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Chapter 517: Breaking Through to the Fourth Godly Emperor Layer!

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The distance between Godsland and the East was gigantic; hundreds of thousands of li separated the two regions. Even though Lin Feng had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, even if he flew as fast as he could, he’d need at least eight to ten days to arrive, so he wasn’t in a hurry. He didn’t think anything could happen in the East anyways.

Lin Feng flew above mountain ranges and forests. He bumped into a few independent cultivators who had the strength of the Godly Emperor Layer, but he didn’t know them, and he didn’t make friends with them, he just hunted beasts.

Lin Feng flew for many days, and every day, he managed to make a dozen blood pills. He had a few dozen blood pills now. Coupled with the blood pills he had already given to Godly Emperor Blood before, Godly Emperor Blood would become even stronger.

Lin Feng decided that before arriving in the East, he would first try and break through to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. If he managed to break through to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, he’d be a medium-level Godly Emperor in the Continent of the Gods.

After refining a hundred blood pills, Lin Feng looked for a cave to break through in. He had already thought of everything. Ancestor Kong had taught him about the energy of the Great Tao, so Lin Feng understood even better how to break through.

The same applied to Godly Emperor Blood. Breaking through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer would be easy for him, it was only a matter of time. Back in the day, Xuan Yuan had also relied on blood pills to become stronger, and to make his disciples and assistants stronger as well.

Lin Feng knew that he’d have to give up the items someday and return them to Xuan Yuan’s heir. Therefore, he wanted to refine as many blood pills as possible before giving them back to Zhen Mo. It would be best if he could make thousands of blood pills. Then, he’d think big.

Lin Feng decided to break through that evening.


At the same time, tens of thousands of li away in the East, the Godly Leaders and Leaders realized that many strangers were coming from abroad. Those strong cultivators were Godly Emperors. Some even had the strength of the third and fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

When the Leaders and Godly Leaders heard about that, they were extremely nervous. Even though some geniuses had come from the East during those years, they still weren’t that strong. In the East, usually only Leaders and Godly Leaders broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer.

If extremely strong cultivators came to the East, they wouldn’t be able to protect their territory.

Therefore, on that night, in the East, a dozen Leaders had a meeting to talk about these strong cultivators.

Back then, Lin Feng had left the Supranatural Region and then he had become famous in the central Continent of the Gods. They had heard that Lin Feng, who had shaken the East back then, had already become the champion of the Gods List.

The Gods List competition! So many people dreamt about it in the East. The East had been oppressed for a very long time; therefore, they were extremely proud of what he had done.

These days, the Leaders of the different territories talked about Lin Feng.

“Supranatural Region’s Leader, Lin Feng used to be with you back then, and now he’s famous. One of my relatives from the Central Continent even told me he was the champion of the Gods List,” said the Leader of the Yi Region, gasping with amazement.

When the Godly Leader heard that, he just smiled indifferently. He didn’t know whether it was true or not. He just knew that Lin Feng had done great things in the Central Continent. That wasn’t bad already. Would Lin Feng remember the Supranatural Region, though?

The Godly Leader didn’t regret that he had been kind to Lin Feng back then, but he was disappointed because Lin Feng hadn’t come back to see them. Had he forgotten about them? Had he forgotten about his wives and children?

“Are Lin Feng’s wives still in the Supranatural Region?” asked another Leader. He was curious.

The Godly Leader looked at that Leader, he was a Half-Godly Emperor, quite strong. He was a famous Leader, the Leader of the Chen Region.

“Have them come out. Introduce them to us,” said the Leader of the Chen Region. He seemed excited for some reason, with a strange smile. He looked a bit evil. When the other Godly Leaders heard that, they were a bit surprised and had a bad premonition.

They couldn’t mess with Lin Feng’s wives. No matter what, they had to take care of them. However, had Lin Feng forgotten about his wives because he had become famous in the Central Continent?

Thinking about that, the Godly Leaders and Leaders didn’t feel good. Lin Feng’s wives were extremely beautiful, they all wished they could have wives like his.

Many Godly Leaders were excited to see them, and looked at the Godly Leader.

The Godly Leader looked back at them icily. He shouted, “What is that supposed to mean? We’re all together here to talk about the strong cultivators of questionable antecedents who are on their way. We need to find a solution. What is that supposed to mean?” Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin were his heir’s wives, they were like daughters-in-law to him, how dare these people humiliate them? How insolent!

The few Leaders had never seen the Godly Leader furious like that, especially the Leader of the Chen Region. He looked at the Godly Leader mockingly.

“Godly Leader, you have to be respectful, those people of questionable antecedents have already contacted me after they came to the Chen Region. Do you know who those few strong cultivators are?”

“Who?” asked the Godly Leader grimly. He was extremely nervous. He clenched his fists and got ready to attack, as did the four sages.

“Haha! They are from powerful groups in the Central Continent, of course! Two of them are elders in the Spiritual Yin Temple; have you ever heard of the Spiritual Yin Temple?””

“Uh? It’s one of the Four Temples. They’re incredibly strong.”

“Hehe, and they said they came here for one thing only; Lin Feng’s wives and children. If you hand Lin Feng’s wives and children over, they will give me some skills of the Spiritual Yin Temple!

“Godly Leader, I suggest you listen, don’t offend the Spiritual Yin Temple,” said the Leader of the Chen Region, smiling smugly and stroking his beard. He looked detestable.

“Godly Leader, there are some strong cultivators in my territory too, they are elders from the Elixir Temple! The Elixir Temple! You never have the opportunity to see such cultivators. Haha! They promised us that if you handed Lin Feng’s relatives over, they will be very grateful,” said the Leader of the Yi Region, smiling disdainfully.

The Godly Leader looked even grimmer, but he also paled. Some people from legendary influential groups were coming to the East?

Lin Feng had offended such people? He was really worried.

“There are also some elders from the Gods Government in my region.”

“Some disciples from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty came to our region. Can you imagine, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty? Tian Di! Tian Di is the man I admire the most, and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty sent some people to us!”

The Godly Leader looked glum, and was growing more and more afraid. He couldn’t protect Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, and their children.


Boom boom boom!…

The sky was rosy, the sun was rising. Rumbling sounds spread in the cave where Lin Feng was. A terrifying Qi rolled in waves and rushed away. It came out of the cave and rolled through the mountains. The beasts in the forest collapsed, even the strongest ones.

Lin Feng threw a punch in the cave and jumped up. His Qi had changed. He could kill people even without unsheathing his sword. He already controlled the strength of the Great Tao. It was only a matter of time now.

“I need to get to the Supranatural Region as quickly as possible now. There are about twenty-thousand li left. I should arrive tomorrow evening.”

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