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Chapter 523: Desperate Confrontation!

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Tian Fan and Bai Qi were at the front. Tian Fan looked indifferent, calm and aloof. To him, Lin Feng was doomed. He didn’t need to make efforts.

But Bai Qi was different, because he had lost against Lin Feng twice. He wasn’t as confident as he used to be. He looked at Lin Feng again and realized Lin Feng was probably doomed. If Lin Feng died, then he’d be safe, and he’d still be the Young Master of the Gods Government.

Thinking about that, Bai Qi felt much better. His Qi suddenly changed.

The Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Vice Leader of the Gods Government both had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. The people they had brought along were all cultivators who had the strength of the fourth and fifth Godly Emperor Layer. There were still the four Godly Emperors who were there before they had arrived, and who had asked Lin Feng to spare their lives.

Before those people had arrived, the four Godly Emperors were extremely worried, but in the blink of an eye, their anxiety had completely disappeared. Just before, Lin Feng had their lives in his hands, now those people had his life in their heads.

“You betrayed the alliance?” Tian Fan swore at Yin Jiu and the elder of the Spiritual Yin Temple. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Yin Jiu used to be close to him, and now he was helping Lin Feng? His enemy? Tian Fan was infuriated!

Yin Jiu paled. He regretted, but it was too late; Tian Fan wouldn’t forgive him. He was probably going to die now…

He was terrified. He didn’t want to die. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken Lin Feng’s poison pill, he wouldn’t have obeyed Lin Feng, even if now he truly wanted to be on Lin Feng’s side.

But he was really scared of dying…

“Tian Fan, during the Three Party Competition, we were supposed to fight the final. Let’s do it now?” challenged Lin Feng, glaring at Tian Fan coolly.

Tian Fan scoffed, his eyes gleaming coldly. “Why would I fight against you? You’re doomed now. You’re not worthy of my attention. Why would I get my hands dirty? I know that no matter what, you can’t defeat me, because…” Tian Fan’s golden robe fluttered violently, and an incredible Qi exploded all around him.

“He… broke through?” Yin Jiu’s eyes were wide open. Tian Fan’s Qi was even more terrifying than in the past. He had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, which meant he had broken through. He was already a high-level Godly Emperor!

“No wonder you’re extremely arrogant,” said Lin Feng, smiling insincerely at Tian Fan. Tian Fan thought that because he had broken through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, he could disdain Lin Feng. On the other hand, it was hard to imagine that since Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, he had also become incredibly strong.

“Stop overthinking Lin Feng. You’re doomed. You can’t escape. You will die here in the East. You must be happy that you’re going to die here though.”

“You’re from the East indirectly. After you die, Millions of young people will probably come to your grave here to worship you. Isn’t it amazing? You must be so happy. They will fight for the East,” Tian Fan praised him mockingly.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly as well, “What? You want to do like your dad did with Xuan Yuan long ago and make people think I was a criminal?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You like plotting against people in your family, don’t you? You like using dead people to display your strength, you piece of trash. Do you always wait for your enemies to die before doing certain things?

“Long ago, your grandfather joined hands with your father to kill Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, who was an incredible hero. Then, you invented a whole story and told the people of the Continent that he was a criminal. Now, you want to do the same with me, right? Is your father going to come and help you?

“Hehe, morons. You’re really a family of morons. But it proves you have the same blood. You’re both bastards. Haha!” said Lin Feng, laughing in contempt. Since Tian Fan didn’t give him face, Lin Feng didn’t need to give him face, either.

Tian Fan’s face was distorted with hatred and he clenched his fists so hard they crackled.

“Uncle, attack,” Tian Fan ordered the old man next to him.

The old man nodded indifferently and narrowed his eyes. He said, “Poor Lin Feng, you’re a genius, and now you’re going to die.”

“Indeed. That’s the price for trying to confront the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government! The consequence is that you’re going to die now!” agreed the Vice Leader of the Gods Government, smiling scornfully.

The two old men flashed forwards, staring at Lin Feng. They looked like predators eyeing their prey.

“Back!” said Lin Feng, frowning at Yin Jiu and the old man.

The pair moved ten thousand meters away. Lin Feng clenched his fists and released brightness strength, as well as demon blood Qi.

He also released the true essence of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao. He was already determined to start a final and desperate confrontation.

Even if he died, it didn’t matter, he couldn’t let those people leave alive!


The atmosphere was extremely tense. The two old men threw themselves at Lin Feng.

They both had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. One of them even had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. Two high-level Godly Emperors were attacking Lin Feng, a medium-level Godly Emperor.

However, Lin Feng was fearless. He couldn’t give up.

“Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He turned into a light beam and threw himself at the two old men ten thousand meters away from him. The terrifying energy of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill surged out, startling the two old men when they saw that.

It was a celestial skill Xue Ran had created. If Xuan Yuan and Xue Ran had fought against each other using the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill and the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill, it would have been difficult to say who would have won.

When Lin Feng used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, the Qi of the earth and the sky dispersed and was replaced by the demon blood Qi and the evil Qi of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill. The space was completely distorted.

The members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine could only blankly stare at Lin Feng. If they got too close, they could die!

“Celestial Emperor Strength!”

“Roaring Garu!”

The Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government were shouting. They both used celestial skills at their full strength to fight against Lin Feng. Their energies and Lin Feng’s energy of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill collided.

But the difference between them was too big. Lin Feng paled. He was pushed away in an arcing trajectory. However, the two cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer weren’t having a great time either, especially the Vice Leader of the Gods Government. Lin Feng’s energies struck his shoulders.

He was pushed back a thousand steps. His face was extremely pale and he had blood on the corner of his mouth. He wiped it off with his sleeve in fury. He was the Vice Leader of the Gods Government, a cultivator of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, and a junior had pushed him away like that?!

How humiliating!

The old man clenched his fists and shouted out. He turned into a sharp blade and charged at Lin Feng, his eyes bloodshot. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, his arms shaking. Some of his veins crackled. However, he was fearless.

“Come! I will not give up, even if it means we have to die together,” promised Lin Feng, clenching his fists. He condensed the energies of the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill and the chiliocosm of the Great Tao in his hands. He was going to try and use his most powerful attacks.

It was a desperate confrontation!


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