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Chapter 519: Waiting Idly for Opportunities?

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“We need to have a good plan to stop Lin Feng,” said Dan Qing Yang. He was seated and talking to elders and heroes from various groups.

Yin Jiu was seated at the end of the table, not because of his rank in the hierarchy, but because he didn’t want to sit with Dan Qing Yang. He was afraid that Dan Qing Yang would find out there was something wrong.

When Dan Qing Yang said that, an elder burst into fury, “What are you talking about here?! Let’s go and see Lin Feng’s wives! If Lin Feng hears about what happened in the Supranatural Region, he’ll come to save them. We just have to waiting here for an opportunity and we’ll kill him.”

“We are a dozen Godly Emperors, we can definitely kill him. Back then, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty sent twenty strong cultivators to kill him. They destroyed his primordial spirit, but for some reason, he came back to life.

“Therefore, when we kill him, we must destroy his primordial spirit and seal it. Haha! We’ll see if anyone can save him!”

“He’s overconfident. He resorted to trickery to defeated our young master. If he hadn’t, how could he have defeated him?” said an old man from the Gods Government, scoffing. Yin Jiu glanced at the old man and smiled. Trickery? How could Lin Feng have resorted to trickery in front of so many people? How could he have cheated?

Back then, Yin Jiu admired Bai Qi, but since the Three Party Competition, he didn’t anymore. Yin Jiu disdained the members of the Gods Government.

The others probably thought the same as Yin Jiu, but they weren’t stupid and kept quiet. They just nodded and smiled approval. Dan Qing Yang looked satisfied and proud. The more people hated Lin Feng, the happier he was.

“Alright, let’s do that then, let’s wait for an opportunity!” Dan Qing Yang laughed eagerly and hammered the table with his fist.

Everybody nodded. When the members of the Spiritual Yin Temple saw Yin Jiu didn’t say anything, they all nodded approval as well, since Yin Jiu was the leader of their group.

Dan Qing Yang glanced at Yin Jiu. He had the impression there was something wrong, but he didn’t know what, so he decided that he would just remain cautious.

“Yin Jiu, do you have any other ideas?” asked Dan Qing Yang on purpose.

Yin Jiu glanced at him indifferently and slowly stood up. He smiled at the elders of the Spiritual Yin Temple, “Uncles, let’s go and look after Lin Feng’s wives. If anything happened, it would be a problem.”

“Yes, let’s go,” said the two old men nodding indifferently. They had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. They bowed hand over fist and smiled at Dan Qing Yang and the other strong cultivators. Yin Jiu left the meeting room, ignoring Dan Qing Yang.

Boom! Dan Qing Yang hammered the table, which instantly exploded. Everybody was startled, but then they looked at Yin Jiu and smiled. There were tensions between the envoys of the Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple?

That was something new…

The living room broke up in discord, they had no choice but to wait by for an opportunity. They just had to wait for Lin Feng to arrive and then they’d attack him with their full strength.

Those people were dreaming already, they were so excited that they could already imagine Lin Feng dead.


That evening was dark outside; there were no stars, there was no moonlight. Finally, Lin Feng arrived at the periphery of the Supranatural Region. He flew towards the Supranatural Region’s palace, and arrived very quickly.

However, when he landed, he couldn’t help but frown. It was extremely calm. There was no light?

It was extremely dark but there was no light in the buildings. Lin Feng noticed light in only one room.

Lin Feng looked grim. He had a really bad premonition; his wives had probably been captured. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what was going on. What if something insane had happened to them?

“I’ll go and ask.” Lin Feng hid his Qi and went inside. It was the same landscape inside. It was still extremely dark inside. The corridors were extremely dark inside, too.

Lin Feng knocked on a few doors, but nobody replied. Finally, Lin Feng found a closed door, he opened it and entered.

“Dear guest, what are you doing so late? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get killed?”

Lin Feng heard the sigh of the owner when he entered. The person seemed alarmed.

Lin Feng was startled. As he expected, something had happened. Lin Feng sat down and waved at the owner. It was an inn. The owner didn’t fear him.

“Mister, what happened here?” asked Lin Feng.

The owner took three steps back and paled. He pointed at Lin Feng, terrified, “Dear guest, aren’t you from here?”

“I used to be a disciple of the Supranatural Region. I was abroad, and now I’ve come back. What’s wrong?” Lin Feng was worried.

The owner sighed again. He wasn’t afraid, since Lin Feng used to be a disciple of the Supranatural Region,

“Dear guest, I advise you to leave as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be killed.”

“Eh? Why?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. He was really worried.

“Why? You don’t know? In the last two days, many strong cultivators came here. They brainwashed many Leaders and Godly Leaders, and they took over the Supranatural Region. They have killed a countless number of disciples and elders in the Supranatural Region.

“Oh, the most important thing is that they captured two women. It is said that they were Lin Feng’s wives. Now…,” he sighed regretfully.

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression changed swiftly. He jumped up and instantly disappeared from the inn. The owner had the impression he had said something wrong, but then he quickly closed the door and hid back in the room.

Lin Feng was already a dozen li away, outside of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. He could smell blood. He knew something bad had happened.

“How did they find this place? Who said I was coming here?”

Lin Feng looked grim as he clenched his fists. Flames of fury burned in his bloodshot eyes. If anything happened to his wives, he’d go crazy.

None of them would leave alive!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was about to go and rescue his wives when a group of people appeared in front of him.

Those people waved and said, “Prince, no rush, it’s us!”

A few strong cultivators had appeared, the Black Tortoise was leading the group!

When Lin Feng saw them, he was relieved. At the same time, he was grateful to Huang Nü; she had dispatched one of the Three Godly Beasts to help him. Lin Feng would never forget it.

“Prince, don’t move. They’re waiting for an opportunity to ambush you,” said the two old men behind the Black Tortoise, gravely serious. The Great Huang Dynasty had collapsed long ago, but now it had returned, so they had come back as well.

“How did they know I was coming?” asked Lin Feng frowning.

“I told them,” said someone who had suddenly appeared.

Lin Feng was stupefied, “You?!”

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