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Chapter 518: The East Sinks into Chaos!

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Lin Feng flew as fast as he could. He had to arrive on the next day in the evening. He couldn’t wait to see his wives and children.

However, Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on in the Supranatural Region. It was already sinking into chaos. A dozen Leaders had gathered there. They had captured the Leader and the Godly Leader of the Supranatural Region already. They had also killed all the disciples of the Supranatural Region.

The last thing they did was what the strong cultivators of the Elixir Temple, the Spiritual Yin Temple, and the Gods Government had ordered them to do: capture Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, and their children.

“Sister, our husband offended some strong cultivators again,” said Qiu Yue Xin smiled. She was seated in a dark cage in a wain and looking at Duan Xin Ye, who had a baby in her arms.

Duan Xin Ye rocked her baby. The baby looked extremely cute. It was chubby and had white skin, with big eyes and red lips. It kept giggling.

“Sister, Little Nian looks like her daddy. Look at her small mouth, it’s the same as her father’s back then,” said Duan Xin Ye. She looked happy.

“Indeed. Little Nian really does look like her father, but Little Heng looks like Lin Feng, Duan Xin Ye, hehehe!” said Qiu Yue Xin, smiling and rocking the boy in her arms.

The two women smiled and continued rocking the babies. Qiu Yue Xin had given birth to a little girl and since Lin Feng had been absent, she had chosen the baby’s name herself, Lin Nian.

Duan Xin Ye had given birth to a boy, and she had also chosen his name, Lin Heng.

Qiu Yue Xin had decided to call her child Lin Nian because she missed her husband {Translator’s Note: “nian” means “to miss”}. Duan Xin Ye had called her son Lin Heng because she hoped her son would always be determined like his father {Translator’s Note: “heng” means determined in this context}.

Duan Xin Ye knew that Lin Feng’s two other sons, Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng, were already a hundred years old. Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng were already very strong, so Little Heng would be extremely strong too, there was no reason not to be.

Little Heng was stronger than his brothers; he was only six months old, but he was already a Holy Great Emperor. Nobody had ever heard of that.

Little Nian was also an extremely strong baby. The two children might surpass their father someday. Their mothers would be proud of them.

“Sister, I hope we’ll be safe this time. Our husband offended some extremely strong people. Now, the East has sunk into chaos already,” said Qiu Yue Xin. She seemed worried. Duan Xin Ye sighed. She was worried too. In the past, she wasn’t afraid of death, but now that she had a child, she couldn’t die. She wanted to be there for her child.

“Don’t worry. Our husband will save us. I’m sure of that,” said Duan Xin Ye to Qiu Yue Xin nodding and smiling.

At that moment, they saw daylight. The two women blinked and saw a dozen middle-aged men, staring at them in a perverted way. The two women were extremely worried.

“Hehe, so these are Lin Feng’s wives? Not bad. Should we taste them?” said the Leader of the Chen Region, looking at the two women with the dozen other Leaders.

Everybody laughed. Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye paled and firmly held their babies in their arms.

“Hehe, let’s gang rape them, one by one!” said the Leader of the Yi Region, smiling wickedly. He jumped forwards and got ready to grab one of the women.



A black silhouette flew past the Leader of the Yi Region suddenly, and his hand fell off, blood gushing. The Leader of the Yi Region was then hurled back.

The dozen Leaders were panic-stricken. The man in black looked at the Leader of the Yi Region and said, “You’re really audacious. You dare touch Lin Feng’s wives? Even though we, the Spiritual Yin Temple, want to kill Lin Feng, we are not stupid. We know how bad-tempered he is. If you humiliate his wives, he’ll kill you,” stated the man angrily, rolling up his sleeves. He punched the Leader of the Yi Region violently, smashing him away. The Leader of the Yi Region coughed blood. The other Leaders and Godly Leaders paled in fright.

“Piss off now! I’ll take care of the two women,” said the man in black to the dozen Leaders and Godly Leaders.

Nobody dared cause trouble, they all left quickly. Nobody dared offend the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Yin Temple.

After those people left, Yin Jiu turned around and looked at the two women who were holding their babies. The Spiritual Yin Temple had sent him to the East to kill Lin Feng, like the cultivators of the Gods Government and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Nobody knew Lin Feng and he had an agreement. He still had a poison pill in his body. He had secretly asked the envoy of the Elixir Temple if he had a solution to heal him, but there was no solution. Yin Jiu was really depressed. He had to continue working for Lin Feng.

But luckily he was the one who had come; otherwise, if they had humiliated Lin Feng’s wives, Lin Feng would have gone crazy and killed them all.

Yin Jiu understood Lin Feng really well. He also feared Lin Feng a lot, especially since Lin Feng had become famous and shaken the whole Continent of the Gods.

“Don’t be afraid. I am Lin Feng’s..,” said Yin Jiu, but then he stopped and pulled a long face. What was he for Lin Feng? Slave? Secret weapon? None. They were enemies…

“As long as I’m here, you’re safe,” said Yin Jiu.

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye paled and looked at Yin Jiu cautiously. Yin Jiu looked sincere. When Qiu Yue Xin saw that, she said to Duan Xin Ye, “Sister, he’s not lying.”

“Yes, I noticed,” Duan Xin Ye nodded. She asked to Yin Jiu, “Since you’re here to save us, why were you with them?”

“Eh… First, come out of the wain. I’ll tell you everything.” Yin Jiu glanced around, he didn’t feel safe. There weren’t only people from the Spiritual Yin Temple there, there were also people from the Elixir Temple and the Gods Government. They were all after Lin Feng’s wives and children.

The two women nodded, holding their children and came down the wain. Yin Jiu led the way, taking them to an ordinary pavilion. There were two disciples from the Elixir Temple guarding the entrance. When they saw Yin Jiu and the two women, they nodded.

Everybody knew Yin Jiu’s social status so they didn’t doubt him. So seeing Yin Jiu with the two women wasn’t surprising, it was absolutely normal.

Yin Jiu took them to a courtyard and closed it. Godly Emperors guarded the place. Some of them were from the Elixir Temple, others from the Spiritual Yin Temple.

Dan Qing Yang was in charge of the members of the Elixir Temple. Even though he didn’t know the two women, when he saw Yin Jiu with them, it wasn’t difficult to guess they were Lin Feng’s wives. He was furious. He hated Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had humiliated a few times. He had been oppressed in the Elixir Temple because of Lin Feng, so when he saw Lin Feng’s children and wives, he almost burst into a rage.

“You are Lin Feng’s wives. I can’t defeat Lin Feng, so I will release my anger on you. Hmph!” said Dan Qing Yang. His muscles twitched and he ran towards the two women.

Yin Jiu’s expression changed drastically. He threw a punch to stop Dan Qing Yang.

They were both pushed back from one another. Dan Qing Yang looked at Yin Jiu darklyand said icily, “What are you doing?”

“Dan Qing Yang, you’re a disgrace. You can’t defeat Lin Feng, so you want to release your anger on his wives? Don’t you think you’re losing face for the Elixir Temple?” Yin Jiu sneered. He took the two women into a room. Yin Jiu didn’t enter. He continued making fun of Dan Qing Yang, “If you really want to release your anger, find Lin Feng! I think he will arrive soon. We’ll see what you do when he’s here, Dan Qing Yang!” He closed the door and sat down on the stairs in front of the house.

“You… You wait! You’ll see! I will not let you off!” shouted Dan Qing Yang furiously, before leaving the courtyard.

Yin Jiu watched Dan Qing Yang leave and took a deep breath. He almost fainted.

Yin Jiu looked around, and when he saw there was nobody in the courtyard, he entered the room.

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