lin Feng flew towards the East alone. On the way, he killed many beasts and refined blood pills using them.

The news that Lin Feng was going to the East alone quickly spread around. Who had spread it, though? Anyway, the Elixir Temple, the Spiritual Yin Temple, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, and the Gods Government all got restless.

Lin Feng had offended many people, especially during the Three Party Competition. Therefore, when people learned he was traveling alone, they started plotting to kill him!

Since the news had spread around, Lin Feng’s enemies weren’t the only ones who knew he was traveling alone; people who liked him were worried about him. The Great Huang Dynasty was growing bigger and bigger before people’s very eyes. Huang Nü dispatched the Black Tortoise and two cultivators of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, who headed to the East.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty also dispatched some cultivators. Lin Feng didn’t know about all these things. He just wanted to go and see his wives and children.

Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t know that he would be in danger, just like when he was in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield.

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